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Frances BARROW of Potterspury, Northamptonshire. Was she the wife of John COOKE the Regicide?

The identity of Frances, the wife of John COOKE (1608-1660), the Gray's Inn Barrister turned Solicitor-General for the Commonwealth who prosecuted the case against King Charles the First, became a Justice in Ireland under CROMWELL, and who was subsequently hanged, drawn & quartered as a Regicide, remains an unsolved mystery.

Several sources have stated that she was Frances CUTLER when she was married to a John COOKE in London in 1646 [see Wilfrid PREST's on-line biography of COOKE for the Oxford D.N.B.; perhaps used as source by Geoffrey ROBERTSON in his "The Tyrannicide Brief", Vintage, London, 2006].

Detailed research over the last decade has revealed a perhaps more likely origin - among the family of BARROW living in & around Potterspury, Northamptonshire.

[Part of a 1727 "Bird's Eye View" Map of Potterspury, held in Northamptonshire Records Office. 
The dwelling highlighted in orange had been the BARROW family residence.
North points roughly towards the left of the picture.
The road running on an angle across the bottom of the image is the old Roman road known as Watling Street.]

But proof of this potential BARROW connection remains elusive.

The following is my summary of a considerable amount of circumstantial evidence for it, much of which has been sourced from documents purchased from The National Archives in Kew (TNA) and from paid and private research conducted by the Northamptonshire Record Office (NRO). Further evidence comes from Vere Langford OLIVER's monumental "History of the Island of Antigua," published in 3 Volumes in 1894-1895.

By established convention, I have recorded pre-1752 (Julian Calendar) dates, for events occurring between 1 Jan & 24 Mar, with both Civil and Ecclesiastical year numbers - as an illustration of this convention, a year given as 1661-62 is for an event occurring between, but not including, 31 Dec 1661 and 25 Mar 1662.
Where vital date information is sourced to a Parish Register, the details will be found in the usual on-line web-sites such as ancestry.library, and, except as otherwise noted.


[With my SPECULATIVE suggestions and deductions in red.]

1 Nov 1618 - Elizabeth BARROW was baptised at Lillingston Lovell, Bucks, daughter of Edward & Elizabeth BARROW.
Lillingston Lovell parish register.
[There is no specific evidence yet available, other than what appears speculatively below, to indicate that Elizabeth survived into adulthood; but if she did, then she was possibly the wife of Nicholas BACON of the City of London, after him of Peter FARREN of Northampton, & finally of Robert MASSEY also of Northampton.
Her father was the son of John BARROW of Potterspury, Northamptonshire, by his 2nd wife Mary STANDISH; her mother was probably Elizabeth CHEYNE, a daughter of Thomas CHEYNE of Sundon, Bedfordshire, by his wife Frances BROCAS, and the widow of Samuel BRYAN (died Northampton, 1616), who married Edward BARROW at Luton parish church on 29 Mar 1617.]

4 Apr 1620 - Frances BARROW was baptised at Lillingston Lovell, 2nd daughter of ditto.
[Ditto. Possibly the wife of John COOKE the Gray's Inn Barrister, after him of William PROCTOR of Antigua, & finally of Acquilla STOUGHTON also of Antigua. See below.]

2 Mar 1626-27. Isaac COOKE was baptised at Leicester St Nicholas, the son of William COOKE & Ann STANFORD.
[This may have been the other or "cousin" Isaac COOKE mentioned in Rev John TWYCTON's 1657 will (see below).
William was probably the one named (as were his sons John & Abraham) in the 1655 will of his sister Anne FORRYAN (whom evidence indicates was also Isaac COOKE's sister, being the widow firstly of John LICHFIELD & then of Richard FORRYAN), and if so, an uncle of John COOKE, the Regicide.
If so, this Isaac the younger born 1626-27 was a nephew of Isaac Senior and a first cousin of John COOKE.
However, neither Isaac Senior nor Isaac Junior was named in the Ann FORRYAN will, which does present a bit of a difficulty.]

1634 - Mr Edward BARROES, deceased, had "...carried twoe loads of the like stone... from the honor howse of Grafton to Stoke lodge since Sir Francis CRANE came thither."
NRO, Ref Ph 35288, Northampton Deposition.
[Probably Edward BARROW of Potterspury. His widow Elizabeth married 2ndly, Mr COOKE (probably Isaac). Edward had probably been acting on instructions from Sir Francis CRANE or his agents, perhaps as some sort of a contractor.]
Sir Francis CRANE (1579-1636) was a highly successful Tapestry dealer & manufacturer in Mortlake, Surrey, & an M.P.; in 1628 he made a loan of £7,500 pounds to the Crown, with a parcel of the honour of Grafton in Northamptonshire (an old Royal hunting demesne) as security, which he would have if the loan principal was not repaid within 2 years (it evidently was not); he was granted the Keepership of two more Grafton honour parks in 1633; he had Henry VIII's old hunting lodge there cannibalised of timber & stone to build his own grand & elaborate Italianate Villa of Stoke Lodge.

1635 - Mr BARROES "pays" 3s. for Ship Money, Potterspury.
NRO, Ref YX 4393.
[There appears to be a date problem here if this was Edward BARROW, reported as dead in 1634, especially if he was "paying" the tax rather than it being an assessment prior to the collection of it. Although this may have been the first time Ship Money was collected so far from the coast, and the list used for the assessment of it may have been a residual list from an earlier taxation, corrected as the current tax was collected (see further below in connection with the ca 1660 Poll Tax list).
Alternatively, this may perhaps instead have been Thomas BARROW, his son, who would probably therefore have to have been of age, & if so, born in or before 1614, and well before his father Edward BARROW married Elizabeth BRYAN alias CHEYNE.
The answer to this is critical, therefore, as to whether Thomas may have been an older half-brother of Elizabeth & Frances.]

1640 - John COOKE was witness to the sale of three closes in Potterspury, Northamptonshire.
NRO, Ref F XIII.6.
[Possibly John COOKE the Gray's Inn Barrister.]

1641 - Isaac COOKE and Thomas BARROWES witnessed the deed of sale of a house in Potterspury by John HILLIER the elder to John HILLIER the younger, citing a deed of 1577 between Thomas MEADE of Lillingston and John HILLIER of Potterspury.
NRO, Refs F XIII.3 & F XIII.7.
[Isaac was probably the father of John COOKE, Gray's Inn Barrister.
Thomas was probably the son of Edward BARROW of Potterspury, possibly by his wife Elizabeth BRYAN alias CHEYNE. But as he would probably have been of age, and therefore born in or before 1620, it appears more likely that he was instead the son of an earlier marriage.]

3 Jan 1642 - Frances's sister Elizabeth married Nicholas BACON of Bishopsgate street, parish of St Peter Upon Cornhill, City of London. The marriage settlements were made on 27 Dec 1621 - Isaac COOKE of Potterspury, Gent, was a party to the settlements and paid the marriage portion of £100, by which a portion of the BACON family premises in Bishopsgate Street, near Leadenhall Street, St Peter Upon Cornhill, was set aside for the use of Nicholas and his wife Elizabeth - namely a shop, cellars, garrets, two sets of stairs (otherwise identified as a hallway) and several small rooms convenient to the shop.
TNA, Chancery Court, 1654, Ref C 5/23/97, FARREN & COOKE v. BACON (the Bill of Complaint, and the part Answer of John FREEMAN & his son John), and Ref C 10/35/72, FARREN v BACON (the other part Answer of Clement & Martha BACON).
[The marriage may have taken place at Potterspury, for which parish the Registers, and the Bishop's Transcripts of them, do not exist, or cannot now be found, for dates before 1674.

Isaac COOKE was probably already of Potterspury in 1641, and perhaps already married 2ndly to the widow Elizabeth, whose most recent BARROW husband had died in or before 1634.
If so, when Isaac made Elizabeth Junior's marriage settlements in 1641, he would have done so as her step-father.
I speculate that there is very likely to have been some sort of "kinship" relationship between them, and a step-father/step-daughter relationship would certainly fall within that category.]

Aug 1642 - Mr John COOKE of Gray's Inn gave his nephew Luke CLAPHAM (Junior) a 1577 edition of the book "The firste volume of the Chronicles of England, Scotlande and Irelande, &c," by Raphael HOLINSHED.
Original volume now in the National Trust collection, Saltram, Devon; Inventory Number 3043865; with inscription on verso of the title page.
[Luke CLAPHAM was then about 3 years of age, and a son of Luke CLAPHAM Senior by his wife Elizabeth, a sister of John COOKE the Gray's Inn Barrister; Luke's death, on 2 Apr 1676, aged 37, was recorded on his M.I. in Islip Church, Oxfordshire.]

17 Aug 1643 - Nicholas BACON was buried in the East Churchyard.
St Peter Upon Cornhill parish register.
[Probably the husband of Elizabeth; evidently without issue, and aged 25 years. Elizabeth continued to reside in their part of the Bishopsgate Street house, alongside her BACON in-laws, for another 5 years after Nicholas died.]

Nov 1643 - John CLAPHAM was born in Isaac COOKE's house in Baldwin's Garden, Gray's Inn Lane, London, the son of Luke CLAPHAM & his wife Elizabeth, & baptised 24th.
St Andrew's Holborn parish register.
[Isaac's relationship to CLAPHAM is not stated in the Register.
We know that John COOKE's father Isaac had a daughter Elizabeth, and that she probably married Luke CLAPHAM (Senior) in ca 1639. See above.
If this was the same Isaac as the one of Potterspury at that time, it appears likely, therefore, that he kept his residence in Gray's Inn Lane for the convenience of him and his son John.
Unless this was instead the other or cousin Isaac COOKE? And if so, this may present a bit of an evidentiary problem - unless this other Isaac was the nephew born in 1626-27 (see above); and if so, then it follows that Potterspury Isaac was therefore almost certainly the father of John COOKE the Regicide.]

1645 - The date of her marriage recorded by Frances COOKE, Widow, in her 1664 petition to King Charles II.
Original manuscript petition in TNA, Kew.
[I sighted the original document at Kew in 2010. It bore neither date nor signature, and may have been a clerk's copy. If so, it may be possible that there was a copyist's mis-reading of the marriage year as 1645 in error for 1646. See further below.
But, unverified, and probably now unverifiable from any other source anyway, this does present a bit of an evidentiary problem.
Percival BOYD, in his "Inhabitants of London" [S.O.G. on] also recorded the marriage in the year 1654, but identified the bride as Frances MASSEY.
[BOYD may have had access to OLIVER's "History of the Island of Antigua" published in 1895.]

19 May 1646 - Frances BARR... married Mr John COOKE, Counsellor.
St Peter Upon Cornhill parish register.
[Notwithstanding the previous item, this may be our Frances.
"Counsellor" undoubtedly refers to a Barrister at Law, although "our" John COOKE may not have been the only one in town. Frances may have been residing with, or visiting, her sister Elizabeth, who was at that time  known to be residing in this parish as a widow in her & her late husband's premises in Bishopsgate Street.
If, contrary to her petition evidence, Frances was indeed married in 1646, then this marriage would appear to be more likely for COOKE than the Frances CUTLER marriage.
However, I should noted that the marriage register of St Olave's, Hart Lane, which records the CUTLER marriage on 12 Sep 1646, made no mention of any of the occupations of grooms during this period. So her husband may perhaps also have been a Counsellor, although I think that is more than just a little unlikely.
Indeed, I might cite the result of a quick & approximate estimation of the statistics involved to make my point - based on the five years between 1837 & 1847, the Statutory Registration of  English births numbered 5.7 million, with 438,183 being named John, 31,911 named Frances, and 15,912 named COOK or COOKE, with the result that the chances of their being two marriages between a man named John COOK and Frances is calculated as being about 1 in 828,000 - which did actually happen in 1626 (presuming that the numerical ratios might have been similar 200 years earlier, which, of course, they may not have been, but it is s starting point). But then factor into this equation a 4th quantifier, that of the profession of Barrister for the groom (estimates of roughly 2,500 in England in the 1640's among a population of around 5.2 million, so about 1 in 2,000 for the whole, or more accurately 1 in 1,000 of the male population), and this reduces the chances of them both being barristers down to one in 0.8 billion (English reckoning - or one in 800,000,000), which is a very, very tiny number indeed - some might say so close to zero as to statistically "prove" that the other John COOKE, with the CUTLER spouse, could not have been one.
As things stand at present, the "BARR" in this record is the ONLY match I find with the surname beginning BARR (otherwise BARROW of Potterspury) associated with the COOKE family. And I find no similar match with the name CUTLER or any part of it.]

28 Jun 1648 - Elizabeth BACON was married to Peter FARREN.
St Clement Dane's, Westminster, parish register.
[Elizabeth had continued to live in her late husband's residence in Bishopsgate Street, and for 5 years after his death (1643), as stated by Clement & Martha BACON in their 1654 Chancery Court Answer; whereupon, they said, she went off into the country with friends.
Peter FARREN was probably the former Baker & later Innholder of Northampton, and the widower of Sarah RO(LE)SON (the daughter of Roger HIGHAM) who had died in Northampton in 1647.
This marriage is certainly consistent, date-wise & geographically, with the BACON Court evidence of 1654.]

1649 - John COOKE sailed for Ireland, probably in late Sep or early Oct 1649, with his wife Frances & 3 servants; they evidently arrived in Wexford "...shortly after" that city was taken by storm by troops under command of Oliver CROMWELL on 11 Oct 1649; he may have been settled by CROMWELL into confiscated premises in Waterford at this time.
The COOKE party embarked in Wexford on the ship "Hector" on 1 Jan 1650, bound for Cobh harbour, near the City of Cork; but the ship was blown well off course in a severe gale, as far west as Mezne Head to the west of Cape Clere by about 5 or 6 Jan, and eventually found safe harbour back up at Kinsale on 9 Jan.
See "The Tyrannicide Brief," by Geoffrey ROBERTSON, Vintage Press, London, 2006, p.230. See also the full account of the voyage published by COOKE in Cork in Apr 1650.
[Evidently none of COOKE's baggage was lost in the storm, which, given his description of it, is rather remarkable, perhaps even providential.
If he was the son of Isaac of Potterspury, I do not know whether he still had his father's deed (see next item) with him on the voyage, or if it had been left in Waterford, or whether it had already been dispatched back to Potterspury.]

1650 - Isaac COOKE, Gent, held three tenements in Potterspury by copy. Rent for them all was £3 10s., fine £7, herriot 2 s. Annual value 13s. 6d. farthing, trees worth £12. "Isaac says his copy is in Ireland with his son, by which means, no date appears."
TNA, Ref E 317/Northants/40, fol.20. [Copy now on order from TNA, May 2015.]
[I speculate that "...his son" was very likely to have been John COOKE, the former Solicitor General for the Commonwealth, who is on the record as having very recently arrived in Ireland and taken up an appointment by CROMWELL as Chief Justice of Munster. See previous item.
The chances of the other (or "cousin") Isaac COOK having a son in Ireland at this time are, in my view, probably fairly remote - and, indeed, impossible, if it transpires that he was the nephew born in 1626-27.
But why John COOKE had his father's deed in his possession is a bit of a mystery - was he a party to it, or was he assisting his father in the due legal processing of it? And was his exit for Ireland therefore a bit sudden - or was he just a bit absent-minded in relation to family matters under the pressure of National duty?]

9 Aug 1650 - Elizabeth's 2nd husband Peter FARREN, Innholder, was buried at All Saints, Northampton. Parish Register. His administration was granted on 21 Oct to Elizabeth FARREN, the relict.
TNA, Ref "Index of Acts of Administration in the P.C.C." 1649-1654, PROB 6/25, MS fol. 152.
[His widow being named Elizabeth does not in itself prove that she was the widow of Nicholas BACON. But there do not appear to be any other Peter FARREN marriages in available English parish registers in the time frame, let alone with a wife named Elizabeth.]

24 Apr 1653 - Army Tax Assessments for Potterspury: Mr COOKE, 17s. 3d. Mr BARROW, (amount deleted and unreadable).
NRO, Ref YZ 4395.
[Probably Isaac COOKE and his or his wife's step-son Thomas BARROW.]

ca 1655 - BOYD's "Inhabitants of London" recorded the birth of John & Frances COOKE's daughter Freelove.

28 Jul 1655 - Elizabeth FARREN was married 3rdly, at All Saints, Northampton, to Robert MASSEY, Gent.
NRO, Parish Register.
[The register does not record Elizabeth as a widow. Once again, there do not appear to be any other Robert MASSEY marriages in available English parish registers in the time frame, let alone with a wife named Elizabeth.]

Apr 1657 - Justice John COOKE was back in London.
See ROBERTSON, Op.Cit., p.253 & Chronology.

4 Jun 1657 - Rev John TWYCTON, Rector of Corby, Northamptonshire, made his will, mentioning his brother(-in-law) Isaac COOKE, his nephew John COOKE " or late Justice in Ireland... and oh what I would have given him had he not, had he not," and others, including another Isaac COOKE, identified as his cousin.
TNA - P.C.C. Probate grant with will copy.
[Rev John TWICTON was evidently a Royalist, or perceived a need to appear so. I suspect that Frances COOKE 's wider family circle may have been of a similar persuasion, and that any residual "toleration" for her husband's Commonwealth activities may well have entirely evaporated by the time of the Restoration. This may account for the lack of mention of her & her sister in BARROW and CHEYNE family wills over the period, and for the very small core of close family members to whom John COOKE committed the care of his daughter Freelove in 1660. See below.
Rev John may have mis-identified the "cousin" Isaac COOKE in error for nephew - if the latter, he may have been the one born in 1626-27 (see above).]

9 Dec 1657 - John COOKE was in Northampton, having "...been all the last tearme attending his highness, in order to my return to Ireland, as he commanded me" - his letter of congratulations to Henry CROMWELL in Dublin, now Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, with his stated (but unfulfilled)  intention to "...attend your lordship in March." 
See "A Collection of the State Papers of John THURLOE," 1657-58, p. 666.
Justice COOKE was recorded as having subscribed a sum of 10s. for the furnishing of "...leatherine buckets" in the Town of Northampton for the purposes of fighting fires - the date of his subscription is unrecorded, but the date range for them all was from 1643 to 1657.
See "The Records of the Borough of Northampton," ed. C. COX, 1898, p. 244.
[Justice John COOKE probably made his contribution while there, in or before Dec 1657.]

1658 - Isaac COOKE died.
See ROBERTSON, Op. Cit., Chronology.
[It seems likely that he may have died in Potterspury. As mentioned elsewhere, the Parish Registers for Potterspury and the Bishop's Transcripts of them no longer exist, or cannot be found, prior to 1674.]

1 Feb 1658-59 - Justice John COOKE was still in London. His letter to Henry CROMWELL stated the reasons for the delay to his return, including the death of his aged father, and the consumptive illness of his wife.
See ROBERTSON, Op. Cit., p. 255.
[ROBERTSON presumed that Frances had also died about this time, from the consumptive illness mentioned in this letter. I believe, as some of these documents collectively show, that this presumption was in error.]

1659- Easter: John COOKE resumed duties on the Upper Bench in Ireland at the beginning of Easter Term.
See ROBERSTON, Op. Cit., p. 263.

16 May 1660 - John COOKE departed Dublin under close arrest; he was in Chester, 6 Jun, en route to prison and his trial in London.
See ROBERTSON, Op. Cit., p. 278.

15Oct 1660 - John COOKE wrote his letter to his daughter Freelove from his condemned cell, mentioning her three close blood-relations - her dear mother, her good grandmother, and her loving aunt MASSEY.
Letter published.
[Her mother was Frances COOKE; her grandmother was probably Elizabeth CHEYNE, the widow of Isaac COOKE, and before him of Edward BARROW of Potterspury, and earlier again of Samuel BRYAN of Northampton.]

1660 - Crown Survey of Potterspury: Elizabeth COOKE, copyholder, two properties with old rents of 1 pound 13s. 4. and of 6d.; Thomas BARROW, copyholder, old rent of 1 pound 7s.
NRO, Ref G 3199.
[Elizabeth was the widow of Edward BARROW of Potterspury (cited in 1634 as deceased), and probably the 2nd wife of Isaac COOKE; Thomas was probably the son of the late Edward BARROW, and the son or step-son of Elizabeth.]

[Part of a detail from the 1727 survey of Potterspury, held in the Northamptonshire Record Office, as shown in Rod CONLAN's paper "Renewal and Replacement in a Northamptonshire Village: Housing in Potterspury, 1727-1910," published in Vernacular Architecture, Vol. 40 (2009), p.43.
The BARROW house is highlighted in orange.]

9 Aug (ca 1660?) - Poll Tax assessment for Potterspury. Mr COOKE (£2), his wife, one daughter and 2 servants (2s.), goods £50.
NRO, Ref YZ 4397.
The Poll Tax was instituted to finance the disbanding of the New Model Army; the Bill was given its first reading in the Convention Parliament on 12 Jun 1660; a Committee was established to examine it on 6 Nov; and it seems that the final machinery may not yet have been in place for the actual collection of it until the first Parliament of Charles II had met in early 1661.
[There is an obvious problem with this year date, ca 1660, evidently attributed to it (& probably in the absence of an actual year number on the original) by the Archivist at Northamptonshire Record Office some years ago when the list was indexed.
However, if the list that was used for the assessment was a pre-existing or residual list from an earlier taxation, which was then corrected & upgraded as the tax was actually collected, then the date for that earlier list may have been 1659 or 1658 or even earlier - in which case this Mr COOKE may have been either John COOKE (1659) or Isaac (1658 or earlier).
But if the list was actually made in 1660, then I have a problem in assimilating this particular piece of "evidence" into my currently speculated BARROW saga. 
However, and irrespective of the year date, if the tax was applicable to all persons aged 16 and over, and by implication to none under that age, then the "daughter" could not have been Freelove COOKE, then only aged about 4 - so this Mr COOKE is unlikely to have been John.

Further, several web-sites indicate that the Tax was assessed according to rank, ranging from £100 for a Duke, down to 6d for "anyone else" not otherwise identified in between and aged 16 or over - with Judges rated at £20, Advocates at £5, & Attornies at £3 - all clearly in excess of Mr COOKE's assessment. Anyone with property (land, &c) was assessed at 40s per £100 earned from it - so Mr COOKE, probably therefore Isaac, may have been assessed on £100 worth of assets or annual income.] 

12 Feb 1661-62 - Elizabeth COOKE "...late wife of Edward BARRONES" (or BARROWS) and Thomas BARRONES (sic) "...his son" made a petition concerning a copyhold messuage in Potterspury.
See "Calendar of Treasury Books," Vol.1, 1660-1667, Historical Manuscripts Commission, London, 1904, as abstracted on British History Online.
[I have not yet sighted the original manuscript Treasury Books at Kew. It appears that the letter "w" may yet again have challenged quill-wielding clerical hands, and the transcribing eyes of those who followed.
At any rate, the name BARRONES nowhere else appears in connection with the village of Potterspury - all that do, and which bear any resemblance to it, and there are many, are for the name BARROW or BARROWES or BARROES.]

1664 - Frances COOKE, widow, made her petition to King Charles II for restitution of her own personal losses in Ireland.
See Calendar of State Papers, Ireland, 1663-65, London, 1907, p.514.
[Presumably she was still in England; she probably went to Antigua before about 1670. The original manuscript petition copy at Kew was undated; the 1907 printed abstract was published among other papers dated 1664.]

13 Jun 1675 - Freelove COOKE married John GUNTHORPE. Parish Register of St Mary's, Newington, Surrey, p.114.
BOYD's "Inhabitants of London" recorded the date in error as 1678, and identified the groom as Major John GUNTHORPE, which militia rank he did not acquire until much later, and in Antigua.

27 Aug 1678 - Census of Antigua. Lt William PROCTOR was named as head of a household in Falmouth Division, comprising 2 men, 1 woman & 2 children (of European origin), and 4 men, 3 women & 4 children (of African origin).
See OLIVER, Op. Cit., Vol. 1, pp. lviii (PROCTOR & GUNTHORPE) & clix (MUSSENDEN). 
[The European woman was probably Frances; and the two children probably her younger daughters by her presumed 2nd husband William PROCTOR - the younger child probably Frances PROCTOR, later the wife of John PIGOTT.]
Also at Falmouth Division was John GUNTHROPP, his household comprising 3 men (European).
[Probably John GUNTHORPE, the husband of Freelove COOKE, who was still in England (see below).]
At Old North Sound Division was Major MUSSENDEN, his household comprising 2 men, 1 woman & 3 children (European), and 7 men & 6 women (African).
[Probably Buck's Plantation, purchased very soon after by John GUNTHORPE. See below.]

5 Sep 1678 - Elizabeth's 3rd husband Robert MASSEY, Attorney, made his will (proved 18 Sep 1678), leaving his estate to his "...beloved wife Elizabeth," with "Fr: GUNTHORPE" signing as a witness. He was buried at All Saints, Northampton, on 9 Sep.
NRO, Ref N Will 3rd Series E, 37.
[Evidently Freelove GUNTHORPE had stayed behind in England, perhaps not wanting to subject her first confinement to the rigours of a long sea voyage; her child Robert may have been named after this MASSEY uncle.]

17 Sep 1678 - By Deed of sale, John GUNTHORPE, of London, Goldsmith, purchased 500 acres in New North Sound, Antigua, formerly called Buck's Plantation, from Major William MUSSENDIN, for "...a valuable consideration (of which 4 negroes have been already received)..."  and with "...(3 white servants and 9 negroes still to be handed over)." 
The patent for the sale was granted to GUNTHORPE by Sir W. STAPLETON on 10 Jan 1681-82 at the rent of 1 ear of Indian corn every Christmas Day.

Buck's Plantation had been granted to Archibald HENDERSON in 1669, and after his banishment in 1674, was re-granted to Major William MUSSENDINE in 1677. 
See OLIVER, Op. Cit., Vol. 2, p. 40.
[OLIVER also recorded that GUNTHORPE & MUSSENDIN were "partners." I speculate that this sale was not a case of MUSSENDIN acting in Antigua for an investing (or "sleeping") partner still living in London, as GUNTHORPE's title might suggest; and he does appear to have already arrived in Antigua, being recorded in the Census 12 days earlier (see previous item). Goldsmith Company records show GUNTHORPE's admission as apprentice in 1671, but do not record his Freedom.]

5 Feb 1680-81 - Elizabeth MASSEY, widow of Robert MASSEY, made her will as she was about to set out on a voyage to Antigua; she named her niece Freelove " the wife of John GUNTHORPE of Antigua" and their son Robert GUNTHORPE. The will was proved P.C.C. 10 Apr 1686.
See OLIVER, Op. Cit., Vol. 2, p. 39.
[Given the date of her probate, Elizabeth probably survived her voyage to Antigua. She may have died there, but if so, no evidence survives.
If this was Elizabeth BARROW, she was aged 62 when she made her will, and would have been 68 if she survived until just before probate.
Her niece Freelove's husband John and eldest son Robert were evidently dead before 1693. See below.]

12 May 1685 - Mrs Margaret HENDERSON first made claims in the Court of Common Pleas in Antigua concerning Buck's Plantation, New North Sound, which had been originally granted in 1669 to her late brother-in-law Archibald HENDERSON. Her petition was subsequently forwarded by the Council to the Board of Trade in Apr 1687, and in her reply to the Board in Dec 1687, she claimed the property had been "usurped" by John GUNTHORPE, whom she described as "...the son-in-law to that egregious traitor John COOKE, Solicitor to the pretended High Court of Justice against King Charles the Martyr."
See OLIVER, Op. Cit., Vol. 2, p. 40.
[Margaret HENDERSON's claim concerning GUNTHORPE's relationship to John COOKE could hardly be regarded as "hard" evidence. Probably vexatious, perhaps well-informed, there is no indication that this part of her claim was disputed or challenged at the time by GUNTHORPE, or anyone else. But Margaret had few friends in Antigua, where Royalists were probably still very much outnumbered by old Commonwealth supporters who had emigrated to the extremities of the new King's demesnes around the time of, and after, the Restoration, including the members of John COOKE's immediate family.]

Jun 1690 - Admiral WRIGHT's West Indies squadron of 10 Men-of-War with 3,000 men arrived in Nevis, to protect English colonial interests against French aggression. The Squadron brought the Duke of Bolton's Regiment, now commanded by Henry HOLT, and in which was serving Captain John PIGOTT, about 22-23 years of age, a native of Queen's County, Ireland. John PIGOTT "settled" in Antigua for a few years.
The Duke of Bolton himself had accompanied Prince William of Orange on his arrival in England, and his Regiment had originally been ordered to go to Ireland with the new King in early 1690, but those orders were changed at the last minute.
[Captain John PIGOTT married Frances PROCTOR, the (probably third) daughter of Mrs Frances PROCTOR who was probably the widow of John COOKE; their first child (Elizabeth PIGOTT) was probably the one due in late 1693 or early 1694 (see below); their first-born son (Thomas PIGOTT) was born about 1695 (he came of age in Ireland in 1716); their youngest son (Captain John PIGOTT of Stradbally, my ancestor) was born in Ireland in 1704.]

17 Jul 1691 - Acquilla STOUGHTON made his will, naming his wife Frances as his sole executor; the will was proved on 21 Jun 1693. STOUGHTON was first mentioned in Antiguan records on 9 Jan 1679-80, as a Deputy Secretary "...sworn to the acts of Trade."
See OLIVER, Op. Cit., Vol. 1.
[Frances was probably the widow of William PROCTOR, and before him of John COOKE.]

9 Sep 1693 - Frances STOUGHTON, widow, made her will in Antigua (proved 8 Feb 1693-94), naming grandsons John & William GUNTHORPE, and noting a prior bequest to her "...for £20 to buy mourning" from Major John GUNTHORPE which she directed should go to her son-in-law John PIGOTT.
See OLIVER, Op. Cit., Vol. 3, p. 25.
[If this was Frances BARROW, she was aged 73. If another, she was still aged in her mid 60s (if aged 18 at her marriage in 1645-46) or older.
Major John GUNTHORPE, probably only recently deceased, was almost certainly the widower of Freelove COOKE; the grandsons John & William inevitably John & Freelove's two surviving sons, the evidence here indicating that the elder son Robert mentioned in 1681-2 had probably since died.]
Frances STOUGHTON also named her daughter, Frances PIGOTT, the wife of John PIGOTT, and made a bequest of £5 for plate for the first child she has.
[Frances PIGOTT was identified by OLIVER in his "History of the Island of Antigua" as a daughter of Lieutenant William PROCTOR of Rendezvous Bay, Antigua, and on that evidence probably the 2nd husband of the widow Frances COOKE.
The "first child she has" may well have been already on the way.]
Frances STOUGHTON made further mentioned of another grandchild, Frances KERBY.
[I speculate that her mother was yet another but unknown daughter of Frances by a husband unknown but probably William PROCTOR; her father may have been Dr Thomas KERBY of Antigua.]

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The PHAYRE/PHAIR Diaspora - From Ireland to Australia, New Zealand, Canada & the U.S.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Until this particular notice is removed, substantial additions and alterations are likely to be made.

This is a re-organisation of a blog which I commenced some time ago, and had grown a bit unwieldy.
This part has been severed from that earlier blog, which now remains committed to the family of the Colonel Robert PHAIRE of County Cork, the "Regicide."
For which see:

My original purpose was to make available to others all of the PHAIR family information I had collected over the last 30 years in Ireland.
That has now broadened out into a search for Irish PHAIR information in other jurisdictions into which the diaspora of Irish PHAIR family members have emigrated, over the years & indeed the centuries.
It seems to me that the only way meaningful connections in Ireland will be made, back into the distant past, is by finding all the references abroad to PHAIRs with Irish origins, especially in the early years of the Statutory Registers for those jurisdictions which collected the full names of parents - especially useful for those older emigrants, with birth dates going back into the mid 1700s.
And it further seems to me that only by collating this material into a unified site will I be able to make useful connections, or at least speculation about them, with some degree of confidence.
This blog-page therefore represents my best efforts in that direction.

I have not yet sourced in detail all of the information that appears here.
The usual sources have been well scoured, on such useful web-sites as,, the official Irish Census website of the National Archives of Ireland, the trove website for Newspaper holdings in the National Library of Australia, among others.
Some information does appear in public family trees on several of those sites. I have not yet acknowledged some of those particular sources, and apologise if this inadvertently offends. I do not knowingly publish information about living people without their express permission - but I am more than happy to receive such instructions into the future.

Any suggestions, assistance or corrections will be most gratefully received. All correspondence will be entered into.

Chris PIGOTT, Potts Point, N.S.W.

I begin with the obvious - my own connection to the Irish PHAIR family.


Letitia PHAIR or PHAYRE, of the Parish of Kilmore, County Cavan, 1763, was my great-x-4 grandmother.
Born about 1739 (judging by her age at burial), she was married at Ballyhaise, in the parish of Castleterra, County Cavan,  in 1763, to Thomas MAGUIRE, a tenant Farmer in the Townland of Mullalougher, same parish, County Cavan.
In 1777 she went with her husband and their 6 children to live in Dublin, where their youngest child was born in 1782 - William MAGUIRE; his story is told in an earlier post on this

William MAGUIRE was aged 41 when he began his diary, or "Memoir," in 1823; he recorded his mother's name with the PHAYRE spelling; but in it he did not record any information concerning his PHAYRE grandparents. This might suggest that those grandparents were both dead before young William had become aware of his surroundings.
I further imagine it possible that William may have left it up to his eldest sister, Mary Ann, to record the historical details of their PHAYRE ancestors, especially in light of the fact that she married back into the PHAYRE family. But her "Diary", if she ever kept one, has not yet been found.

Of his mother Letitia, we know that she was an early member of the Methodist Society in County Cavan, and became a Class Leader there & in Dublin; that in 1794 she succeeded her late husband Thomas as Sexton of St Patrick's (C. of I.) Cathedral in Dublin; and that she was buried with him in the family plot in the Cathedral Churchyard, known as the Vicar's Bawn, in 1812, aged 72.

We also know that Letitia's mother was living in 1766, when she too joined the Methodist Society in County Cavan, as one of 33 new members "converted" by the itinerant Minister John SMITH after his first foray into that part of Ireland:
"...During the following week, John SMITH preached twice on each of two days, at Mr MAGUIRE's, to crowded congregations, and such was the influence which accompanied his preaching that 33 persons gave their names as willing to become members of the Methodist Society; among them was Mrs MAGUIRE's '...poor, aged, blind mother,' who some time after was able to say - 'I am seventy-seven years old, and was only born today'."
[Henry CROOKSHANK, "History of Methodism in Ireland," 1886, Ch.XVII, p.197].

However, Thomas McFANN, in his obituary tribute, commemorating the lives of two of Letitia's sons, Thomas & the above-mentioned William MAGUIRE (they both died in 1844), published in 1845, took a slightly different view:
"[Letitia PHAYRE] was made the happy partaker of true religion some years before Methodism was introduced into that part [County Cavan] of the country. It was in his [Thomas MAGUIRE's] house shortly after his marriage [in 1763], that that able minister of the New Testament, Mr John BREDIN, preached his first sermon...
"Soon after [in 1766], the travelling preacher [John SMITH] came, and on his first visit, a class of thirty-three members was formed, "...amongst whom," says Mrs MAGUIRE, "...was my poor, aged, blind mother, who continued to be self-righteous until within a year of her death. When at the Lord's Table, after the cup had passed, the words repeated by the Minister came with power to her heart, and she returned home praising and glorifying God, saying - 'I am seventy-seven years old, and was only born this day'."
[Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Magazine, 1845, pp.26-37.]

I'm not sure how correct McFANN's version was in relation to the administering of the Lord's Supper - I  had understood that Methodists generally did not administer any of the sacraments until after WESLEY's death, and that in Ireland, a large proportion of Methodists continued to adhere to that admonition of WESLEY, even on his death-bed, that his followers should continue to remain  loyal to the Established Church in matters sacramental (the Primitive Wesleyan Methodists were formed, ca 1818, specifically for that purpose, and that was the Society to which the MAGUIRE family subsequently belonged).

That Letitia may have become a Methodist "several years" before Methodism found its way into County Cavan might suggest one of several possibilities:
1. Letitia had met up with a Methodist in County Cavan before she married Thomas MAGUIRE - I have often wondered whether that perhaps may have been Martha CARY, of Dungiven, County Londonderry, who was the 2nd wife (married in 1747) of Thomas NEWBURGH of Ballyhaise House (he owned extensive property in the district, including the farm in Mullalougher which Thomas MAGUIRE held by leasehold from him).
2. Letitia was already a Methodist before she went to County Cavan - which might suggest a possibility that she went to Ballyhaise with her parents as a young woman, & perhaps from a place where Methodism was already well established - and might that have been Dublin?

A more detailed search for this, her first Methodist contact, might prove illuminating as to Letitia's origins.

Charles Henry CROOKSHANK had earlier, in 1881, published his "A Methodist Pioneer: or the Life and Labours of John SMITH," with the following account of Methodism's first appearance in County Cavan:
"In 1766, however, in connection with the zealous and faithful labours of John SMITH, a large number of Societies were formed, including those at Mullalougher, Killashandra, Bawnboy, Belturbet, Cavanagh, Ballyconnell, Swanlinbar, Furnaceland & Gortnaleg.
"Early in the year, as John SMITH travelled between Clones and Ballybay, seeing a man lying on the road-side asleep, he awoke him, and found that he had been drunk and lain there all night, having spent all his money and parted with most of his clothes. John SMITH brought before him earnestly the wickedness and danger of his course, and then prayed with him. As he pleaded with God, the poor inebriate wept in penitence of spirit. That man was John BREDIN, a Roman Catholic schoolmaster, who lived at Tullyvin, about three miles from Cootehill. He accompanied John SMITH round the Circuit, and soon obtained a sense of sins forgiven.
"The young convert felt an earnest desire to lead others to a saving knowledge of Christ; and with this end visited Mrs MAGUIRE, of Mullalougher, whom he had previously known. He spoke to her of what the Lord had done for him, and his words sank deep into her heart..."

This is repeated in CROOKSHANK's later 1885 publication, his "History of Methodism in Ireland." But from snippets, I had originally mis-interpreted this "...young convert" to have been John SMITH - what is clear to me now, seeing the full text of the earlier publication in google.images from an original volume, is that it probably refers instead to John BREDIN.

CROOKSHANK ("History of Methodism in Ireland") mentions John SMITH (1713-1774), originally from Tandragee, County Armagh, & later of Cootehill, County Cavan, who heard WESLEY preach there in 1758, and became a convert and class leader there; in 1766 WESLEY appointed him to be an itinerant preacher on the circuit that encompassed the Counties of Cavan, Fermanagh & Monaghan; one community he did visit in County Monaghan was Kilmore.
And Robert H. GALLAGHER wrote of John BREDIN, as having been born about 1737 (a year or two older than Letitia PHAIR), "...a Schoolmaster in the Roman Church" who was "...soundly converted" in 1766 by "...John SMITH, a pioneer Methodist preacher"; and "...called into the itinerancy by John WESLEY in 1769, three years after his conversion"; he died in Belfast on 2 Nov 1819, & was buried in Lambeg churchyard, where his Monumental Inscription recorded his age as 82 years ["Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society, Vol.XXVIII, 1951-52, Notes & Queries, pp.166-7].
Although quite how Letitia came to be previously acquainted with a Catholic school master from Tullyvin, and with an apparent penchant for strong drink, does raise some questions about my assumptions that she was from a Protestant family residing in the parish of Kilmore!
It may therefor be that the MAGUIRE family's removal to Dublin in 1777 was either inspired by Martha NEWBURGH alias CARY's stated friendship towards Letitia [as William MAGUIRE wrote in his Memoir]; or by the MAGUIRE family's recent experience with a visiting and fatal fever [as CROOKSHANKS wrote in his "History..."]; or indeed that Letitia may have had PHAYRE relations living in Dublin.
However, Thomas MAGUIRE's subsequent career, in the bosom of the Church of Ireland's Cathedral Church of St Patrick, probably points to the former, as Martha, now Mrs CRADOCK, had recently gone to live with her new husband, Rev William CRADOCK, the Dean of the said Cathedral church.
William CRADOCK, an Englishman, had in 1762 come over to Ireland at the end of his university days, and by the invitation of his uncle (John CRADOCK, the Bishop of Kilmore, 1757-1772, & thereafter the Archbishop of Dublin); he was the Rector & Vicar of Lurgan & Munterconnaught parishes in diocese of Kilmore, county Cavan, ca 1762-1770; Archdeacon of Kilmore Diocese, 1770-1776; instituted at St Patrick's Cathedral as Prebend of St Audoen's, 4 May 1774; and was installed as Dean of St Patrick's on 12 Sep 1775; many of these posts he obtained by the influence of his uncle. William would inevitably have met his future wife Martha, and her first husband Thomas NEWBRIDGE, during his sojourn in Kilmore Diocese.
And Martha had another connection to St Patrick's in Dublin - she had a brother, Henry CARY, whose wife was Jane BERESFORD; and she had a sister, Eliza BERESFORD, who was the wife of Thomas COBBE, a son of Archbishop COBBE of Dublin.
Indeed, on several occasions in the 1780's, Thomas & Letty MAGUIRE's Dublin residence was recorded in Methodist records as The Deanery, which CRADOCK had renovated back into habitability, evidently under persuasion of his wife Martha.

It is also apparent that Letitia almost certainly facilitated the burial of some of her own relations in her husband's grave in St Patrick's Cathedral churchyard:
1. Rebecca PHAIR, interred " the Vicar's Bawn in Thomas MAGUIRE's ground" on 29 Jul 1795.
2. Mrs Rebecca PHAIRE, aged 81, interred " T. MAGUIRE's ground" on 19 Jan 1808.
3. A child of Robert PHAIR, buried in the Vicar's Bawn, 1 Jun 1815,"... in Mr MAGUIRE's burial place."

As Letitia's mother appears to have been aged 77 in 1766, her presumed birth in ca 1688-89 would suggest that she was neither of these Rebecca's (the 1795 burial would have to have been aged over 100 - which extreme longevity would probably have attracted specific notice - it would certainly not have escaped the attention of her grandson William MAGUIRE, & if so, surely mentioned by him in his 1823 Diary); although the younger "Mrs" Rebecca, if not a married sister-in-law, may well have been an older & unmarried sister (Mrs, as the abbreviation of Mistress, did not always have the present day meaning of a married woman).
However, there was a baptism in County Cavan, in 1788, of a Richard FAIR, son of William & Rebecca FAIR; it may have been that this Mrs Rebecca PHAIR later went to Dublin, perhaps as a widow, and if so, perhaps to reside with her family there (possibly Thomas who died in 1802); she may have been one of the Rebecca PHAIR's buried in St Patricks; she would have been born in or before 1770, & perhaps well before; but she could not have been born much before 1738 (to be still bearing children in 1788), so not the 1808 burial.

There is another likely consequence of Mrs PHAYRE being aged 77 in or shortly after 1766 - she would have been aged about 50, or very near that age, when Letitia was born. Which would suggest that Letitia was undoubtedly one of the tail-enders of her family.
Further, if her mother had married at the conventional age, during her twenties, then there would have been ample time for Letitia to have been preceded in the nursery by a swag of older siblings; some of whom, and statistically we might expect up to half of them to have been male, may have been potential ancestors of the continuing families of PHAIR who resided for the following 150 years in the near vicinity the town of Ballyhaise in County Cavan (see below).
And finally, old Mrs PHAYRE may have been residing with her MAGUIRE daughter & son-in-law at Mullalougher; so it may have been her death that added further impetus, or opened up the opportunity, of them making their move to Dublin in 1777.


Further, Letitia's eldest daughter & first-born child, Mary Ann MAGUIRE, appears to have married back into the PHAYRE family - in Dublin, in 1785, she was married, with a Consistorial License, to Thomas PHAYRE, who was probably related to Letitia, perhaps as a nephew, or as more distant cousin.

Mary Ann MAGUIRE was born at Mullalougher, County Cavan, on 19 Apr 1764; she was aged 13 when she went to Dublin with her family in 1777; she was interred in the Vicar's Bawn, St Patrick's Cathedral, almost certainly in the PHAYRE family plot, on 5 Aug 1802; she was married, by License of the Dublin Diocese in 1785 (M.L.B. Index), to Thomas PHAYRE; he was buried with her on 5 Dec 1802.
Thomas & Mary Ann left issue:

1Robert PHAYRE, recorded in William MAGUIRE's diary as the elder son, & if so, then born ca 1786-88, & almost certainly in Dublin; he is said to have settled in England with his wife Margaret TACKABURY, and William MAGUIRE [his Memoir, 1823] mentioned this as being in Tees-side (but no census evidence has yet been found to elucidate this assertion); there is little doubt that Robert probably had issue, as follows, but by a wife instead named Jane:
     a. A child of Robert PHAIR was buried in the Vicar's Bawn, 1 Jun 1815,"... in Mr MAGUIRE's burial place".
     b. Mary Anne PHAIR, baptised at St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, 12 Dec 1808; probably the child buried in the Thomas MAGUIRE family plot in the Cathedral Churchyard, 1815 - as in (a) above.
     c. Thomas PHAYRE, bapt St Mary's C.of I., Dublin, 21 Nov 1813.
     d. Nathaniel PHAYRE, bapt St Mary's C.of I., 6 Aug 1815; died young, & probably the Jun 1815 burial in Mr MAGUIRE's burial place.
     e. Nath'l PHARE, bapt St Mary's C.of I., Dublin, 21 Jul 1816
     f. Robert PHAYRE, bapt St Mary's C.of I., 18 Jan 1818.
It may prove to be pertinent here to note that there was a Nathaniel TACKABURY in Dublin, a Cabinet Maker, who was at one time resident in the Coombe, Dublin. He may have been a member of the Methodist Society, and he had issue by his wife, the widow Jane BENNETT (she may have been his 2nd wife - they were married by Consistorial License at St Bride's, Dublin, 27 Jul 1784) - including Elizabeth TACKABURY, baptised in St Patrick's Cathedral on 24 Mar 1795.
This is all very much in the territory of the MAGUIRE-PHAYRE family, & it seems inconceivable that the two families would not have been acquainted, if not related to each-other.
Further, it appears that a Nathaniel TACKABURY, Cabinet Maker, and his wife Jane, also had issue baptised in the Collegiate Church of Christ, Manchester, in 1787 & 1791 (a son Robert) - of particular interest is the 1787 event, which took place on 21 January, of a daughter Jane TACKABURY, who is of the right age to have been the Robert PHAYRE or PHAIR spouse.
Perhaps there was only the one Robert PHAIR or PHAYRE spouse - Jane Margaret TACKABURY?
2. John PHAYRE, born in Dublin, 12 May 1790, & after his parents died in 1802, he was raised by his MAGUIRE grandmother (our Letitia PHAYRE); he then went to New York in 1817 [obituary, New York Christian Advocate, 4 Apr 1867, p.107], & became connected with the old Forsyth Street Church in New York [Matthew SIMPSON, "Cyclopedia of Methodism, &c," ca 1882]; Local Preacher, Methodist Episcopal Church, New York, & was subsequently ordained Local Deacon & Local Elder; for 42 years an Exhorter & Local Preacher, "...he devoted himself especially to work at the Almshouse, House of Refuge, House for Old People, asylums, hospitals and the Penitentiary of New York" [SIMPSON, Op. Cit.]; he died suddenly at his residence, 201 West 30th Street, New York, 4 Dec 1866, & was buried in his own plot, Cypress Hills Cemetery (see their Burial Register).

John married 1stly, ca 1824, Frances A. BOGERT; she died at 198 Allen Street, New York, 19 Jan 1841; she was probably buried in the Forsyth Street Methodist Episcopal Churchyard, New York City, and was afterwards re-interred at Cypress Hills ca 1854-56 when that Church graveyard was cleared, with the best stones being relocated " look good"; they had issue:
     a. Elizabeth D. PHAYRE, born ca 1825; probably died on 30 Oct 1850, & was buried in Rev John PHAYRE's plot at Cypress Hills Cemetery; if so, she married Isaac JOLLIE, with issue.
     b. Sarah Anne PHAYRE, born 1827; she married her 2nd cousin Thomas Lancelot PIGOTT, the son of John PIGOTT & Elizabeth MAGUIRE (who was Rev John PHAYRE's 1st cousin).
     c. Francis PHAYRE, b ca 1830, died Feb 1852.
     d. (daur); probably married SMITH, with 2 children buried at Cypress Hills in Rev John PHAYRE's plot:
          i. John F. SMITH in Jan 1851, a child.
          ii. Letitia M. SMITH in Jan 1853, a child.
John married 2ndly, Oct 1841, Catharine McComb JOLLIE [N.Y. Spectator, 16 Oct]; she died at 325 West 30th Street, New York, at noon on Monday 9 Jun 1873, aged 68 [New York Times, 10 Jun] or 66 [N.Y. Tribune, 10 Jun];by her he had further issue:
     e. John Francis PHAYRE, born New York City 11 Jul 1842; B.A. from the University City of New York he was at District 852, Manhattan, 1900 Census, aged 59, Clerk, with wife & daughter; he died in New York 1919; he married on 20 Aug 1869, Augusta C. TALLMAN; she was at Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, 1930 Census, aged 85, with daughter; issue:
          i. Mary A. PHAYRE, born New York, May 1871; aged 29, with parents, 1900; aged 59, Housekeeper, unmarried, 1930 Census, with mother; at Ridge Street, Newark, 1940 Census, aged 68, At Home, with friend Helena McCLELLAND, 66, retired teacher.
3. Letitia PHAYRE, Assistant Sexton at St Patrick's, 1817; Robe-keeper, 1831; Sextonness, 3 Patrick's Close South, 1842-48; Gallery Keeper, 1845; married William WHITE, Carpenter, also of St Patrick's Cathedral; he was buried there 14 Dec 1838; issue baptised at St Patrick's Cathedral:
     a. Mary Anne WHITE, born 5 May 1821, & baptised 14 May.
     b. Letitia WHITE, born 11 Jul 1823, & bapt 24 Jul.
     c. William WHITE, bapt 13 Nov 1824, & buried 6 May 1825.
     d. Henry WHITE, bapt 25 May 1826, & buried 7 Jan 1829.
     e. William Eustace WHITE, bapt 22 Apr 1827, & buried 8 Apr 1833.
     f. Thomas WHITE, born 13 Dec 1828, bapt 21 Dec, & buried 22 Mar 1845.
     g. Lucinda WHITE, born 5 Nov 1830, & bapt 25 Nov.

As there were several other PHAIRE family activities connected with St Patrick's Cathedral, I had early thought them to be potential relations of Letitia. Although it now appears they may not have been, one of them appears likely to have had a connection to descendants of Col Robert PHAIRE of Cork, who had been named on the warrant for the execution of King Charles, made me look into a possible link to that family. Their story is told further, in some detail, on the previous blog-page on this site.

But if Thomas PHAYRE was not from Kilmore, County Cavan, then he may well have been a Dublin PHAYRE; and if Letitia was already his relation before she became his mother-in-law, then perhaps Letitia's immediate family origins, as hinted at above, were indeed also in Dublin.
This possibility has also made me take a particular interest in PHAIR[E] families in Dublin, as well.

The truth of Letitia's origins may well remain untold - but there is a possibility that her grandfather may have come over to Ireland in the Protestant Army of William of Orange in 1689-90. It is likely, if he settled then in or around the Ballyhaise locality, in County Cavan, that he may he may have had a son or sons who remained there, and were progenitors of the PHAIR families who continued to live in that area for a number of generations, as set out below.

Map of the Diocese of Kilmore, courtesy of the web-site.
I am not sure whether this shows the Church of Ireland Parish divisions, or the Roman Catholic, 
but judging by the spelling of Castletara, probably the latter.


There was an Army Pensioner record of a Thomas PHAIR, born at Ballyhaise, County Cavan; served in the 8th Dragoons; discharged aged 49, after 9 years 7 months service; his date range 1795 [TNA - WO 121/21/156]. One might speculate that the single date range entry was his year of discharge, indicating a birth in 1745, which, but for the different spelling, might have been a younger brother of our Letitia, or instead a cousin?

However, I do wonder if Ballyhaise may perhaps have been recorded in error for Ballyhay, in County Cork?

Joseph PHAIR; possibly 8th Dragoons, Farrier, 1774, & discharged 8 Feb 1784; he may have married and had issue:
1. Frances PHAIR, baptised at Ballyhay, County Cork, 25 Feb 1781.
He was probably related to William PHAIR; also of Ballyhay, County Cork; said to have served as a Sergeant in the 9th Regiment of Dragoon Guards, discharge papers dated 1784 (or perhaps 1794), born in County Tipperary [Barbara PHAYRE's "Cromwell's Legacy," App.1, p.99]; as William FARR, he probably married at Ballyhay, 8 Dec 1788, Alice ROGERS; with issue:
1. Letitia PHAIRE, bapt at Ballyhay, 18 Sep 1789.
2. Catherine FAYER, bapt at Ballyhay, 4 May 1791.

Or could Joseph & William settled in Cork after serving in the Army? Possibly from County Cavan??


The family of PHAIR (or FAIR) has continued to prosper in several parts of County Cavan, but whether their origins were in that County as far back as the 1730s is not yet known - although that is beginning to look distinctly possible, if not even quite likely.


Four of the earliest mentions of FAIRs in the Church Register holdings at PRONI, for County Cavan, were the following 2 burials & 2 baptisms (full details obtained from
1. John FAIR; died "...near Kilmore," 13 May 1778, & buried at Kilmore C. of  I. Parish (age not recorded).
2. Zephora FAIR, baptised at Kilmore C. of I. Parish, 18 Jul 1780, daughter of Richard FAIR (address not recorded) & Mary FAIR.
3. Joseph FAIR; died 29 Dec 1782, and buried at Kilmore C. of I. Parish (age not recorded).
4. Richard FAIR, baptised at Kilmore C. of I. Parish, 4 May 1788, son of William FAIR, of Breeckhill, & Rebecca FAIR.

It is not unlikely that these FAIRS were from related families; and one of the Richards was perhaps a nephew of the other.

It is further quite possible that this William FAIR was the same William PHAIR who was mentioned by CROOKSHANK as having addressed a meeting of Methodists at Ballyhaise in Jan 1790, as follows:
"On Jan'y 23rd, 1790, a young man named Matthew LANKTREE, a native of Oldcastle, visited at Drumliff, in the county of Cavan, some friends who had recently become Methodists, accompanied them on the following Sabbath morning to the chapel at Ballyhaise, and was much impressed with all he saw and heard. The preacher was Mr James IRWIN, the house well filled, and the whole congregation appeared influenced by the spirit of devotion. They sang with melody, prayed with fervency, and heard the word with affectionate attention... In the evening he attended a meeting, conducted by William PHAIR, a leader whose exhortations and prayers powerfully impressed his mind. On the following Lord's day, he commenced meeting with these simple earnest servants of God..."
["History of Methodism in Ireland," by C.H. CROOKSHANK; Volume 2 - "The Middle Age," published by T. WOOLMER, London, 1886; at page 14, Chapter II, 1790].

Indeed, it is further possible, perhaps even likely, that William's wife/widow Rebecca may have been the Rebecca PHAIR who was buried in Dublin in 1795, in Thomas MAGUIRE's plot at St Patrick's Cathedral (see above).
William himself may have been a brother (but perhaps more likely instead a nephew) of my Letitia PHAIR or PHAYRE, and he & Rebecca may have had other issue, including a son Thomas PHAIR or PHAYRE, who married Letitia's eldest daughter Mary Anne MAGUIRE, & was himself also buried in the MAGUIRE plot in St Patrick's Cathedral churchyard in 1802.

It is also likely that the above also shared some sort of family relationship to the next:

Thomas FAIR, born in or before 1778; married at Kilmore (C.of I.) Parish Church, 8 Jul 1799, Catherine TILSON []; probable issue:
     a. John FAIR, born at Derries, & baptised at Kilmore Parish (C. of I.), 10 Feb 1805 [].
     b. Catherine FAIR, baptised in County Cavan, 1807. 
     c. Thomas FAIR, born Derries, & baptised in Kilmore Parish (C. of I.), 18 Aug 1808 (father only named); probably died young.
     d. Elizabeth FAIR, baptised in County Cavan, 1813.
     e. Thomas PHAIR, born at Derries, & baptised at Kilmore Parish (C. of I.), 28 Aug 1816 [].

James PHAIR, born in or before 1807; married at Kilmore (C. of I.) Parish Church, 23 Nov 1834, Isabella DOGUE (perhaps in error for POGUE) [].
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The name Zephora (or Zephra) is quite unusual - and it may have been a local variation of the name Sophia - although it may also have had Old Testament links to Moses, whose wife was recorded in the Book of Exodus as Zipporah or Sephora.
There were at least seven other women or girls named Zephra, & one named Sophia (with a daughter named Leticia), who were either living in the Parish of Castleterra, in County Cavan, on the night of  the 1821 Census, or had connections with those that did.
It may be of some interest to speculate whether there was any degree of kinship between these women, and whether this might have included, as is clearly evident in the case of the eldest of them, the PHAIR family.
They were as follows:
1. Zephra (-?-), born ca 1740; married JOHNSTON (he evidently died before 1821); she was aged 80 in the 1821 Census, at House (No 7), Townland of Egarmus, Castleterra Parish, with her son, daughter or daughter-in-law, a servant (John GAFNEY, aged 14), & William PHAIR (aged 19 - he was recorded as her son's nephew, & by direct inference therefore her grandson); apparent issue:
     a. John JOHNSTON, born ca 1779; aged 40, Farmer, at House (7), Egarmus, 1821, with mother, wife or sister Jane (aged 35), & nephew William PHAIR (aged 19).
2. Zephra (-?-), probably born ca 1775; died in 1859 at Corracreeny, County Cavan (a Townland about 2 km north of Egarmus/Egramush, and 1.8 km W.S.W. of Drumliff); married ca 1790's, William HAMILTON (born ca 1773), of Corracreeny; probably named as William HAMILTON Senior, in a Deed dated 3 Jan 1832, probably a leasehold concerning lands at Corracreeny, and as one of three lives for the term, the other two lives being John & Alexander HAMILTON, probably his two elder sons; he died at Corracreeny, 11 Jan 1856, aged 82; they had issue:
     a. John (Charles) HAMILTON, born ca 1795; probably named as a life for term of his father's deed, 3 Jan 1832; died at Corracreeny, 15 Nov 1881, aged 86; married Elizabeth BANNISTER, with issue.
     b. Alexander HAMILTON, born ca 1798; probably named as a life for term of his father's deed, 3 Jan 1832; died Cavan, 1880; probably married with issue.
     c. William HAMILTON.
     d. Jane HAMILTON, born ca 1805.
     e. Mary HAMILTON, born 1811.
     f. Jemima HAMILTON, born 1815.
     g. Margaret HAMILTON, born 1817.
3 & 4. Zephra (-?-), born ca 1776; aged 44 in the 1821 Census, and residing in House (No 39), Townland of Drumliff, Castleterra Parish, with her husband Robert FOSTER (44) & their 8 children (aged 15 to 6), and just a few houses removed from George PHAIR (64), his wife Jane (60), their 5 children (aged 25 to 14) and his niece Eliza FOSTER (aged 6); Robert & Zephra had issue:
     a. Eliza FOSTER, born ca 1800; aged 20, with parents, 1821.
     b. Emilia FOSTER, born ca 1802; aged 18, with parents, 1821.
     c. Mary FOSTER, bprn ca 1806; aged 14m with parents, 1821.
     d. Henry FOSTER, born ca 1808, a twin; aged 12, with parents, 1821.
     e. Robert FOSTER, born ca 1808, the other twin; aged 12, with parents, 1821.
     f. Joseph FOSTER, born ca 1810; aged 10, with parents, 1821.
     g. Hanora FOSTER, born ca 1813; aged 7, with parents, 1821.
     h. Zephra FOSTER, born ca 1824; aged 6, with parents, 1821.
5. Zephra (-?-), born ca 1778; aged 42, at House (No 18), Egarmus, Castleterra Parish, with her husband George ELLIOTT (or EBBITT), aged 50, Farmer, and their 5 children; issue:
     a. William ELLIOTT, born ca 1799; aged 21, with parents, 1821.
     b. George ELLIOTT, born ca 1802, a twim; aged 18, with parents, 1821.
     c. Benjamin ELLIOTT, born ca 1802, the other twin; aged 18, with parents, 1821.
     d. Mary ELLIOTT, born ca 1805; aged 15, with parents, 1821.
     e. Henry ELLIOTT, born ca 1811; aged 9, with parents, 1821.
6 Zephora FAIR, born Kilmore, 18 Jul 1780, daughter of Richard & Mary FAIR.. See above.
7. Sophia (-?-), born ca  1781; at House (No 15), Egarmus, Castleterra Parish, 1821 Census, aged 39, with her husband Daniel ELLIOTT (aged 43, Farmer), their 3 children, and a servant named James GAFNEY (aged 14); issue:
     a. John ELLIOTT, born ca 1801; aged 19, with parents, 1821.
     b. Eliza ELLIOTT, born ca 1805; aged 15, with parents, 1821.
     c. Leticia ELLIOTT, born ca 1808; aged 12, with parents, 1821.
8. Zephora ETHERTON, born ca 1780 (could she have been a sister of Mrs Maria WIGGINS? below); married at Ballyhaise, 7 Dec 1804, Alexander KEMP, of Drumgola, parish of Urney, County Cavan; with issue:
     a. James KEMP, born Apr 1805; died at Drumgola, 1844.
     b. Charles KEMP, born Feb 1807; died at Drumgola, 1870.
     c. Maria KEMP, born Jan 1809.
     d. Margaret KEMP, born Feb 1811.
     e. Thomas KEMP, born Sep 1813.
     f. William KEMP, born Jan 1816.
     g. Zephra KEMP, born Jan 1817.
     h. Sophia KEMP, born Jan 1820.
9. Zephra WIGGINS, born ca 1818; aged 2, at House (No 10), Townland of Degan, Castleterra Parish, 1821 Census, with her parents John & Maria WIGGINS (both aged 25 - John a Weaver), all residing with Maria's mother Maria HEATHERTON, aged 66, Farmer (could she have had another daughter named Zephora ? above).


One strand of PHAIRs maintained connections in or near Ballyhaise, as under-tenants to the proprietor of Ballyhaise House - as had Letitia PHAYRE's husband Thomas MAGUIRE back in the1760s, at Mullalougher, then held under Thomas NEWBRIDGE.

These were the PHAIRs of Drumliff, which lies about 2 km NNW of Ballyhaise, and 4 km WSW of Mullalougher.

The 1821 Census fragments for County Cavan have been digitalized and made available on the National Archives of Ireland's web-site; in it are recorded a number of PHAIRs residing in the Townland of Drumliff; unfortunately, the census did not record their birthplace; they are as follows:

1. Florence PHAIR, born ca 1755; aged 65 in 1821, living with her brother Robert at House (No 12) Drumliff, evidently unmarried.

2. George PHAIR, born ca 1756; at House (No 16) Drumliff, 1821 Census, aged 64, Farmer, with wife Jane (60), 5 children and niece (Eliza FOSTER, aged 6); married Jane (-?- possibly FOSTER); issue:
     a. Eliza PHAIR, born ca 1795; aged 25, with parents, 1821.
     b. Mary PHAIR, born ca 1797; aged 23, with parents, 1821.
     c. Jane PHAIR, born ca 1800; aged 20, with parents, 1821; probably died at Deggan, County Cavan, 12 May 1869, with probate to her brother, John PHAIR of Drumliff, Farmer.
     d. Robert PHAIR, born ca 1802; aged 18, with parents, 1821. Perhaps the Robert PHAIR who emigrated to Otago with his wife Dora McDOWALL & their children? See "SOME STRAY CAVAN PHAIRS" below.
     e. John PHAIR, born ca 1806; aged under 14, with parents, 1821; probably the spouse of Susan SCARLET, below.  
3. Robert PHAIRE, born ca 1760; at House (No 12) Drumliff, 1821, aged 60, Farmer, with his (perhaps 2nd) wife Ann (30), their 2 children and his sister Florence PHAIR; he married, perhaps 2ndly, Ann (-?-); she was born ca 1790; issue:
     a. Margaret PHAIR, born ca 1816; aged 4, with parents, 1821.
     b. John PHAIR, born ca 1820-21; aged under 1, with parents, 1821.

Several other families there were evidently of a later generation, and possibly son or sons of one or other of the above George & Jane, or Robert by a possible earlier marriage; they were as follows:

4. Robert PHAIR, born ca 1790; at House (No 3) Drumliff, 1821 Census, aged 30, lodging in the residence of Thomas WOODS (36), Farmer, his wife Ann WOODS (34) and their 7 children (aged 17 to 1).

5. William PHAIR, born ca 1793; at House (No 6) Drumliff, 1821 Census, aged 27, Farmer, with wife Margaret (30) and 2 children; probably married Margaret POGUE, at Castleterra (C.of I.) on 9 Nov 1814 []; with issue:
     a. Robert PHAIR, born ca 1815; aged 5, with parents, 1821; probably Robert PHAIR at House (No 16) Drumliff in 1901 below.
     b. Eliza PAIR, born ca 1818; aged 2, with parents, 1821; probably Bessie PHAIR (1901) below.

Robert PHAIR, Senior, was recorded in the Register of Freeholders in County Cavan, for the year 1825 (enrolled for the purposes of electoral enfranchisement - viewable on-line in scanned documents of the web-site); his was a 40 shilling leasehold in Drumliff, Barony of Upper Loughtee, also his residence, from Mr HUMPHRYS (of Ballyhaise House), with a term for the lease being the lives of William & Thomas WOOD and William PHAIR.
Robert Sen'r was probably the above 60 year-old Farmer at Drumliff (No 12) in 1821.

In the same Register, with identical details, were also recorded Robert PHAIR Junior (probably the above 30 year old Farmer at Drumliff No 3 in 1821), William PHAIR (probably the above 27 year-old farmer at Drumliff No 6), George WOOD, John WOOD, James WOOD, William WOOD, William TEEVAN (all registered at Cavan on 10 Jan 1825) & John KNOX (registered on 12 Jan 1825).

The website records the following entries in the Tithe Aplotment Books for County Cavan, for the year 1826, as follows:
1. Parish of Castleterra. Townland of Drumliff:
Robert PHAIR & Coy - 8 acres (1st quality); 6 acres (2nd); 4 acres (3rd); assessed at 17 shillings & 5d.
His entry appeared in between similar entries for William WOODS & Coy, and John WOODS & Co.
2. Parish of Castleterra, Townland of Drummany:
Robert PHAIR - 8 acres (1st); 4 acres (2nd); 4 acres 1 rood (3rd); assessed at 15 shillings 9d & 3 farthings.
These landholders would have aged been over 21; indicating that they were born in or before 1805.

Much later, three groups of the PHAIR family were residing at Drumliff in the 1901 Census of Ireland (there were 27 households enumerated in Drumliff, 3 headed by PHAIRs, and 5 headed by families named WOOD or WOODS).
They were, with little doubt, related to each other, and were probably of descent from the families enumerated there in 1821 (see above); there is no specific indication that the household numbers used here were the same as those used in the 1821 Census - they probably were not, although they or some of them may have been; these families were enumerated as follows:

1. Robert PHAIR was born in County Cavan, ca 1816; probably the one aged 5 in 1821, at House (No 6) Drumliff, with parents William & Margaret; he was at Drumliff (No 16), Ballyhaise, 1901 Census, aged 85, with wife Ann & 3 children; he probably died in County Cavan, Dec qtr 1901, aged 85 [Vol.3, p.43]; his widow Ann was still at Drumliff in the 1911 Census, aged 71, with her 2 children, and a grandson (James Robert WOODS, aged 12 - he had been with Robert & Ann in 1901, a boarder, no age recorded); Robert married (& perhaps not for the first time) in County Cavan, 1866, Ann ELLIOTT (she was named in the four Ballyhaise birth registrations); she died on 8 May 1916, Reg'd County Cavan, Jun qtr [Vol.3, p.45], aged 75; probate granted at Cavan to William J. PHAIR, Farmer; they had issue:
     a. Eliza Jane PHAIR, born Ballyhaise, County Cavan, 31 Jul 1866; died at Ballyhaise, 27 Aug 1898; married at Castleterra, 5 Jun 1894, William WOOD (born at Drumliff, 10 Mar 1867, son of Thomas WOOD & Sophia KENNEDY); he died at Portadown, 31 Aug 1939; with issue:
          i. Anne WOOD, born 1894.
          ii. William John WOOD, born 1895.
          iii. James Robert WOOD, born 1898; raised by his grandparents at Drumliff.
     b. Frances (Fanny) PHAIR, born Ballyhaise, 27 Apr 1868; possibly married in County Cavan, 1886, William WILSON.
     c. Ann PHAIR, born Ballyhaise, 11 Mar 1870; possibly married in County Cavan, 1888, William BENNETT.
     d. Margaret PHAIR, born Ballyhaise, 6 Jun 1872.
     e. John William PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1875; aged 25, with parents, 1901 Census; aged 33, with mother, 1911 Census.
     f. Robert PHAIR, born Drumliff, County Cavan, 18 Jul 1878; aged 23, with parents, 1901.
     g. Emily Frances or Florence PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1885; aged 15, with parents, 1901; aged 25, with mother, 1911.

2. Susan PHAIR, born County Fermanagh, ca 1816; at House (No 3) Drumliff, 1901, aged 84, Farmer, with son & family; she probably died at County Cavan, Dec qtr 1902, aged 87 [Vol.3, p.45]; she had married (see below) with issue:
     e. John PHAIR, born at Drumgola, County Cavan, 1 Jun 1847; aged 53, Farmer, with widowed mother at Drumliff, 1901 Census, and his wife  & their 2 children; he was still there in 1911, aged 63, with wife, married for 42 years, having had 7 children with 5 surviving; he died 8 Jul 1918, aged 71 [Vol.3, p.41], and was buried at Ballyhaise C.of I. Cemetery [M.I.]; he married at Urney Parish, County Cavan, on 19 Jun 1868, Isabella BROWNLEE of the Parish of Castleterra; she died 26 Jun 1913, aged 72 [Reg'd Sep 1918, Vol.3, p.41], & was buried with her husband at Ballyhaise; issue (with additional details from the HASSEBROCK Tree on included:
          i. Elizabeth Jane PHAIR, born Drumliff, 4 Nov 1868; married George Sparrow MILLER.
          ii. John Thomas PHAIR, born Cavan, 19 Sep 1870; died Cavan, 15 Mar 1898.
          iii. James PHAIR, born County Cavan, 16 Mar 1872; arrived in New York., 1901; died at Brooklyn, N.Y., 15 Nov 1934; married in County Cavan, 5 Jul 1899, Sarah A. ROBINSON..
          vi. Robert PHAIR, born Drumgola, 22 Apr 1874 or 1876; emigrated to the U.S., on the ship Laurentian, from Londonderry, arriving New York, 9 Jul 1900; at Stamford, CT, 1916-18; at Vancouver, B.C., 1922; at Seattle, 1928; died at Seattle, Washington, 14 Feb 1936; married Eva Frances DUGDALE, with issue.
          v. Samuel PHAIR, born Coolboyogue, County Cavan, 16 Mar 1877; died at the City Hospital St Louis, Missouri, U.S., 16 Feb 1904; his probate granted at Cavan, 16 Sep 1904, to John PHAIR, Farmer.
          vi. Emily Jane PHAIR, born Drumgola, County Cavan, 12 Jun 1879; aged 21, with parents, 1901; died at Belfast, 1963; married William Walter NIXON..
          vii. Alfred PHAIR, born Drumgola, County Cavan, 21 Feb 1887; aged 14, with parents, 1901; aged 24, with parents, 1911; died at Hastings, New Zealand, 6 Jun 1965; married Elizabeth HUMPHREY, with issue.
This was undoubtedly Susan SCARLETT (surname identified by N.Z. descendants); she married John PHAIR (born ca 1806) of Drumliff; he was probably the one aged 14, at House (No 16) Drumliff in 1821, with his parents George & Jane; he died at Drumliff, 25 Feb 1879, Reg'd County Cavan, Mar qtr [Vol.3, p.68], aged 73, with probate granted at Cavan, 25 Feb 1879, to Susan PHAIR, the widow, effects under ₤89; they evidently had other issue:
     a. Jane PHAIR, born ca 1841, eldest daughter of John PHAIR of County Cavan, Ireland (he died before 1896); she died at Pleasant Valley, Palmerston, N.Z., 31 May 1896, aged 54, beloved wife of John COUTTS; she married 1stly, Knox Church, Dunedin, N.Z., 9 Nov 1866 #1724, William MITCHELL, of Pleasant Valley, Palmerston, Otago, witnessed by Mary Ann PHAIR of Waikouati, Dunedin; he died in 1873, & was buried on 3 Oct, " of the old residents... a man very highly respected" [Otago Witness, 10 May 1873]; issue:
          i. Jane MITCHELL, born N.Z., 20 May 1867 #9957; died at Pleasant Valley, 17 Mar 1884, aged 16, "..only daughter of the late Mr William MITCHELL" [Otago Witness, 22 Mar].
          ii. John MITCHELL, born N.Z., 26 Jan 1869 #156; died at Pleasant Valley, "...the residence of his stepfather John & Jane COUTTS," on 14 Jul 1894, aged 25, "...late of the Stock Department, Oamaru, only son of the late William MITCHELL" [Otago witness, 19 Jul].
          iii. Susan MITCHELL, born N.Z., 21 Aug 1870 #39862; died 1871 #7635, aged 13 mos.
          iv. Susan MITCHELL, born N.Z., 5 May 1872 #663; died 1872 #12529, aged 5 mos.

Jane married 2ndly, N.Z., 10 Aug 1875 #1865, John COUTTS; he may have married 2ndly, at Pleasant Valley, 22 Jun 1897, Catherine MUNRO, 2nd surviving daughter of Alex MUNRO [Otago Witness, 1 Jul].

     b. Mary Ann PHAIR, born at Drumliff, 8 Aug 1842; emigrated to Otago, N.Z; witnessed her sister Jane's marriage in Dunedin, Nov 1866.; went to America; died on 19 Nov 1921, & was buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery, Tomales, Marin County, California, aged 79, "...survived by four sisters, Mrs Henry GOUDY of Tomales, Mrs PHAIR of Petaluma, and two others in new Zealand" [Obit, Marin Journal, Thur 24 Nov]; she married in N.Z., 20 Oct 1870 #3812, John CARTER; he died in Tomales, California, in 1904, aged 64; no issue.
     c. Elizabeth PHAIR, born at Drumliff, 10 Aug 1844; also went to Otago; died at Inch Clutha, 15 Jul 1931 #8756, aged 86; she married in 1871 #3785, John HASTINGS (born Scotland, 1842); he died at Inch Clutha, 29 Feb 1892; with issue:
          i. John Robert HASTINGS, born N.Z., 18 Oct 1872.
          ii. George HASTINGS, born N.Z., 21 Apr 1874; died Gore, 1938; married with issue.
          iii. William HASTINGS, born N.Z., 13 Jan 1878; died 1905.

          iv. Robert HASTINGS, born N.Z., 15 Dec 1880; died 1948.
          v. Alfred HASTINGS, born N.Z., 3 Sep 1883; died Balclutha, 1954.

     d. Frances PHAIR, born ca 1845; arrived at Port Chalmers, N.Z., ca 1867; said to have married John ROSS, but a Fanny PHAIR married in N.Z., 12 Feb 1875 #509, David ROSS (some ancestry trees refer to his wife as Fanny ANDERSON); if so, she died at Terrace Farm, Palmerston, 29 Nov 1916, aged 69; he died at Dunedin, 1 Dec 1920, aged 79, late of Terrace Farm; issue
          i. Helen Rolina ROSS, born Central Otago, 21 Jun 1876; died Palmerston, 2 Mar 1939; married at Palmerston, 8 Sep 1897, Edward Henry CLARK.
          ii. George ROSS, born Central Otago, 17 Sep 1877; died 1951.

          iii. David ROSS, born N.Z., 15 Sep 1881 #10361.
          iv. David ROSS, born Balclutha, 3 Sep 1882 #12790.
          v. Mary Ann ROSS, born N.Z., 4 Aug 1883 #12806.
          vi. Alexander ROSS, born 1885 #15026.
          vii. Charles ROSS, born N.Z., 30 May 1890 #8211.
          viii. Cecilena ROSS, born N.Z., 19 Dec 1891, & Reg'd 1892 #4111.

          ix. Fanny ROSS, born N.Z., 9 Dec 1893, & Reg'd 1894.
     f. Susan PHAIR, born at Drumliff, 4 Sep 1855 [Hassebrock Tree,], or 12 Mar 1861 [California Death Index]; at Tomales, Marin County, California, 1920 Census, aged 58, with husband; ditto, 1930 Census, aged 69, with husband; she died at Marin County, California, 14 Jan 1940 (father named PHAIR, mother named SCARLET - California Death Index, 1940-1997); she married ca 1885, as his 2nd wife, Henry W. GOUDY (born Belfast, 1846), a Farmer.
      g. Robert William PHAIR, born Drumliff, 13 Oct 1857; emigrated to the U.S., ca 1880; at Seymour, Connecticut, 1903; went to California; died at Sonoma County, California, 23 Jan 1922; married at Eureka, Humboldt County, 28 Aug 1894, Sara NILES (born Loleta, Humboldt County, 26 Apr 1870, daughter of Ebenezer C. NILES, M.D., by his 2nd wife Sarah F. OSBORNE); she died Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, 22 Aug 1956; issue:
          i. Curtis Niles CARTER, born California, 18 Apr 1895; died Bakersfield, Kern County, 8 Jul 1977; married Ruth Edna CHURCHMAN (born California, 17 Feb 1900); she died 2 Nov 1978.
          ii. Lucinda CARTER, born California, 29 Aug 1896; died at Sonoma, California, 19 Jun 1978; married Harry Marshall JACOBSEN.
     h. Lucinda PHAIR, born 1859; married in County Cavan, Dec 1880, William WILSON; they emigrated to Otago in 1885; she died at Stirling, Otago, 21 Sep 1938 #25004, aged 79; he died at Stirling, Otago, 1 Apr 1925; issue:
          i. William WILSON, born Balclutha, 1885; died Stirling, 16 May 1938.
          ii. George WILSON, born Stirling, ca 1886; died Dunedin, 15 Sep 1952.
          iii. Elizabeth Jane WILSON, born ca 1887; died Dunedin, 9 Sep 1964.
          vi. Robert WILSON, born Clutha, 1894; died Dunedin, 31 Jan 1966.

3. William PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1825; at House (No 5) Drumliff, 1901 Census, aged 75, Farmer, with wife & 5 children; he probably died at County Cavan, Dec 1902, aged 75 [Vol.3, p.45]; married County Cavan, 1875, Jane ELLIOTT (born County Cavan, ca 1849); she was at Drumliff in 1911, with 3 children; they had issue:
     a. Elizabeth PHAIR, born Drumliff, 29 Mar 1878.
     b. William PHAIR, born Drumliff, 12 Apr 1880.
     c. John Robert PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1882; aged 18, with parents, 1901; with mother, 1911.
     d. Fanny PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1884; aged 16, with parents, 1901.
     e. Maria PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1888; aged 12, with parents, 1901.
     f. Sarah Louise PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1891; aged 10, with parents, 1901; aged 19, with mother, 1911.
    g. Letitia PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1893; aged 7, with parents, 1901; aged 17, with mother, 1911.

Bessie PHAIR, aged 82, born County Cavan, was with this family group in 1901, recorded as a relative; probably Eliza PHAIR, aged 2, with parents William & Margaret, at Drumliff (No 6), 1821 Census; as Elizabeth PHAIR, she probably died in County Cavan, Jun qtr 1902, aged 83 [Vol.3, p.55].

Jane PHAIR; probably aged 20, with parents George & Jane, at Drumliff (No 16) in 1821 Census; died at Deggan, County Cavan, 12 May 1869, a spinster; probate was granted at Cavan to John PHAIR of Drumliff, Farmer, the brother, effects under ₤100. I have been unable to locate a death registration for her in Ireland under the PHAIR surname, or any of the usual variants.

John PHAIR, probably born in or before 1811; of Drumliff, when married at the C. of I. Parish Church of Castleterra, County Cavan, 23 Jan 1832, Elizabeth MARTIN (or MARTON) of Drumliff [].


William PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1819; at House (No 2) Drumcartagh, 1901 Census, aged 91, Farmer, Widower, with widowed daughter-in-law & 2 PHAIR grandsons; married with issue:
     a. (a son - possibly John Thomas PHAIR who died in County Cavan, Mar qtr 1898, aged 27); married Catherine (-?-); she was born County Cavan, ca 1870; as Kate PHAIRE, aged 38, Widow, with her father-in-law & her 2 children, 1901; at Cullyteenan, County Cavan, 1911 Census, aged 52, a Widow, with her 3 sons; issue:
          i. William PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1883; aged 27, Coach Builder, with mother, 1911.
          ii. George PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1884; aged 16, with mother & PHAIR grandfather, 1901;  aged 25 and a half, Coach Builder, with mother, 1911.
          iii. Samuel PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1886; aged 15, Apprentice, residing with possible relations William WOOD, a Coachbuilder, & May Ann WOOD, at Drumliff (No 18), 1901 Census; aged 24, Coach Builder, with mother, 1911.
          vi. Violet PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1887; aged 12, with mother & grandfather, 1901.


George PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1836 or later; at House (No 9) Drumullan, 1901 Census, aged 50 (+?), Agricultural Labourer, a Widower, with married daughter Lizzie & her 2 daughters; he was at Drumullen (No 9), 1911 Census, aged 74, with son-in-law, daughter & their 6 children (surviving from 7 born); he probably died County Cavan, Sep qtr 1918 [Vol.3, p.49], aged 75; he married, probably at Castleterra, 15 Aug 1861, Mary Jane HETHERINGTON (daughter of James), & if so, his father was James PHAIR; she possibly died County Cavan, Dec qtr 1881 [Vol.3, p.62], aged 44; with probable issue:
     a. (?) Thomas PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1870; at Drumullan (No 12), 1901 Census, aged 40 (sic), Agr Lab'r, with wife & 2 daughters; married Minnie (-?-); at ..., 1911, aged 40, Agr Lab'r, with wife (married for 18 years, with 4 surviving of 7 children born); she was born County Cavan, ca 1875; issue:
          i. Mary Jane PHAIR, born County Cavan, Dec qtr 1894 [Vol.3, p.67]; aged 6, with parents, 1901; aged 16, with parents, 1911.
          ii. Matilda PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1895; aged 5, with parents, 1901; aged 19, Scholar, with parents, 1911.
          iii. Thomas PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1904; aged 6, with parents, 1911.
          iv. William Alex PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1908; aged 2, with parents, 1911.
     b. Elizabeth PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1874; aged 25, with 2 daughters & widowered father; aged 36, with husband, 6 children & widowered father; married William LEINSTER (born County Cavan), Garden Labourer; issue:
          i. William LEINSTER, born County Cavan, ca 1883; aged 17, Agr Labr, with parents, 1911.
          ii. Lizzie LEINSTER, born County Cavan, ca 1895; aged 5, with mother, 1901; 
          iii. Mary Jane LEINSTER, born County Cavan, ca 1897; aged 3, with mother, 1901.
          iv. Harriett LEINSTER, born County Cavan, ca 1901; aged 10, with parents, 1911.
          v. John James LEINSTER, born County Cavan, ca 1905; aged 5, with parents, 1911.
          vi. George LEINSTER, born County Cavan, ca 1908; aged 2, with parents, 1911.
     c. (?) George PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1884 (but not if Mary Jane died in 1881); at Drumullen (No 6), 1901 Census, aged 27, Woodman, with wife & 3 sons; at Derredis (No 1), Upper Cavan Rural, 1911 Census, aged 36, Agr Lab'r, with wife Susan (married for 18 years, 3 children all surviving), and their 3 sons; married ca 1882,  Susan (-?-); she was born County Cavan ca 1870; issue:
          i. Thomas PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1893; aged 7, Scholar, with parents, 1901; aged 17, Agr Lab'r, with parents, 1911.
          ii. George PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1896; aged 4, Scholar, with parents, 1901; aged 15, Agr Lab'r, with parents, 1911.
          iii. John James PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1898; aged 3, with parents, 1901l; aged 11, Domestic sevrant, with parents, 1911.

There is a second set of inscriptions on a PHAIR grave in Ballyhaise Cemetery:
a.  Elizabeth Jane PHAIR; died 15 Apr 1956 & wife of George MANNING.
She was born in county Cavan, ca 1872, the daughter of Robert HUMPHRYS (late of Antrim) & Maria HETHERINGTON (of County Cavan); Eliza was at Kilduff (No 2), Redhills, County Cavan, 1901 Census, as Eliza Jane PHAIR, aged 28, a widow, with her son John Robert PHAIR, aged 2, born County Cavan, both residing with her widower father & her younger 4 siblings. She married 2ndly, George Samuel MANNING, and was with him at Ardamagh, Drumcarn, County Cavan, 1911 Census, with their 5 children.
b.  John Robert PHAIR; died 18 Dec 1958.
     Probably the 2 year-old at Kilduff, Redhills, in the 1901 Census, son of Elizabeth Jane.


Another fragment of the 1821 Census has survived, for the Townland of Drummach - the following has been abstracted:
1. Robert PHAIR, aged 72, residing with his nephew of John PHAIR, the next:
2. John PHAIR, aged 40, Farmer; with wife Ann PHAIR (45), Flax Spinner; and their children William PHAIR (22), Weaver; Robert PHAIR (20), Ann PHAIR (18), Jane PHAIR (16), Phoebe PHAIR (14), Margaret PHAIR (10); & John PHAIR (7).
3. Robert PHAIR, aged 40, Farmer; with wife Ellen PHAIR (40), Flax Spinner; and daughter Ellen PHAIR (12).
4. ... Mary PHAIR, Wife (probably of Thomas, whose name has been added much later in a different hand, but whose details may have been on the previous page, & not abstracted in the copy I have seen), aged 25, Flax Spinner; with children James PHAIR (6), Margaret PHAIR (2), Elizabeth PHAIR (1); & William JOHNSTONE, Servant boy

I had not previously been aware that any census before 1841 had ever recorded the full details of all household members - but it appears there may have been at least jurisdiction that did, and that was Ireland.
However, the original record for this particular abstract has not yet been processed onto the National Archives of Ireland Census web-site. It may have been abstracted in Salt Lake City from images filmed by the Mormon Church. It is also possible that this Townland was instead in County Fermanagh?


John PHAIR, born ca 1757, probably in County Cavan; of Butlersbridge, County Cavan (about 5 km west of Ballyhaise, & not quite 4 km SW of Drumliff); at Butlersbridge (No 2), 1821 Census, aged 63, Farmer, with son and grand-daughter; said to have married Letitia JONES; she evidently died before 1821; they had issue:
     a. Frances PHAIR, born 25 Apr 1786; married 17 Nov 1809, John BOGUE (perhaps instead ? POGUE).
     b. Emilia PHAIR, born 16 Jan 1788; married 7 May 1813, Abraham COOKE; issue:
          i. Eliza COOKE, born ca 1814; aged 6, with PHAIR grandfather, 1821 Census.
     c. Mary PHAIR, born 2 Sep 1790; died 17 Dec 1811.
     d. Robert J. PHAIR, born Butlersbridge, County Cavan, 20 Jun 1792; See [A] next.

[A] Robert J. PHAIR, born Butlersbridge, County Cavan, 20 Jun 1792; aged 22, with father, 1821 Census; emigrated to Kingston, Ontario in the 1820s, & went to New York ca 1827-28, & died in or before 1844; married Jane WOOD (born Ireland, 17 Feb 1798); she was at Ward 17, New York City, 1850 Census, aged 50, with 2 sons & daughter; she died Brooklyn, 9 Sep 1858, aged 60; issue:
     a. Henry Wood PHAIR, born Butlersbridge, County Cavan, 30 Jul 1822; aged 27, Printer, with mother, 1850; died Brooklyn, 17 Apr 1863, & buried at Green Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn [Section 3, Lot 12838]; married Ann Louisa BALL; she was at Brooklyn, King's County, 1880 Census, aged 49, with 2 sons, daughter & brother-in-law; she died at Brooklyn, 4 Mar 1908, "...wife of the late Henry W. PHAIR and daughter of the late William C. BALL" [Brooklyn Daily Eagle], & was buried with her husband; issue:
          i.  Mary PHAIR, born New York, 22 Jun 1851; died Mountain lakes, Norris County, New Jersey, 21 Feb 1932;  married in the Brooklyn Tabernacle, 2 Jun 1871, Edwin A.  ELLIS.
          ii. James PHAIR, born New York, 29 Nov 1853; died in a hotel in Elizabeth, New Jersey, 30 Nov 1876, aged 23, late of 330 Dean Street, Brooklyn, a nephew of Mr James PHAIR, job printer of 22 Beekman Street, New York.
          iii. Henry G. PHAIR, born 26 Mar 1856; aged 24, Printer, with mother, 1880; died 30 Oct 1909, & buried in the family plot at Green Wood Cemetery.
          iv.  William Wood PHAIR, born New York, 24 Jun 1859; aged 21, Printer, with mother, 1880; died at Tallman, Rockland County, New York, 19 Oct 1942, & buried Green Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn.
          v. Louisa Ball PHAIR, born Brooklyn, 13 Sep 1861; died at Brooklyn, 5 Apr 1913, & buried at green Wood Cemetery; married at Brooklyn, 4 Jun 1884, John Joseph BARNICLE; issue.
     b. James PHAIR, born Butlersbridge, County Cavan, ca 1825; in 1849, he was "...compositor on the first paper published in San Francisco" [Obit, San Francisco Call, 23 Aug 1890]; aged 24, Printer, with mother, 1850; job printer of 22 Beekman Street, New York, 1853; aged 56, Printer, with sister-in-law, 2 nephews & niece, 1880 Census; died at Bishops Mills, Canada, 22 Aug 1890, of consumption, "...for many years a resident of Brooklyn" [San Francisco Call, 23 Aug]; married Mary Louisa STEWART; she died in New York, 17 Mar 1853, aged 20, & was re-interred at Green Wood Cemetery
     c. Louisa PHAIR, born New York, ca 1829; aged 20, with mother, 1850.

See below, under "Two Irish PHAIR Families in Brooklyn" at the end of this

William & Margaret PHAYRE had issue:
     a. John PHAYRE, born Butlersbridge, 6 Feb 1816 [ web-site].

It is not yet clear whether the above marriage of Robert PHAIR and Jane WOOD is connected to the names for lives for term of the Drumliff leaseholds (see above) - but the possibility exists - and information in the Dublin Registry of Deeds may well provide confirmation.


Another group of PHAIR families in County CAVAN was associated with the Town of Killashandra (Killeshandra or Killyshandra), Parish of the same name, in the Barony of Tullyhunco; the town lies to the west of the lakes district that is the upper end of the complex of lakes known as Lower Lough Erne in southern County Fermanagh.

It appears that PRONI may hold records of the Killashandra Church of Ireland Parish Registers dating from 1735; these are the subject of a current enquiry, and any PHAIR results, if forthcoming, will be posted when available - however, abstracts can be purchased from the web-site, but their indexes do not have any County Cavan information prior to 1778, and very little looking like Killeshandra data until the 1830s (although it is hard to say, as their search functions do not permit individual Parishes to be searched before making payment - a rather glaring deficiency for the budget conscious researcher, especially those abroad, since the records can be accessed in Ireland without charge).

The returns for Killashandra in the 1821 Census did not survive; but "fragments" of the 1841 Census did, as follows:

1. James PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1790; at House (No 169), Killashandra, 1841 Census, aged 50, Shopkeeper, Married (in 1826), with wife & 3 children; his wife Jane was aged 45 in 1841, also born County Cavan; he emigrated to America; arrived in New York, 6 Nov 1848, on the ship "Columbus" from Liverpool, aged 56, with wife Jane, son John & daughter Maria; settled in Brooklyn; at Ward 12, New York City, 1850 Census, aged 56, Merchant, with wife & daughter, residing in the household of Timothy & Isabella KELLY (aged 30 & 21); he died in New York, 14 Sep 1859, aged 70, "...formerly of Killyshandra in County Cavan, Ireland" and father of John and William [Death Notice, New York Times, 15 Sep 1859], the funeral to proceed from his late residence, 3 Madison Street, to Green Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn [Section 102, Plot 11395]; James married in Ireland, Jane (-?-); she was aged 50 on arrival in America, Nov 1848; aged 54, with husband, 1850 Census; she died 9 Sep 1858, aged 60 [Brooklyn Times], & was buried in the family plot at Green Wood Cemetery; they had issue:
     a. William PHAIR, born County Cavan, 29 Apr 1829; aged 12, at school, with his parents, 1841; emigrated to America; at District 4, Ward 5, New York City, 1870 U.S. Federal Census, aged 40, Real Estate Agent, with wife & 4 children; at Third Ave, New York, 1880 Census, aged 51, Book Keeper, with wife & 4 children; he died at 158 Fitton Street, Brooklyn, 3 Jun 1885, & was buried at Green Wood Cemetery [Plot 11395, Section 102]; William married Amelia BLAKE (born Ireland, 26 May 1835, daughter of William & Lucinda BLAKE); she was aged 35, Keeping House, 1870 Census; aged 44, House Duties, 1880; she died 1 Mar 1910, & was buried with her husband; they had issue:
          i. William B. PHAIR, born New York, 1859; aged 11, with parents, 1870; died New York City, 10 Mar 1910; married Kathy Elizabeth (-?-), with issue.
          ii. James Henry PHAIR, born New York, 1860; aged 10, with parents, 1870; aged 19, "W. Printing," with parents, 1880; died 10 Mar 1891, & buried in the family plot.
          iii. Lucinda J. PHAIR, born New York, 15 Apr 1862; died 7 Jul 1862, & buried in the family plot.
          iii. John Wesley PHAIR, born New York, ca 1866; aged 3, with parents, 1870; aged 13, At school, with parents, 1880; died 2 Mar 1943, & buried in his parents plot; married at Manhattan, 14 Jun 1899, Victoria May AIKEN (daughter of John AIKEN & Emma STARK), with issue.
          iv. George Whitfield PHAIR, born New York, ca 1868; aged 1, with parents, 1870; died 7 May 1876, & buried in his parents plot.
          v. Alice M. PHAIR, born New York, ca 1870; aged 9, At school, with parents, 1880.
          vi. Thomas Edward PHAIR, born New York, ca 1873; aged 6, At school, with parents, 1880.
          vii. (male), born 1876; died 20 Sep 1876, & buried in the family plot.
     b. John PHAIR, born County Cavan, 29 Apr 1829; aged 12, at school, with his parents, 1841; aged 19 on arrival in America with his parents, Nov 1848; at District 1, Ward 9, New York City, 1860 Census, aged 31, Book Keeper, with wife & 3 children; at District 14, Ward 19, New York City, 1870 Census, aged 41, Salesman, with wife (but she was named Alice), and 5 children; John died at 1060 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan (Home for Old Men and Aged Couples), 22 Jun 1902, aged 73, "...twin brother of the late William PHAIR" [New York Times, 29 Jun]; buried in the family plot at Green Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn; he married Eliza BOLTON; she was aged 33, Variety Store, born Ireland, with her husband & family, 1861; she probably died in New York, 26 Jun 1896, & was buried with her husband; issue:
          i. Sarah J. PHAIR, born New York, ca 1852; aged 7, with parents, 1860; aged 17, with parents, 1870; married John CROSBY.
          ii. William Bolton PHAIR, born 1855; died New York, 1858, & buried in the family plot at Green Wood Cemetery. 
          iii. John Charles PHAIR, born New York, ca 1857; died 30 Dec 1865, & buried in the family plot.
          iv. James H. PHAIR, born New York, ca 1858; aged 2, with parents, 1860; aged 13, with parents, 1870.
          v. Maria Louisa PHAIR, born New York, ca 1860; aged 4 months, with parents, 1860; aged 10, with parents, 1870.
          vi. John PHAIR, born New York, ca 1861; aged 9, with parents, 1870.
          vii. Robert Arthur PHAIR, born New York, 1864; aged 6, with parents, 1870; died Brooklyn, 7 Aug 1952, & was buried in the family plot in Green Wood Cemetery; married Mary BYRNE.
     c. James PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1829; died in 1832, aged 2, of water on the brain.
     d. Maria PHAIR, born County Cavan,  ca 1832; aged 8, with parents, 1841; aged 13 on arrival in America with her parents, Nov 1848; aged 17, with parents, 1850 Census; a Maria PHAIR died on 2 Apr 1907, & was buried in the family plot at Green Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn (perhaps instead the niece).

[The PHAIR family plot, Green Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, N.Y. Image courtesy of]

There were members of another family buried in the PHAIR plot (Section 102, Lot 11395) at Green-Wood Cemetery, named JOHNSON (see gravestone on the left in the photo above); my first instinct suggests that they were probably related, and if these JOHNSONs were also Irish, then that probable relationship may have arisen back in Ireland, perhaps in County Cavan. It is also possible that they are part of the same family as Frances JOHNSTON (visiting Joseph PHAIR, the Printer, in Westminster, in 1851) - and Jane JOHNSON & her son Samuel (with his wife & children), who were living in the same house as Joseph PHAIR in New York in 1855 - the three named all being born in Ireland.
Also, there was another Irish PHAIR family with burial plots in Green Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn - but evidence has not yet surfaced of any direct connection between them. See below under title of "TWO IRISH PHAIR FAMILIES IN LONDON, THEN BROOKLYN."

2. John PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1798; at House (No 189), Killashandra, 1841 Census, aged 42, a Widower (married in 1834), as Butler in the household of John Charles MARTIN (aged 44, born Cork), a Clergyman, his wife Agatha (35, born Hampshire), their 7 children (younger 6 all born Cavan), and numerous other house servants; he had probably issue, including:
     a. Jane PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1834; aged 7, visitor in the household of Joseph SMYTH (42), his wife & several servants, on a separate page of the same enumeration record as Rev MARTIN; aged 17, when married at Killashandra, 4 May 1852, William ARMSTRONG (son of John ARMSTRONG).
     b. Isabella PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1836; aged 4, all ditto; possibly married at Killashandra, 29 Mar 1855, Charles BREWSTER (son of Charles BREWSTER).

3. William PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1802; at House (No 170), Killashandra, 1841 Census, aged 39, Inn Keeper, Married (in 1829), with wife & 2 surviving children; he died in 1865, aged 63 [Vol.8, p.81], and was buried at Killashandra on 2 May; he married on 20 Feb 1829, Isabella ARMSTRONG; she may have died in County Cavan, Dec qtr 1893, aged 84 [Vol.3, p.60]; they had issue:
     a. Elizabeth PHAIR, bapt Killashandra, 26 Aug 1835; aged 5, with parents, 1841; married at Killeshandra, 1863, John GIBSON of Kilbracken.
     b. Sarah Jane PHAIR, bapt Killashandra, 23 Sep 1838; died 1839, aged 7 months, of water on the brain.
     c. John PHAIR, bapt Killeshandra, 4 Oct 1840; aged 7 months, with parents, 1841; went to Queensland, and there married, in 1867, Elizabeth STEVENS; they returned to Killashandra; John contested his uncle Thomas's will in 1878; issue:
          i. William Robert PHAIR, born Killashandra, 20 Apr 1868; married at St Barnabas's Church of England, George Street West, Sydney, 28 Oct 1903, to Fannie SMITH, eldest daughter of John SMITH and a niece of Mrs Thomas ELLIOTT, both of County Cavan; they lived in Leichhardt, & had issue.
          ii. Margaret Jane PHAIR, born Killashandra, 7 May 1870.
          iii. Anne Elizabeth PHAIR, born Killashandra, 20 Aug 1872.
     d. Isabella PHAIR; married in 1865, John J. MEE, a shopkeeper in Killashandra; she was the beneficiary of her uncle Thomas's will, 1878, contested by her brother John; they had issue:
          i. William MEE, born Killashandra, 17 DEc 1867.
          ii. William Henry MEE, born Killashandra, 11 Sep 1869.
          iii. Olivia Jane MEE, born Killashandra, 5 Apr 1871.
          iv. John Edward MEE, born Killashandra, 5 Jan 1874.
          v. Samuel Thomas MEE, born Killashandra, 3 Apr 1876.
          vi. Isabella MEE, born Killashandra, 4 Feb 1878.
     e. Annie Jane PHAIR; married 1875, Henry MORTON.
     f. Sarah PHAIR, born 8 Oct 1846.

Thomas PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1807, brother of William (see above); enlisted in the Royal Irish Constabulary, 1834, aged 26; Head Constable, Royal Irish Constabulary; died at Killashandra, 16 Feb 1878, aged 72 [Cavan Weekly News, 22 Feb], a "...consistent member of the Methodist Church for many years"; brother of William PHAIR of Killashandra, Publican, and uncle of Mrs Isabella MEE, of Mrs BREWSTER, and of John PHAIR; unmarried.

Jane PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1811, daughter of William PHAIR, Farmer; she married 1stly, SMITH; he died in before 1844; at age 32, a widow, she married 2ndly, at the Parish Church, Killashandra, 27 Jun 1845, William SMOTHERGILL; with issue; they emigrated to America.

Thomas PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1828; aged 12, House Servant in the household of William WHITE, 28, Shopkeeper, unmarried, together with 2 shop boys and a 50 year old widow house servant.

James PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1829; aged 11, an orphan, residing in the household of John & Rose ROSMAN (aged 61 & 60, both born County Cavan), at House (No 12), Portlongfield,  Killashandra Parish, 1841 Census.


Elizabeth PHAIR; married at Drumlane, 24 Sep 1846, Joseph BOWES; probably emigrated to Louisiana (see below, towards the end of this

Sarah PHAIR died at Drummany Glebe, 18 Aug 1877, aged 99 or 100, & buried at Drumlane C.of I. Parish.

James PHAIR; married, with probable issue (who, when married, named James as their father):
     a. James PHAIR; married at Drumlane, 8 Aug 1859, Mary WOOD (daughter of Arthur WOODS).
     b. Maria PHAIR; married at Drumlane, 5 Dec 1859, Richard (or David) HUMPHRIES (son of Parker HUMPHRIES).
     c. Sarah PHAIR; married at Drumlane, 14 Nov 1861, Robert BEATTY (son of Alexander BEATTY).

Andrew PHAIR; married with issue:
     a. Catherine PHAIR; married at Drumlane, 4 Nov 1861, Samuel GLASS (son of Samuel GLASS).

[Part of the Ordinance Survey of  Northern Ireland "Discoverer Series" - Sheet 27, Upper Lough Erne.] 


William PHAIR & Ann JOHNSTON were married at the Castleterra Parish Church, 25 Dec 1792 [ web-site].

James PHAIR, born ca 1800, son of John PHAIR, Farmer, & Margaret ELLIOTT; Iron Works Labourer; died at 13 Bedgood Street, Glasgow, 13 Apr 1884, aged 83; married Magdalene ARMSTRONG, who died before him; his death was informed by his married daughter Margaret McLEAN.
The spouse surnames suggest a connection with County Cavan is possible, if not likely.
See further below.

John PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1811; emigrated to America; naturalized in New England, 1860; probably at Bristol, Rhode Island, 1870 Census, aged 61, Gardener, with wife Ellen, aged 56, Keeps House, & son William, aged 28, Works in Cotton Mill, all born in Ireland.

Robert PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1812, son of William & Jane; aged 38, Farm Labour, emigrated to N.S.W. on the ship Lloyds, arriving Sydney in Jun 1850, with wife Eliza MONTGOMERY (aged 37) & their 4 children (aged 14 to 6, born in Ballyconnell & Machan, County Cavan).
See further under "Some PHAIR Families in N.S.W." below.

Robert PHAIR, born in County Fermanagh, ca 1804, son of George PHAIR (family lore suggests Robert was named after an earlier ancestor whom had connection with Amcham, Holland, perhaps named VRIES); there is a possibility that he may have been the 18 year old at House 16, Drumliff, in the 1821 Census (see above - that Robert named his eldest daughter Jane and his only known surviving son Robert does support this notion); he was a Schoolteacher; arrived in Dunedin, 1867, on the ship Silistria from Glasgow; his credentials and his Irish accent mitigated against his becoming a teacher in N.Z., so he settled for the position of Janitor in a Dunedin High school; at William Street, Dunedin, 1880-81 (left hand side, from Stafford Street), adjacent to William Street School, Janitor; ; he died at Dunedin, 24 Feb 1882 #211, aged 77, & buried South Cemetery, Block 9 (Anglican), Plots 53-54 [M.I.]; married at Cavan (C.of I.) Parish Church, County Cavan, 28 Oct 1834, Dorothea (Dora) McDOWALE (or McDOWALL) [], born 7 Jul 1811, daughter of John & Mary Ann McDOWALL; as Nora PHAIR, she died at Dunedin, 3 Oct 1892 #5944, aged 72; issue:
1. Jane PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1840; died Dunedin, 1922 #2214, aged 82; married in N.Z., 21 Feb 1868, John KNOX (son of John & Fanny KNOX, who were cousins from Belturbet, Co Cavan), with issue 7 children born at Green Island, near Dunedin:
     a. James KNOX, born N.Z., 29 Jan 1869 #32194.
     b. Fanny KNOX, born N.Z., 14 Aug 1871 #36219.
     c. Dora Jane KNOX, born N.Z., 27 Aug 1873 #35199.
     d. William KNOX, born N.Z., 17 Oct 1875 #8583.
     e. John KNOX, born N.Z., 19 Sep 1877 #8894.
     f. George KNOX, born N.Z., 3 Mar 1882 #4850.
2. Mary Ann PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1842; married in N.Z., 19 Mar 1875 #146, Simon LEWIS; he was from Denmark &had travelled the world, working as a ship's carpenter, before living in Dunedin; he probably died in 1931, aged 81; they had issue 2 daughters, including:
     a. Dora Maggy LEWIS, born N.Z., 13 Oct 1876 #13922.
3. Emma PHAIR, born Killinkere, County Cavan, 4 Apr 1844 (her birth certificate, with family in N.Z.); she died at Oamaru, 20 Jun 1921, aged 77; she married in N.Z., 4 May 1874, David FARIS; they lived at Oamaru; he died at his residence, Reed Street, Oamaru, 1 Mar 1902, aged 65; with issue 7 children, 4 of whom died young; issue:
     a. Thomas FARIS, born N.Z., 1 Sep 1875 #12580; died 6 Sep 1875, aged 5 days.
     b. N.R., born N.Z., 21 Oct 1876 #13836.
     c.Thomas Samuel FARIS, born N.Z., 15 Sep 1877 #8724; died 1955, aged 77; married in N.Z., 25 Feb 1914 #795, Jane BELL; she was buried with him at Oamaru Old Cemetery, 9 Jun 1962, aged 76, Block 214, Plot 17.
     d. Robert Francis Carter FARIS, born N.Z., 1 Apr 1880 #692; died 24 Jun 1880, aged 12 weeks.
     e. Dora Frances FARIS, born N.Z., 24 May 1881 #4981.
     f. Robert FARIS, born N.Z., 10 Nov 1883 #13884; died N.Z., 13 Nov 1945, aged 62; probably married N.Z., 16 May 1907 #3379, Mary McClymont MARTIN, with issue:
          i. Robert FARIS, born N.Z., 1908 #23903.
          ii. Mary Gertrude FARIS, born N.Z., 1910 #18363.
          iii. Emma Dorothea FARIS, born N.Z., 1911 #20827.
          iv. Norman FARIS, born N.Z., 1913 #18826.
          v. (?) Margaret Phair FARIS, born 10 Oct 1918; died 2008 #17517, aged 89; married, between 1946 & 1949, Mr BROWN.
     g. David FARIS, born N.Z., 1 Jun 1886 #18691; died 1 Jun , aged 10 hours.
4. Frances PHAIR, born County Cavan, 1847-48; died Dunedin, 13 Oct 1922, aged 76, & buried in the family plot; unmarried. 
5. Margaret PHAIR, born County Cavan, 1849; died Waimate, 12 Apr 1936, aged 87; married in N.Z., 9 Mar 1868 #8891, Robert McCRACKEN (born County Monaghan, ca 1833, son of George McCracken & Jane MADILL); lived in the Dunedin district; probably died in 1905, aged 72; with issue 9 children:
     a. Jane McCRACKEN, born N.Z., 17 May 1869 #33265.
     b. George Robert McCRACKEN, born N.Z., 28 Dec 1870, & Reg'd 1871 #34915; died 15 Jan 1946 #19539, aged 75; married St Andrew's, Dunedin, 7 Sep 1898, Christina Oliver MATTHEWSON.
     c. Robert Phair McCRACKEN, born N.Z., 11 Dec 1872 #37556; employed by the Railways Department; died in Wellington, N.Z., 1 Apr 1955; married 1899, Mary Roberta McLaren (daughter of James McLAREN & Mary BOYD); she died in Wellington, 3 Apr 1955 #23124; with issue:

          i. Ronald James McCRACKEN, born N.Z., 29 Dec 1900, & Reg'd 1901 #5809; died 1982; married N.Z., 30 Sep 1930 #7743, Gladys Muriel JOHNS; she died in 1996; issue.
          ii. Moira Roberta McCracken, born N.Z., 17 Nov 1906, & Reg'd 1907 #5483; married N.Z., 24 Dec 1932, Raymond Horace ROBERTS.
     d. James McCRACKEN, born N.Z., 9 Jan 1875 #2091.
     e. Dora McDowell McCRACKEN, born N.Z., 18 Oct 1878 #10557.
     g. Joseph McCRACKEN, born N.Z., 12 Apr 1884 #13853; probably died N.Z., 3 Aug 1937 #29247, aged 53.
     f. Marion McCRACKEN, born N.Z., 12 Jun 1886 #13205.
     g. John Lewis McCRACKEN, born N.Z., 28 Jan 1890 #218; died N.Z., 5 Feb 1925 #941, aged 35.

A descendant of this McCracken branch of the family is Isobel MICHELLE, of Waihola, Otago, who has generously provided many of the details of this family group.
6. Robert PHAIR, born Killinkere, County Cavan, 1853-54; Carter & Grocer in Dunedin, 1890; next to the Government School in High Street, Dunedin, 1891-1899, (right hand side) between Alva Street & the Town Belt, Janitor; at 135 Stafford Street, Dunedin, 1900-1903, (left hand side) on the Maitland Street corner towards Town Belt; at that address, 1905, 1911, 1914 electoral Rolls, Dunedin Central, by right of freehold, Section 49, Block 27, and Section 30, Block 1, express proprietor; of 135 Stafford Street, Dunedin, 1917; died Dunedin, 10 Apr 1927, aged 74 [M.I.]; married N.Z., 24 Mar 1884, Elizabeth Bannerman McKAY; she died 9 Apr 1927, aged 72, of Scotland [M.I.]; with issue 4 daurs & 1 son, including:
     a. Jane PHAIR, born N.Z., 2 Feb 1885 #3934; died 6 Jul 1970, ashes buried Aramoho Cemetery, Wanganui .
     b. Dora PHAIR, born N.Z., 17 May 1887 #3154; died 16 Jul 1970, & ashes buried Aramoho Cemetery, Wanganui.
     c. Robert PHAIR, born N.Z., 28 Apr 1889 #5760; S.N. 34194, D Coy, Otago Infantry Battalion, N.Z.E.F. (20th Reinforcements); embarked at Wellington, 30 Dec 1916, on HMNZT 72 (Athenic), bound for Plymouth; wounded at Passchendale, Oct 1917, died 19 Oct 1917, & was buried at Nine Elms British Cemetery, Poperinge, W. Vlaanderen, Belgium, Grave IV-E-1.
     d. Martha PHAIR, born N.Z., 8 Jan 1893 #4736.
     e. David PHAIR, born N.Z., 28 Aug 1895 #2040.
     f. Catherine PHAIR, born N.Z., 5 Mar 1898 #3456; died 6 Oct 1986, ashes buried Aramoho Cemetery, Wanganui.
7. Martha PHAIR, born County Cavan, 1857; went to N.Z.; died at Dunedin, 30 Dec 1943; married 1stly, at Dunedin, 11 Apr 1879, Peter CARTER (he died in 1879 #3160, aged 26, a native of Salterton, Devonshire); she married 2ndly, also at Dunedin, 14 Apr 1881, Samuel Henry CARTER (he probably died in N.Z., 1895 #5826, aged 40); with issue by 2nd marriage:
      a. Anne Mary CARTER, born N.Z., 14 Jan 1882 #4712.
      b. Samuel Henry CARTER, born N.Z., 22 Nov 1882; died N.Z., 23 Feb 1951 #20183, aged 68.

      c. Robert Francis CARTER, born N.Z., 25 Jul 1884 #15968; died N.Z., 19 Feb 1885 #1753, aged 7 mos.
      d. Robert Phaer CARTER, born N.Z., 25 Jun 1885 #7942; married at St Andrew's, Dunedin, 2 Jan 1911, Margaret Johnstone PRENTICE.
      e. Dora Phair CARTER, born N.Z., 8 Aug 1887 #6268.

George PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1830s; died in Glasgow, 30 Dec 1896, aged 59, parents recorded as Robert PHAIR, Farmer, and Ann WOODS (both deceased); various ages in Scottish Census returns suggest he was born between 1826 & 1832. See further below for issue by his wife Jane McCREADIE.

Jane PHAIR, born ca 1841, eldest daughter of John PHAIR of County Cavan, Ireland (he died before 1896); died at Pleasant Valley, Palmerston, N.Z., 31 May 1896, aged 54, beloved wife of John COUTTS; she married 1stly, N.Z., 9 Nov 1866 #1724, William MITCHELL, of Pleasant Valley, Palmerston, Otago; he died 1 May 1873 #4388, & was buried 3 Oct, " of the old residents... a man very highly respected" [Otago Witness, 10 May 1873]; issue:
1. Jane MITCHELL, born 1867 #9957; died at Pleasant Valley, Palmerston, 17 Mar 1884, aged 16, "..only daughter of the late Mr William MITCHELL" [Otago Witness, 22 Mar].
2. Susan MITCHELL, born 1870 #39862; died 1871 #7635, aged 13 mos.
3. Susan MITCHELL, born 1872 #663; died 1872 #12529, aged 5 mos.
4. John MITCHELL, born 1869 #156; died at Pleasant Valley, "...the residence of his stepfather John & Jane COUTTS," on 14 Jul 1894, aged 25, "...late of the Stock Department, Oamaru, only son of the late William MITCHELL" [Otago witness, 19 Jul].
Jane married 2ndly, 1875 #1865, John COUTTS; he may have married 2ndly, at Pleasant Valley, 22 Jun 1897, Catherine MUNRO, 2nd surviving daughter of Alex MUNRO [Otago Witness, 1 Jul].

John REILLY, of County Cavan; Farmer, of Drumd... (indec) when he made his will, dated 1 Apr 1832, naming his sons James, William, Dennis & Thomas REILLY, and mentioning "...five pounds a year from the time James PHAIR's rent charge will terminate, which will be in 3 and a half years from may next, to be paid..."; and also mentioned daughters Margaret, Eliza, Catherine & Jane.

William James PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1829, son of William PHAIR, Farmer; aged 28 when he enlisted in the Royal Irish Constabulary, 1857, formerly a Labourer, with a (future) wife born in County Fermanagh; at a House (No 1) in Grove, Dingle, County Kerry, 1901 Census, aged 70, Retired He...on, R.I. Constabulary, born County Cavan, with wife Ellen; he died before 1911, & probably at Dingle, Dec qtr 1902, aged 72 [Vol.5, p.147]; he married at Pettigo C.of I. Church, County Donegal, 2 May 1867 [Vol.7, p.29], Ellen CATHCART of Aughnablaney (daughter of John CATHCART Esq, of Orange Hall, Middlebrook); she was aged 59, with husband, 1901, born County Fermanagh; she was at Perry Street Terrace, Limerick Urban, 1911 Census, aged 66, Widow, residing with her son Robert; she probably died at Limerick, Mar qtr 1925, aged 82 [Vol.5, p.233]; issue:
     a. William John PHAIR, born Ballintra, Donegal, 31 Jan 1868; at Princes Quay, Tralee, County Kerry, 1901 Census, aged 30, Commercial Accountant, born County Donegal, & boarding in the household of Jane JESS (aged 60); still boarding with her, 1911 Census, aged 36, unmarried; he possibly died at Tralee, Mar qtr 1935, aged 65 [Vol.5, p.352].
     b. Robert Henry PHAIR, born Ballintra, Donegal, 11 Oct 1869; at 27 North Strand, Limerick Urban No 2, County Limerick, 1901 Census, aged 31, clerk, born Ballishan (?), County Donegal, as a visitor to the household of Elizabeth FERGUSON; at Perry Street Terrace, Limerick Urban No 5, County Limerick, 191 Census, aged 41, Commercial Clerk in Wholesale Grocery House, born County Donegal, unmarried, with his widowed mother; he probably died at Limerick, Jun qtr 1951, aged 81 [Vol.5, p.220].
     c. George Cathcart PHAIR, born Ballina, County Mayo, 15 Feb 1874; Canon of the Church of Ireland; he died on 30 Jun 1944, Reg'd Clones Sep qtr [Vol.3, p.63], aged 70, & buried at Rockcorry Churchyard, County Monaghan [M.I.]; he married at Tralee, County Kerry, Mar qtr 1914 [Vol.5, p.499], Dorothy Ethel Agnes EVE; she died 21 Dec 1966, & was buried with her husband [M.I.].
     d. Joseph PHAIR, born Ballina, County Mayo, 11 Oct 1875; he possibly died at Mountmellick, Jun qtr 1898, aged 23 [Vol.3, p.370].


The following is a chronological list of other events recorded in surviving church registers for County Cavan, as compiled from abstracted information in free page searches on the web-site (prior to 1900 for marriages & baptisms):

1780 - Jane FAIR married Ralph CLEMINGER.
1786 - Frances PHAIR buried.
1795 - Mary FAIR buried.
1801 - Anne PHAIR married John EBBITT (probably transcribed in error for ELLIOTT).
1804 - John FAIR baptised, son of John & Sarah.
1814 - Richard PHAIR married Jane PATTISON.
1816 - John PHAYRE baptised, son of William & Margaret.
1835 - Elizabeth PHAIR baptised, daughter of William & Isabella.
1835 - Mary PHAIR baptised, daughter of Robert & Mary.
1836 - Isabella PHAIR baptised, daughter of John & Mary.
1836 - Mary Ann PHAIR baptised, daughter of Robert.
1838 - James PHAIR
baptised, son of Robert & Mary.
1838 - Sarah Jane PHAIR baptised, daughter of William & Isabella.
1840 - John PHAIR baptised, son of William & Isabella.
1842 - Isabella PHAIR baptised, daughter of William & Isabella.
1842 - Jane PHAIR
baptised, dau
ghter of Robert & Mary.
1842 - Mary PHAIR baptised, daughter of Thomas & Ann.
1845 - Edward PHAIR married Ann KIERNAN.
1853 - Jane FAIR (daughter of William), married Nial HUGHES.
1859 - Margaret PHAIR (daughter of William), married John MOORE.
1861 - George PHAIR married Mary Jane HETHERINGTON.
1863 - Mary Jane PHAIR baptised, daughter of George & Elizabeth.
1865 - Matilda FAIR baptised, daughter of George & Elizabeth.
1866 - Robert PHAIR (son of William), married Ann ELLIOTT.
1868 - John PHAIR married Isabella BROWNLEE.
1869 - George PHAIR baptised, son of George & Elizabeth.
1869 - George Robert PHAIR baptised, son of George & Elizabeth.
1870 - Letitia PHAIR buried, aged 41.
1871 - Anne PHAIR baptised, daughter of John & Mary.
1871 - Eliza PHAIR baptised, daughter of James & Mary.
1871 - Joseph PHAIR baptised, son of John & Mary.
1871 - Robert PHAIR baptised, son of James & Mary.
1872 - Charles FAIR (son of Robert), married Eliza ARMSTRONG.
1872 - Elizabeth PHAIR baptised, daughter of George & Elizabeth.
1874 - George PHAIR baptised, son of Charles & Esther.
1874 - Robert PHAIR baptised, son of John & Isabella.
1875 - William PHAIR married Jane ELLIOTT.
1876 - James PHAIR baptised, son of James & Esther.
1876 - Joseph Francis PHAIR baptised, son of John & Elizabeth.
1877 - James William PHAIR baptised, son of Larry & Esther.
1877 - Samuel PHAIR baptised, son of John & Jane.
1877 - Samuel PHAIR baptised, son of George & Isabella.
1877 - Andrew PHAIR buried, aged 96.
1877 - Sarah PHAIR buried, aged 89.
1878 - Mathew FAIR married Catherine COYLE.
1879 - Emily Jane PHAIR baptised, daughter of John & Isabella.
1880 - Lucinda PHAIR married William WILSON.
1880 - William PHAYRE buried, aged 14.
1882 - James PHAIR buried, aged 22.
1886 - Fanny PHAIR (daughter of Robert), married James HENDERSON.
1887 - Alfred PHAIR baptised, son of John & Isabella.
1888 - Annie PHAIR (daughter of James), married William BEANNETT.
1890 - William PHAIR (son of George), married Mary Jane HETHERINGTON.
1891 - Elizabeth FAIR buried, aged 65.
1892 - Ellen PHAIR married John McGINN.
1893 - George Robert PHAIR (son of George), married Susan BROWN.
1893 - George PHAIR (son of George), married Lizzie FEGAN.
1893 - Elizabeth PHAIR (daughter of George), married George LEINSTER.
1893 - Mary Ann PHAIR (daughter of George), married Thomas LEINSTER.
1894 - Mary Jane PHAIR baptised, daughter of Thomas & Mary.
1894 - Eliza Jane PHAIR (daughter of Robert), married William WOOD.
1894 - Thomas William PHAIR baptised, son of George & Susan.
1896 - George PHAIR baptised, son of George & Susan.
1897 - Mary Jane PHAIR (daughter of George), married Johnston HEWITT.
1897 - Annie E. PHAIR married John C. MANNIX.
1897 - Annie Elizabeth PHAIRE baptised, daughter of John.
1897 - Eliza PHAIR buried, aged 68.
1898 - Sarah PHAIR buried, aged 77.
1899 - James PHAIR married Sarah ROBINSON.
1899 - John James PHAIR baptised, son of George & Susan.
1899 - Robert PHAIR buried, aged 92.
1899 - William PHAIR buried, aged 80.
1901 - Thomas PHAIR buried, aged 88.
1918 - George PHAIR buried, aged 85.
NOTE - Apparent gaps in baptismal records between 1817 & 1834, and between 1843 & 1862, suggest some possible loss of register pages or volumes.
NOTE - PRONI indexes to Cavan Church records indicate that several parishes have surviving records going back to ca 1735 (Killashandra - PRONI Ref MIC 1/220) & 1702 (Kilmore - PRONI Ref MIC 1/255) - the lack of FAIR-PHAIR entries before 1780 suggests that the families lived in other parishes - unless those records are intermittent, or have not yet been indexed onto the web-site.


Three brothers, apparently from Eniskeen, County Cavan, emigrated to Charleston, South Carolina, ca 1790s; they were:

1. Robert FAIR; petitioned for Naturalisation, 15 Oct 1802 (presumably of age, & if so, born in or before 1781); Shoemaker, Julian Street, Savannah, Georgia, 1814; married Catherine BRUDELL; with issue:
     a. Richard FAIR, born Savannah, Georgia, Feb 1814; died there, 19 Mar 1814, aged one month.
A Robert FAIR died in Savannah, Georgia, 18 Dec 1820, aged 52, & was buried in the Colonial Park Cemetery, Savannah.

2. Richard FAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1782; a Boot & Shoemaker, of 170 King Street, Charleston; died 17 Oct 1817; he married in Charleston, 24 Nov 1804, Elizabeth HARRISON (born County Cavan, 1789, daughter of John & Ann HARRISON); she married 2ndly, in Dec 1818, Joseph DeWitt NICKS; she moved to Thomasville, Georgia, ca 1830, & then to Leon County, Florida, ca 1834; she died at Girard, Alabama, in 1845; issue:
     a. Mary Jane FAIR, born 1805.
     b. Robert Hanson FAIR.
     c. Elizabeth Jane FAIR.
     d. Sophia FAIR.
     e. Richard FAIR.
     f. Joseph Hanson FAIR, born 1814.
     g. Frances PHAIR, born Charleston, ca 1817; died 1864; married James R. NICKS.

3. John FAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1788; Shoemaker, King Street, Charleston, 1806-22; petitioned for Naturalisation, 21 Sep 1807; he died at Charleston, ca 1822-26, perhaps as late as 1840, by drowning in Charleston Bay; married Kenshaw County, South Carolina, 15 or 18 Nov 1806, Catherine MILLER (born County Cavan, 1 Aug 1791); she died at her son Richard's residence, French Camp, Mississippi, 20 Sep 1874; issue:
     a. Mary Ann FAIR, born 1815; died 1826.
     b. William FAIR; married Edith BOWER.
     c. Richard FAIR, born Charleston, 6 Jun 1821; died 1906; married Margaret Selina BOYD; issue.
     d. Thomas Adolphus FAIR, born South Carolina, 15 Apr 1820; died at Hutchinson, Kansas, 17 Jun 1897; married Julia Ann MINTER; she died 21 Mar 1901, aged 72; they had issue.


John PHAIR; House Painter, 9 Golden Grove, Dublin, 1785-96 [Directory listings]; Painter, 12 Wood Street, Dublin, 1801-14.
(Unknown) FARE, buried St Nicholas Without (C. of I.), Dublin, 8 Oct 1785, late of Golden Lane [the parish "church" for this body was the north transept of St Patrick's Cathedral, and so the burial may have taken place in the Cathedral churchyard].
John PHAIR, of 9 Golden Lane, was a Member of the Methodist Society in 1788 (John PATERSON's 2nd Class); Margaret PHAIR, of the same address, was also a Member (Thomas BIBLE's 1st Class), and was undoubtedly related, probably as his wife, or perhaps his mother or sister.
(Unknown) PHAIR, buried St Nicholas Without (C. of I.), Dublin, 20 Oct 1796.

The Methodist & St Patrick's Cathedral connections suggest a distinctly possible link to my Letitia (above); there is also a possibility of a connection to the next.


There is a Manuscript Pedigree in the holdings of the Genealogical Office, Dublin [G.O. MS 171, p.529], for a PHAYRE family, with additional details inserted, as follows:

Herbert PHAYRE; of the City of Dublin; admitted Freeman, 1733, Cooks & Vintners Guild; his wife Mary was buried at St Andrew's (C.of I.), Dublin, 1745; issue:

George PHAYRE, ? perhaps born about 1730. Curiously, the above Herbert PHAYRE looks very like a member of the Cork family of Col Robert PHAIRE, the Regicide.
And this George may have been the next, but was perhaps instead the father of the next:

George PHAYRE, ? perhaps born ca 1760; married Jane or Jean DEMPSEY (born ca 1760), daughter of James & Dorothy DEMPSEY of St Kevin's Parish, Dublin; Jane PHAIR, late of Clarendon Street, died at her son's house in William Street, Dublin, and was buried St Nicholas Without, 26 May 1838, aged 77; issue:

John PHAYRE, born Dublin, 1792; Carpenter & Builder; was paid for carpentry work at Trinity College, 1839 & 1844; of Clarendon Street, Dublin, 1823, 1827; of 62 William Street, Dublin, 1829-1844; of 63 William Street, 1847, 1855; died 28 Oct 1855, & bur Mount Jerome Cemetery, Grave C65, 963P, late of 63 William Street, aged 63; married 1stly, St Peter's (C.of I.), Dublin, 21 Aug 1814, Catherine FERGUSON (daughter of David FERGUSON of Cork by Eleanor MURRAY); she died 26 Oct 1827, aetatis 36; issue:
1. George PHAYRE, born Dublin, 27 Sep 1817, & baptised St Peter's (C.of I.), Dublin, 26 Oct; admitted 4 Nov 1830 to the Royal Dublin Society's School of Drawing in Architecture; exhibited four designs in the Royal Hibernian Academy, 1839; variously recorded in Dublin at 62 William Street (1837-44), 63 William St (1845), 37 Frederick St South (1847), Webster Place, Haddington St (1851), 2 Blakeney Terrace, Sandymount Strand (1852-55), 7 Brunswick St (1856), 47 Fleet St (1858), 61 Great Brunswick St (1859), 60 Upper Dominick St (1861-62); he died in Dublin, 30 Dec 1861; he married in Dublin, 25 Dec 1846, Harriett Henrietta HALL of Dublin; with issue:
    a. John William PHAYRE, born Queen's County, 11 Dec 1847; at 34 Lower Rutland Street, 1901 Census, a Carrier's Clerk, with wife Sarah, 3 children, & mother-in-law Jane HENDERSON.
    b. George Atkins PHAYRE, born Flower Terrace, Haddington Road, 18 Mar 1850, & baptised St Stephen's (C.of I.), 26 May; died 16 Jan 1851, an infant.
    c. Katherine Eleanor PHAYRE, born 29 Sep 1851.
    d. Charles George PHAYRE, born 2 May 1852; died 13 Dec 1852, an infant.
    e. George PHAYRE, born 28 Apr 185; died 5 Mar 1894; married on 29 Nov 1893, Margaret GERNON.
2. Eleanor PHAYRE, born 12 Jun 1819; later of Limerick; aged 91, Unmarried, 1911 Census, with her brother-in-law Henry ASHE.
3. Theodosia PHAYRE, born 23 May 1821; died 2 Jan 1885, unmarried.
John, now an Architect, married 2ndly, at Mullabrack Parish Church, on 29 Apr 1828, Barbara WANN (eldest daughter of John WANN of Gosford Castel, Markethill); she died 21 Oct 1845, & was buried with her husband; further issue:
4. Sarah PHAYRE, born 10 Nov 1830; died at William Street, 19 Jul 1849, & buried in her father's plot.
5. Margaret PHAYRE, born 17 Jan 1832; died 31 Jan 1910.
6. Rosanna PHAYRE, born 2 Mar 1833 or 1834; died 20 May 1833 or 1834, an infant.
7. Mary Jane PHAYRE, born 31 Jul 1837; died 4 Mar 1889.
8. Barbara PHAYRE, born 21 Jul 1839; aged 72, Unmarried, living with her brother-in-law Henry ASHE, 1911 Census; died at 2 Vernon Villas, Military Road, Limerick, 3 Jan 1912; her will proved by her niece Eleanor ASHE.
9. John PHAYRE, born Dublin, 4 Jul 1841; emigrated to America, ca 1869, via Montreal; at Middletown, Richmond, Staten Island, N.Y., 1880 Census, aged 38, Clerk in Store, with wife & daughter; died in New York, 1904; married on 12 Aug 1868, Margaret FERRERS, with issue:
     a. Charlotte Letitia PHAYRE, born Hoboken, New Jersey, 22 Dec 1870.
     b. Franklin Winfield PHAYRE, born Tompkinsville, Staten Island, N.Y., 9 Feb 1881; residing at Flagles Place, Whitestone, Queen's County, New York, 1920 Census, aged 38, Unmarried, Sales, with unmarred sister Charlotte L., aged 48, Teacher, and cousin Alice Wann BOYD, aged 48.
10. William PHAYRE, born 8 Jul 1843; died 26 Feb 1862.
11. Catherine Frances PHAYRE, born 2 Oct 1844; died 24 Dec 1908; married at St Anne's (C.of I.), Dublin, 29 Jan 1867, Henry Wellesley ASHE, of Heytesbury Street, Dublin; he was 18 Ballincurra (Hart), South Limerick, 1901 Census, aged 60, Printer & Stationer, born County Kerry, with wife (aged 55, born Dublin), 3 children & 1 Domestic Servant; at 22 Military Road, Limerick, 1911 Census, aged 72, Widower, Proprietary Printer, born Dublin, with son & daughter, and two unmarried PHAYRE sisters-in-law; he died at Rathdown, County Dublin, 1921; issue:
     a. (son), born Rathmines, 11 Dec 1867.
     b. Eleanor Rose ASHE, born Rathmines, 20 Oct 1869; aged 28, Unmarried, with parents, 1901 Census.
     c. Catherine Sarah ASHE, born Leeson Park, 3 Jun 1871; aged 26, Unmarried, with parents, 1901 Census; aged 38, unmarried, with father, 1911 Census.
     d. Theodosia Charlotte ASHE, born Waterloo Road, County Dublin, 14 Sep 1881.
     e. Henry ASHE, born Dublin City, ca 1885; aged 14, with parents, 1901 Census; aged 25, Accountant at Printing, Unmarried, with father, 1911 Census.

I had early wondered if my Letitia MAGUIRE (born 1739) could have been a sister of this George PHAYRE of Dublin - but this cannot be so, as his mother Mary died in 1745, and hers was still living at Mullalougher in County Cavan in 1766, when, old and blind, she joined the Methodist Society there.


John PHAIRE, born ca 1768; Tailor, 22 George's Quay, Dublin, 1832 [Treble Almanac]; of 23 George's Quay, Dublin; died on 9 Dec 1846, aged 78, & buried at Mount Jerome Cemetery [M.I. #3807], in the same grave as the next, & so probably related; possibly the John PHAIR who married at the German Lutheran Church, Dublin, 21 Apr 1822, Anne PEELE (as abstracted on the web-site), unless instead the younger John born in ca 1794?
Mrs Jane PHAIR, relict of the late William PHAIR, died 28 Mar 1848, aged 86.
Also buried in the grave was Catherine PEEL, died 22 Apr 1849, aged 86 - probably related to Anne PHAIR alias PEELE.

John PHAIR, born ca 1794, perhaps a son of the above John or William; Pawnbroker, Port Road; residing at 48 Fleet Street, Dublin, 1851; died on 3 Jul 1857, aged 62, & buried at Mount Jerome Cemetery [Grave C62, Plot 969P- Perpetuity]; he probably married in the German Lutheran Church, Dublin, 21 Apr 1822, Anne PEELE; she died on 31 Jul 1851, & was buried with her husband, aged 52; they had issue:
1. Anne PHAIR, born ca 1822; died at 48 Fleet Street, Dublin, 7 Aug 1875, aged 53, & buried in her father's plot, evidently unmarried.
2. Letitia PHAIR, born ca 1825; she died " her residence, Rehobeth House, South Circular Road" in Apr 1865 [Freeman's Dublin Journal, 25 Apr]; she married at St Andrew's (C.of I.), Dublin, 24 Feb 1846, Nathaniel COLGAN, of 205 Great Britain Street, Pawnbroker, witnessed by John PHAIR & John COLGAN; he died before her; they had issue 3 sons & 2 daughters.
3. Elizabeth PHAIR, born ca 1830 or ? earlier; married at St Andrew's (C.of I.), Dublin, 12 Sep 1849, Joseph MARTIN, Gent, witnessed by John PHAIR & Robert SCANLAN.
4. John PHAIR, born ca 1831; died at Fleet Street, Dublin, 2 Nov 1850, aged 28, & buried in his father's plot.
5. Angelica PHAIR, the 4th daughter; married at St Andrew's (C.of I.), Dublin, 24 Feb 1857, Thomas HUNTER (eldest son of the late James HUNTER of County Wicklow); notice of this marriage was published in the Irish-American newspaper, New York, 4 Apr 1857.
6. Margaret Catherine PHAIR, youngest daughter; married at St Anne's, Edghill, Liverpool, Nov 1858, Michael B. MORAN, Architect of Dublin [Freeman's Dublin Journal, Thur 4 Nov].
7. William Henry PHAIR, born ca Dec 1838; died at 48 Fleet Street, Dublin, 8 Mar 1852, aged 22 years & 3 months, & buried in his father's plot.
8. Charles PHAIR, youngest son, born ca 1839; died at 48 Fleet Street, Dublin, 23 Jun 1868, aged 29, & buried in his father's plot.

Robert PHAIR; Robert PHAIR & Company, 13 Upper Abbey Street, Bristol Crown & street window glass, oil & colour Warehouse, 1849 [Dublin Directory]; Glass Merchant, 13 Upper Abbey Street, Dublin, 1849; Glass, Oil & Coke Warehouse, 13 Abbey Street Upper, 1851; of Upper Abbey Street, 1857; subject of proceedings in the Insolvents Court, Dublin, Feb 1859, & to "surrender on Tue 6th Feb & Fri 25th Feb" [Cork Examiner, 7 Feb 1859]; married Sarah (Jane) EVANS; she died at 13 Abbey Street, 12 Oct 1857, aged 57, & buried at Mount Jerome Cemetery [Grave C108, Plot 743P]; probable issue
1. Jane Caroline PHAIR; born Dublin, ca 1838; emigrated to Victoria; died at Brunswick, Melbourne, 29 Sep 1896, aged 57; married at Fitzroy, Melbourne, 16 Nov 1865, William Henry Brand MOORE (her mother named as Jane EVANS); he died at Port Welshpool, 29 Jul 1929; with issue:
     a. James Robert MOORE, born Queenscliff, 18 Mar 1866; died Vic, 6 Sep 1928.
     b. Ellen Jane MOORE, born Queenscliff, 16 Jan 1868; died Vic 1954.
     c. William Henry Brand MOORE, born Dromana, 1870; died Port Welshpool, 15 Feb 1927.
     d. Benjamin Robinson MOORE, born Kang., 1872; died Vic, 13 Feb 1943.
     e. Adelaide Sarah MOORE, born & died Dromana, 1874; inf.
     f. Jane Phair MOORE, born Rosebud, 1876; died Vic, 20 Feb 1950.
     g. Mary Elizabeth MOORE, born Rosebud, 8 Jan 1879; died Vic, 1971.
2. Maria Alice PHAIR; of 20 George's Place & 13 Up Abbey Street, Dublin, when she married, at St George's C.of I., Dublin, 29 Jan 1859, Benjamin Brand ROBINSON of 9 Talbot Street.
3. Elizabeth PHAIRE, born 8 Oct 1843; buried Mt Jerome in her mother's plot, 13 Oct 1844, aged 12 months & 5 days.
4. Sarah Emily PHAIR, born 13 Up Abbey Street, Dublin, 7 Oct 1845, & bapt St Mary's C.of I., 4 Jan 1846; married 1stly, BARBER; married 2ndly, at St John's, Liverpool, Lancs, on 3 Sep 1885, Isaac OAKES, a Widower, of 78 Crown Street, Liverpool, Watchmaker (son of Isaac OAKES, Warehouseman).
5. John Pounds PHAIRE, born Feb 1847; died at Phibsborough, 22 Apr 1847, aged 2 months, & buried in his mother's plot.
6. Adelaide Louise PHAIR, born 13 Abbey Street, Dublin, 5 Oct 1848, & bapt St Mary's C.of I., 11 Nov 1849; emigrated to Australia; married in 1876, William JAMIESON; with issue.

An Agnes PHAIR, of Melbourne, daughter of the late Robert PHAIR, married on 8 Dec 1887, Robert RAMSAY Junior, of Foochow, China [Melbourne Argus, 24 Dec 1887] - perhaps instead related to the Robert PHAIR of Lauriston, Vic (1867, a Bush Carpenter, Insolvency Proceedings), late of Glanmire, County Cork (see section on the Paper Manufacturers of Cork & Waterford).


There appear to have been PHAIR families with connections in County Roscommon - in the Province of Connaught, and bounded by the Counties of Sligo (to the north), Mayo (west), Galway (south west), Offaly (south), Westmeath (south east) Longford (east) & Leitrim (north-east).
One of these families had strong connections with the Barony of Castlerea (or Castlereagh), in the western part of the county, bounded by the Baronies of Ballymore (south east), Roscommon (east) & Frenchpark (north), and the Counties of Mayo (west) and Galway (south).
This family appears to have been centred in or around the Church of Ireland Parish of Kilkeevin (Diocese of Elphin), in the south-western corner of the Barony of Castlerea, bounded by County Mayo (west), Parish of Kiltullagh (south-west), County Galway (south), & the Parishes of (?) (south south west), Ballintober (south east), Baslick (east) & Tiboline (north).
In the eastern part of the Parish of Kilkeevin were the three contiguous Townlands of Castlerea, Longford (east of Castlerea) and Rampark (north of Longford), 
So, it need not surprise, therefore, that any family in this location is likely to have had relations living nearby in the Counties of Galway & Sligo, or in the neighbouring parishes & Baronies, Ballintober being one of both.

Curiously, the only mention of the surname in the (1832) Tithe Aplotment Books (Parish assessments for rural holdings of 1 acre or more) for County Roscommon was for Casper PHAYRE, in Longford Township, Parish of Kilkeevin, where was tithed for 3 acres 3 roods at 2s. 7d., and another 13 acres at 9s.1d., suggesting that he may have been the progenitor of them all, unless joined there later by others from elsewhere.

But first, we deal with a family with origins in County Roscommon, but who moved across the County boundary, near Termonbarry, into County Longford. 
John PHAYRE was from one such family which settled in Corry Townland, in Clonguish Parish, near Newtownforbes; and he was undoubtedly himself getting on in years when wrote a letter to his grand-nephew William Holmes COULTER, in Launceston, Tasmania, informing him of some aspects of his family history. Not all of the statements John made in the letter are able to be corroborated, and at least one looks very much like a fabrication.
The letter was undated, and the envelope in which it arrived damaged and unreadable. Will COULTER, the recipient, died in Sep 1892 aged 20, so it is presumed that the letter was written around 1890. A transcription of the letter was made in Tasmania in 1970 by Mrs Sheila NEVIN, who gave a copy to her cousin Margaret McCARTHY, whose daughter contacted me recently from Melbourne.
The letter reads as follows, with my speculative identifications inserted in [parentheses]:
"My Dear Will,
"I am glad to hear you wish to know something of the pedigree of the family you belong to, for it gives me the idea that you mean to look up and act respectfully through life.
"Your father [James COULTER] I am sure does not know anything about his antecedents beyond his father [Robert COULTER] and mother [Eliza PHAYRE]. I am nearly quite as bad, except a little I learned from my sister who is a great genealogist and historian. I was a mere boy when your grandfather [Robert COULTER] was married to my sister [Eliza PHAYRE]. He was a handsome, well-educated young man, and she a pretty young woman.
"He was a great friend of my eldest brother, and thereby came the acquaintance. I recollect to hear that my father [John PHAYRE] was not pleased at the time, though the COULTERs were a respectable family in the North of Ireland. Your grandfather had neither uncles or aunts, his father being an only child.
"As to the PHAYREs, some of us are a proud set being of ancient lineage and of English descent. The first of them who came to Ireland were two officers in the army of William the Conqueror [see note *]. One settled down in the County Mayo, and the other in County Roscommon. They were possessors of great property in both counties, and educated their families in the best of style.
"My father [John PHAYRE] belonged to the Roscommon branch; he had two brothers and one sister, the latter married a cousin; one brother died young. The property descended to my father and uncle [probably Thomas PHAYRE]. After my father's death, my mother and eldest brother sold it to my uncle at a very great sacrifice, for a stranger would have given many hundreds of pounds more for it. My brother and self had to work our way in the world by our learning.
"I have lost 2 brothers, 2 sisters; one of those, your grandmother, a good woman whom I was very fond of. The other still alive, in her 87th year, so intelligent and now alive to everything passing in the world. A good woman.
"My youngest brother went abroad many years ago, and after receiving a friend's letter heard of his death. My eldest brother, who was highly educated before my father's death, went into the army, and in a little time attained great honours, was in India and many places abroad, and retired as General Sir A.P. PHAYRE. I can't tell you all the additions to his name, except I had the army records; my memory is not good lately. The General, I am sorry to say, did not take the trouble of looking after his brother and sister. He married an elderly lady, had no family, and died several years ago. My sister has a picture of him in uniform. If I could find it, I would send it to you, as you seem to like such things.
"It is pleasant, however, to have nothing to be ashamed of in a long line of ancestors.
"I should also tell you of the HOLMES name you bear. My dear sainted mother [Ann HOLMES], who was, too, fond of your father; they were a very well connected family in Longford, and intermarried with a great family named ROSS. My mother's mother was ROSS, and claimed relationship to this good and great Lady ROSS, who in her lifetime built us 7 Protestant Churches in Ireland, and endowed many, many schools.
"Major Ruttledge PHAYRE, a great man in the government, is now head of the Mayo PHAYREs; and I believe my sister & myself the last of the Roscommon branch.
"(signed) J. PHAYRE."
[Note *] - This statement is clearly in error, and the most likely explanation is that John PHAYRE was instead referring to the Army of the Protestant Prince William of Orange (subsequently King William of England), which defeated the Catholic Army of his wife's relation (King James II & VII) at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.
Further, it is evident from research into the family of Richard PHAYRE of Daphne & Killoughram Forest, Wexford, Hon E.I.C. Service, & later of Shrewsbury, that his 2nd son, General Sir Arthur Purves PHAYRE, could not have been a brother of the letter writer John PHAYRE of the Roscommon branch (see Cork PHAIRE section below).
However, it is rather a brave call to suggest that a man did not know who his own brother was!

The web-site records a baptism that is undeniably that of the letter writer:
John PHAIR, baptised Church of Ireland, at the Parish of Clonguish, County Longford, 20 Feb 1820, son of John PHAIR, Farmer, of Corry, and his wife Ann HOLMES.
Corry Townland lies immediately south-west of the village of Newton Forbes, County Longford; this juxta-position suggests that Thomas PHAYRE, father of Ellen (born there in 1799 - see below), and John PHAIR of Corry (1820) may well have been closely related.

Further, the web-site records several church burials in County Longford, as follows:
1. John PHAIR, of Newtownforbes, Parish of Clonguish, died 7 Aug 1832, aged 56, & was buried Church of Ireland, by Rev H. VERSCHOYLE.
2. Anne PHAYRE, of Parish of Maine, died 27 Nov 1855, aged 74, & was buried at Clonguish Church of Ireland, by Rev MURPHY of County Westmeath.
These have the hall-marks of the two named parents of the above 1820 baptism at Clonguish.

One might speculate the following pedigree:

John PHAYRE, born ca 1776, perhaps in County Roscommon, & later a Farmer in Corry (or Curry) Townland, Clonguish Parish, County Longford; he probably died at Newtownforbes, 7 Aug 1832, & was buried at St Paul's C.of I. Churchyard (Parish of Clonguish), Newtownforbes, aged 56; he married, probably in 1803 (Index to Marriage License Bonds, Diocese of Kilmore & Ardagh), Anne HOLMES; she was possibly a daughter of William HOLMES, and her mother was either a ROSS or a KING); Ann probably died in the Parish of Mayne, County Westmeath, on 27 Nov 1855, aged 74 (there were several HOLMES residents in Mayne Parish, County Westmeath, in the Griffith's Valuation - Richard HOLMES was at Carne, with his wife Mary GRIFFITH & family; & Charles HOLMES was at Coole, with his wife Margaret GEE - ? perhaps Ann PHAYRE had gone to live with relations there after her husband John died & she had sold the farm to her brother-in-law).
John & Anne had issue:
1. An eldest son; possibly named Arthur PHAYRE; perhaps went into the army.
2. A daughter, perhaps born ca 1804; living ca 1890, aged 86; described by her brother John as a historian and genealogist.
3. Elizabeth PHAYRE, perhaps born ca 1807; married 1stly, at Ballintober, County Roscommon, in 1828, Robert COULTER; he died before 1849; issue:
        a. James COULTER, born County Mayo, 1832; enlisted in the Royal Irish Constabulary, 1852, aged 20; at Cork City, 1857; emigrated to Tasmania; appointed Sub-Inspector of Police, Launceston, Mar 1858; Police Superintendent in Launceston; married Christiana Susan DEAN; with issue:
                i. John Phayre COULTER, born Tasmania, 1868; died 1893; married in Launceston, 7 Dec 1889, Isabella Julia Madre THOMPSON, the widow of William HURST, with issue two children who died in infancy, and a son William James COULTER (born 1892). Possibly pictured below, unless instead his brother James, although both perhaps too old:

 [Photo of a J. (or perhaps S.) COULTER, 1894, as attending an International Exhibition in Hobart. Image courtesy of the State Library of Tasmania.]
                ii. James Dean COULTER, born 1869.
                iii. William Holmes COULTER, born 1871; the addressee of the letter; died of Consumption, 1892.
                iv. Ada Blanche COULTER, born 1874; died 1949; married Alfred BUNGEY.
                v. Alexander Gordon COULTER, born 1876; died 1912; married Ida Minnie Mary VINEY.
                vi. Ellen Elizabeth COULTER , born 1880.
                vii. Charles Mervyn COULTER, b 1882; died 1950; married Myrtle Irene RENDELL.
Eliza COULTER, a widowed House Keeper of 94 Church Street, Dublin, & recorded as a daughter of John PHAYRE, Farmer, married 2ndly at St Michan's C.of I., Dublin, 29 Jan 1849, Christopher KELLY, of full age, bachelor, Coal Merchant of 75 Church Street, Dublin, son of James KELLY, Clerk [see an image of the original registration entry in the Church Records section of  the web-site]. Christopher KELLY, Coal Merchant, was directory listed at 14 Clanbrassil Street, Dublin, in 1842; and at 127 Church Street in 1862.
4. A youngest brother; went abroad; died "...a few years" before 1890.
5. John PHAYRE, born in Corry (or Curry) Townland, Parish of Clonguish, County Longford, 1820; a "...mere boy" aged 8  when his sister Eliza married in 1828. The only John PHAYRE of this age with a death recorded in Ireland, died " his residence, Althea" in County Limerick, on 2 Jan 1891, aged 70 [Limerick Chronicle]; this death was Registered at Newcastle, Mar qtr [Vol.5, p.395] - curiously, the web-site offers this Registration index as a result for a search defining only the last name PHAYRE and the location of Longford.

In 1901, Ellen PHAYRE died in Liverpool, aged 102; the Nottingham Evening Post published the following obituary notice:
"Yesterday, the funeral took place, Liverpool, of Miss Ellen PHAYRE, who died a few days ago at the age of 102 years. Deceased, who was the daughter of the late Thomas PHAYRE, was born at Newton Forbes, in County Longford, where she resided until about 25 years ago, when she went to live with her brother at Dublin. She had a great aversion to travelling, but when her only brother died, her nephew invited her to Liverpool, and in her 99th year she consented to make the journey."
There are certain marked similarities here to the story John PHAYRE told of his sister, then aged 86; except for the difference in father's names - John's sister Eliza COULTER was evidently a daughter of John PHAYRE, Farmer; but Ellen PHAYRE was recorded as a daughter of Thomas PHAYRE.

Ellen's family connections are as follows:

Thomas PHAYRE; of County Longford; quite possibly a brother of John PHAIRE of Corry, Congluish, County Longford (above); he may have been the brother who purchased John PHAIRE's "estate" in Corry Townland, after 1832, from his sister-in-law (Anne) & nephew; he was married, with issue:
 1. Ellen PHAYRE, born Newton Forbes, County Longford, ca 1799; lived in Newton Forbes until ca 1876; went to Dublin to reside with her brother; went to Liverpool, Lancashire, ca 1899, to reside with her nephew; at 28 Nile Street, Liverpool, 1901 Census, aged 101, Living on own means, born Dublin, residing with her nephew John William PHAYRE & his family; she died at Nile Street, 28 Nov 1901; admin at Liverpool, 23 Dec 1901, to John William PHAYRE, Compositor, Effects £6:10:0; unmarried.
2. Thomas PHAYRE; died before Jul 1879, as indicated in his son's marriage registration; he was evidently married, with issue:
     a. John William PHAYRE, born Castletown, County Meath, ca 1851; at 30 Nile Street, Liverpool, 1891 Census, aged 40, Compositor Print, with wife & 2 sons; at 28 Nile Street, Liverpool, 1901 Census, aged 48, Printer Compositor, with wife, 2 sons & maiden aunt; at 30 Nile Street, 1911 Census, aged 59, Compositor (Lino Operator), with wife & visitor; he died at Liverpool in 1916; he was married at Liverpool St Mark, 16 Jul 1879[Vol.8b, p.81], to Charlotte GILDEA (born at Drumragh, Omagh, County Tyrone, 1850, daughter of Charles GILDEA & Ann ROGERS); she died at 31 Bank Road, Bootle, Lancs, 26 Sep 1935; probate granted to Alexander Gildea PHAYRE, Marine Chief Engineer, Effects £43:3:0; John & Charlotte had issue:
          i. Alexander Gildea PHAYRE, born Liverpool, 16 Feb 1882; aged 10, with parents, 1891; aged 20, with parents, 1901; in Dublin, 1911 Census, on a "House Ship" at Sir John ROGERSON's Quay, aged 30, Marine Engineer, C.of E., born England (married 4 years, 1 child surviving of 1 born); died at sea, 5 Jun 1940, Chief Engineer Officer, S.S> City of Worcester [Tower Hill Memorial, Panel 30, S.S. City of Worcester," Liverpool], aged 59:

 [Image courtesy of the web-site.]

Alexander married at Liverpool, Jun quarter 1907 [Vol.8b, p.245], to Agnes BAXTER (1886-1971); issue - a son John Sydney PHAYRE, born 1909; died 1984; married Elsie WARRINER (1909-2003), with issue.
          ii. John Charles PHAYRE, born Liverpool, 1886; aged 4, with parents, 1891; aged 14, with parents, 1901; possibly died at Bucklow, Cheshire, Mar 1923; he married at St Peter's, Liverpool, 31 May 1910, his cousin Charlotte Gildea STANLEY (born 1886,a  daughter of William STANLEY, Commercial Traveller, by his wife Eliza Jane GILDEA, & a sister of George Ernest STANLEY, the maternal grandfather of the Beatle John LENNON), the ceremony being performed by R.H. PHAYRE, Curate; issue - a daughter Irene Elizabeth PHAYRE, born 1910; & probably a son, John Charles PHAYRE, born ca 916, and died at Smethwicke, Staffs, 28 Jul 1942, aged 26.

Richard PHAYER was born in County Roscommon, in 1823 (probably in Termonbarry, about 6 km W.S.W. of Newtownforbes, County Longford); he emigrated to America in 1858, and in 1860, was a Cartman in Stapleton, Staten Island, New York, when he had an account with the Irish Emigrants Savings Bank, New York; his entry recorded his birth in "Tammonbarry" in County Roscommon, his wife as Catherine CONNERY, with an annotation that may indicate the marriage took place in St Lawrence, County Limerick, in 1845; the entry also recorded three daughters, Jane, M..., & Margaret; Catherine was probably enumerated at Staten Island, Richmond County, New York, 1880 Census, aged 49, Keeping House, with daughter Jenni, aged 20.


Another member of the PHAIR family, associated with Castlerea (Barony), was Thomas PHAIR, evidently dead before Dec 1855 (son George's marriage registration), and a Landowner (son Thomas's 2nd marriage registration, 1859) or Shoemaker (son Thomas's 1st marriage registration, 1847), who was married in County Roscommon in 1822, probably at Ballintober (in the parish in Castlerea Barony adjoining Kilkeevin parish, sometimes spelt Ballintubber - as opposed to the village of Ballintubber in Erris Barony, County Mayo), to Margaret HIGGINS, who was living in 1855, and by her had issue, five of whom evidently emigrated to, or at some time lived in, Australia:

1. Eleanor PHAIR. No further particulars.
2. Thomas PHAIR, born Parish of Kilkeevin, Castlerea, ca 1825 [Attestation Papers]; enlisted in the 40th Regiment, at Liverpool, 30 May 1843, aged 18, born Kilkeevin Parish, Castlerea, County Roscommon, Labourer, unmarried; Sergeant, N.C.O.'s & Drummers List, 40th Regiment, joined H.Q., 14 Feb 1846 [Attestation Papers, Vol 15-20]; the Regiment did Garrison duty in England & Ireland; probably the Sergeant PHAYRE, 40th Regiment, garrisoned at Arbour Hill Barracks, Dublin, 1849, when his wife & son died; Thomas probably arrived in Melbourne with the 40th Regiment, 19 Oct 1852, on the troopship H.M.'s screw steamer Vulcan from Cork (15 Jul) via Cape of Good Hope (13 Sep), disembarking in Melbourne on 4 Nov after being quarantined for small pox (probably with brother George); severed his connection with the 40th Regiment before 1859; Office Keeper, Victorian Railways, Collingwood, 1859; Gate Keeper, Victorian Railways, 1878; died at Abbotsford Street, Melbourne, Dec 1878 #12106 (born Roscommon, but parents not named), & buried 16 Dec, at Melbourne General Cemetery [C.o.f E., Compartment V, Grave 520 - no monument]; Thomas, a Sergeant, 40th Regiment, in Barracks at Leeds, son of Thomas PHAIR, Shoemaker, married 1stly, at Leeds Parish Church, 27 Aug 1847, Caroline CRISP, aged 20, daughter of William CRISP, Shoemaker, of Kirkgate, Leeds, & Reg'd Sep qtr 1847 [Vol.23, p.367]; Caroline, the wife of Sergeant PHAYRE, 40th Regiment, died at Arbour Hill Barracks, Apr 1849, of Cholera, and was buried at the Military Cemetery there, 13 Apr, aged 21 (although the year & month do not match the next detail); aged 33, a Widower (20 Aug 1849), Office Keeper, Railways Department, Collingwood (usual residence Melbourne), when he married 2ndly, at St Mark's Church, Collingwood, 3 Dec 1859, Margaret DUNN (daughter of Andrew DUNN & Maria McPHERSON), aged 20, Spinster, of Collingwood, witnessed by Edward DUNN & John PHAIR (undoubtedly his brother); Margaret died at South Melbourne, 20 Dec 1885 #13085, aged 45, & buried with Thomas [Grave 55, Compartment V, Melbourne General Cemetery]; issue:
     a. Thomas George PHAYRE born ca Aug 1848; died Arbour Hill Barracks, Dublin, Mar 1849, of Infection of the Lungs, & buried in the Military Cemetery there, 18 Mar, aged 7 months (one dead child was indicated in his father's 2nd marriage registration, 1859).
     b. Andrew Thomas PHAIR, born 1860; died Balwyn, 28 Nov 1923 #13479, aged 63, & buried at Box Hill Cemetery [Baptist Section, Grave 210 - in his mother-in-law's NEWBOLD plot].

Andrew married in Vic, 1887, Christiana Sarah NEWBOLD; she died 22 Jan 1950, & buried with her husband, in her mother's plot; issue:
          i. Chrissie Irene PHAIR, born ca 1891; died Vic, 1962 #18999, aged 70; unmarried.
     c. Arthur Henry PHAIR, born 1862; informed his father's death, Dec 1878, of Abbottsford Street, West Melbourne; died 1937.
     d. Frederick William PHAIR, born 1863; living 1878.
     e. Christopher James PHAIR, born 1865; died 1938.
     f. Maria Julia or Juliet PHAIR, born 1869; died 1870, & buried 18 Jul, at Melbourne General Cemetery [the 2nd of 5 interments in Grave 473, Compartment FF]
     g. Alexis Margaret PHAIR, born 1873; died Vic, 1875 #4659, aged 1, & buried Melbourne General Cemetery, 29 Oct [the 3rd of 5 interments in Grave 473, Compartment FF].
     h. Camilla PHAIR, born 1875; living 1878.
     j. Hercules John PHAIR, born 1877; died St Arnaud, 1897 #3961, aged 19.
3. George PHAIR, born Roscommon, ca 1828; Sergeant, Grenadier Company, 40th Regiment; probably arrived in Melbourne, 19 Oct 1852, on H.M.'s screw steamer "Vulcan" from Cork via Cape of Good Hope, probably with his elder brother Thomas (& perhaps with his younger brother John); on Garrison duty in Melbourne, 1855, 1856, 1859; served in the N.Z. Wars, Jul 1860 (he wrote from N.Z. to his brother Mr A. PHAIR in Melbourne); in N.Z, Boxing Day, 1864, when he took part in a sports carnival with the 40th & 65th Regiments, and was announced winner of the third event, race of the "Old Duke's men"; the Regiment returned to Britain, 1865, & performed garrison duties in England & Ireland until 1872; George was enumerated at 1 Drill Hall, Carisbrooke, Newport, Hampshire, 1871 Census, aged 41, Serjeant Instructor Volunteers, with wife Lucy & 2 children; Mr George PHAIR, late 40th Regiment, died at St Stephen's Hospital, Dublin, aged 46, "...after a protracted illness" [Freemans Dublin Journal, 1 Jan 1877 - Australian papers asked to copy]; George PHAIR, Bachelor, Soldier, married at St James's Church, Melbourne, Dec 1855 (Reg'd #3139), Lucy HARRIS, a Widow (born County Tipperary, daughter of Robert SPEARMAN, Tiler, dec'd, & Lucy THOMPSON), witnessed by John PHAIR (sign) - this registration recorded George's father as deceased, mother as living; Lucy was with her husband & family in Hampshire, 1871 Census, aged 43, born Ireland; she returned to Australia on the ship. "Westmeath" from London via Hobart, arriving Sydney, 28 Jun 1884, with her 2 children; Lucy PHAIR died at King Street, Camberwell, Vic, 9 Mar 1904, aged 77 (parents named in index), & was buried 11 Mar, at Melbourne General Cemetery [C/of E., Compartment K, Grave 69]; they had issue:
     a. William George PHAIR, born Melbourne, 1856 #1134; died at Sandridge Battery, near Melbourne, Feb 1858, aged 16 mos, & was buried 17 Feb, at Melbourne General Cemetery [C.of E., Compartment K, Grave 69].
     b. George Spearman PHAIR, born Melbourne, 1859 #6280; died at Spencer Street Barracks, 2 May 1860, aged 14 mos.
     c. Lucinda Margaret PHAIR, birth Registered  New Zealand 1864 #26245, daughter of George & Lucinda; probably born at Abercrombie Street (Auckland?), 20 Dec 1863, daughter of Sergeant Gorge PHAIR, 40th Regiment [New Zealander, 31 Dec 1862]; aged 7, Scholar, with parents, 1871 Census; aged 20 when she returned to Australia, 1884; she died in South Australia, 3 Aug 1936, evidently unmarried.
     d. John Thomas PHAIR, born Newport, Hampshire, Reg'd Isle of Wight, Dec qtr 1870 [Vol.2b, p.511]; aged 6 mos, with parents, 1871 Census; aged 14 on arrival in Australia, 28 Jun 1884; Anglican Minister in Adelaide, Narracoorte, Sydney, Balmain, ,& Wentworth Falls; returned to England, 9 Apr 1952, on the S.S. Ormonde from Brisbane; died in Surrey, Dec qtr 1953, aged 83; John married at Melbourne, 2 Oct 1907, Emily Beatrice VAUGHAN; issue two daughters, one died a child.
4. William PHAIR, born ca 1827; possibly arrived in Melbourne, Dec 1858, aged 30, on the ship "Shooting Star" (with sister Margaret); appointed one of two assistants to the Superintendent of the Melbourne City Abattoirs, Dec 1860; William PHAIR was found drowned in the River Yarra, near the Australian Wharf, 27 Aug 1863, aged 36, his body being identified by his brother Mr John PHAIR; the funeral proceeded from the house of his brother, Mr John PHAIR, 15 Leveson Street, Hotham; the Index to his death registration recorded his parents as Thomas PHAIR and Margaret HIGGINGS; buried at Melbourne General Cemetery, North Carlton, 29 Aug [the first of 5 interments in Grave 473, Compartment FF].

 [The PHAIR-KINNAIRD grave in Melbourne General Cemetery. Image courtesy of Sue MAIO, of Melbourne.
 The stone marks two adjacent plots in Compartment FF, being graves 473 & 500, each with 5 burials.]
5. John PHAIR, born ca 1831, the 4th son; he emigrated to Victoria, perhaps having arrived in Sydney, 6 Sep 1852, on the ship "Architect" from San Franciso (dep 17 Jul) - or instead with his brother George & the 40th Regiment on H.M.'s Screw steamer "Vulcan", arrived in Melbourne, 19 Oct 1852, from Cork via Cape of Good Hope (this may have been instead the eldest brother Thomas); witnessed his brother George's marriage in Melbourne, Dec 1855; probably a member of the company band of the 40th Regiment, Nov 1857, when he found & destroyed some venomous reptiles near the Botanic Gardens while returning from the Industrial Exhibition; said to have been discharged from the 40th Regiment, 28 Feb 1859; Collector of Rates, Latrobe Ward, Melbourne City Council; witnessed his brother Thomas's 2nd marriage at Collingwood, Dec 1859; at 68 Stanley Street, West Melbourne, 1863; Commission Agent, 1 Queen Street, Melbourne, private residence Station Street, Carlton, 1865; Accountant, Neave's Buildings, Collins Street East, p.r. Station Street, Carlton, 1867; Accountant & City Rate Collector, p.r. Station Street, Carlton, 1868; Grand Master of the Loyal Orange Institution of Victoria; council of the Protestant Friendly Alliance Society, & committee member of the Victoria Permanent Building Society.
John died at Richmond, Tasmania, while on a visit to his wife's family in Hobart, 15 Feb 1870 #505, aged 38, as he set out on an excursion with Mr LYON, as the result of heart disease; his body was shipped back to Melbourne on the "Southern Cross" for burial; his funeral was appointed to leave his late residence, Station Street, Carlton, 26 Feb, for Melbourne General Cemetery [the third of five interments in Grave 500, Compartment FF].
John married at St James's Cathedral, Melbourne, 11 Jul 1861 #2387, Emma ALLAN, 4th daughter of Mr John ALLAN of Tasmania; she married 2ndly, at East Melbourne, 26 Sep 1871, Hugh SHORT; John & Emma had issue:
     a. Augustus John PHAIR, born 68 Stanley Street, West Melbourne, 13 Jul 1862 [Argus, Sat 19 Jul]; died Melbourne, 4 Dec 1938 #11094, aged 75 (parents named), late of 108 Churchill Avenue, Subiaco & P.W. Dept, Perth; married at the Methodist Church, Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, 23 Jan 1917, Maude WOOD, youngest daughter of the late John & Mary WOOD of High Street, St Kilda.
     b. Georgiana PHAIR, born Emerald Hill, 1864 #21642; buried Melbourne General Cemetery, 2 Sep 1952, aged 88 [the last of 5 interments in Grave 500, Compartment FF].
     c. William Nassau PHAIR, born Carlton, 1866 #98672nd son; died at his step-father Hugh SHORT's residence, cnr of Station & Key Streets, Carlton, May 1876; buried Melbourne general Cemetery [the 4th of 5 interments in Grave 500, Compartment FF].
     d. John, born Melbourne, 1868 #0571; probably posted an "In Memoriam" notice to his Aunt Margaret KINNAIRD, Feb 1920.
     e. (daughter), still-born at Nassau Cottage, Station Street, Carlton, 10 Dec 1869; buried Melbourne General Cemetery [the 2nd of 5 interments in Grave 500, Compartment FF].
6. Margaret PHAIR, born Roscommon ca 1836 (her parents identified as Thomas PHAIR & Margaret HIGGINS in both her 1874 marriage & 1919 death Registrations); emigrated to Victoria; possibly arrived Melbourne, Dec 1858, aged 23, on the ship "Shooting Star" (with her bother William); at 176 Cardigan Street, Carlton, with husband David, a Contractor, Melbourne Division, 1909 & 1914; she was at 673 Lygon Street, Carlton, Home Duties, Batman Division, 1919; she died at her residence, Never (sic - perhaps instead ? Nether) Drumley, 672 Lygon Street, North Carlton, Sat 1 Mar 1919 #998, aged 82 [Argus, 28 Feb 1920 - "In Memoriam" notice inserted " her affectionate ward and nephew, John PHAIR"]; buried Melbourne General Cemetery, 3 Mar [the last of 5 interments in Grave 473, Compartment FF]; she was aged 28, a spinster "with friends" at Lygon Street, Carlton, when she married, at St James's Church, Melbourne, 13 Jun 1874 #1336, David KINNAIRD (Carpenter, aged 28, Bachelor, of Drummond Street, Carlton, born Fifeshire, son of Christopher KINNAIRD, Stonemason, & Christina SPENCE), witnessed James MITCHELL & Sophia COOKE; David died at Carlton North, 1916 #986, aged 70 (parents named), & was buried at Melbourne General Cemetery [the 4th of 5 interments in Grave 473, Compartment FF]; Margaret evidently acted as guardian to her brother John's children after their mother re-married, & the terms of John's will appears to have been disregarded - as reported in Oct 1879 in a suit of Georgina, Augustus & John PHAIR, infants, brought on by David KINNAIRD, "...their next friend," against W.A. POWELL & A.E. SHORT (the children's mother), Trustees of the will of John PHAIR deceased [Argus, Melbourne, 21 Oct 1879].

 [Detail of the KINNAIRD-PHAIR gravestone in Melbourne General Cemetery. Image courtesy of Sue MAIO of Melbourne.]

A RUTHERFORD pedigree on records details of the following family, not all of which details are yet corroborated (it is quite possible that the end result may be a conflation of two or more different families):
Thomas PHAIR, born at Castlerea, County Roscommon, 1820; married ca 1840, MULROONEY (or ? perhaps MULLANNY); issue:
1. Anne PHAIR; no dates. Possibly at Gardiner's Row, Rotunda, Dublin, 1901 Census, aged 45, with her sister Margaret.
2. John PHAIR; no dates.
3. Kate PHAIR; no dates. Possibly at Gardiner's Row, Rotunda, Dublin, 1901 Census, aged 43, with her sister Margaret; ditto 1911, aged 47; possibly died at South Dublin, Sep qtr 1928, aged 70.
4. Margaret PHAIR; no dates. Possibly at Gardiner's Row, Rotunda, Dublin, 1901 Census, aged 50, Unmarried, born Roscommon, Boarding House Keeper, with sisters Annie (45) & Kate (43), both unmarried & born County Roscommon, with 12 Boarders; ditto, 1911 Census, aged 50, Unmarr, with sister Kate (47)  & 10 boarders; probably died at South Dublin, Dec qtr 1929, aged 86.
5. Peter PHAIR, b 1842; died 1922. Identified by RUTHERFORD as the spouse of Martha DONALDSON. However, it appears likely that this Peter was the one granted Administration of Peter PHAIR of Longford, Castlerea, in 1874, of the estates he later occupied, and who was his father (not Thomas). See below.
6. Casper PHAIR, born 1847; died 1933. These dates fit Casper of Lillooet, B.C., but his parents were clearly identified in his B.C. marriage registration as Peter & Sarah PHAIR. See also below.

However, it does appear that the following lineage is beginning to look the more likely:

Peter PHAIR, born ca 1799 (could he have been a son of Casper PHAYRE?); lessee (in 1858) of a House, Office 51 acres of land, and another parcel of 12 acres of land, in the Townland of Longford, Parish of Kilkeevin, (Griffith's Valuation), from Wm P.W. SANDFORD, assessed at £34 & £11 resp; Peter was also the lessor of a House & Office to Samuel PHAIR, and a House & Garden to Michael MULLANNY, same Townland, assessed at 15s & £1 resp; and he was lessee (again from SANDFORD) of 22 acres in the Townland of Rampark, Parish of Kilkeevin, assessed at £16 p.a.; he probably died at Castlerea, 1874, aged 74 [Vol.4, p.85]; Letters of Administration dated 11 Feb 1875, for Robert PHAIR, late of Longford, County Roscommon, who died at Longford Cottage, 14 Feb 1874, granted to his son Peter PHAIR, of Castlerea, Farmer, the residuary legatee; Peter married, in County Roscommon, 1835, Sarah MULROONEY [MULLVONY in the index]; she was probably the Sarah PHAIR who died at Castlerea in 1867, aged 53 [Vol.4, p.113]; it is now evident that they had the following issue:
1. John PHAIR, born Castlerea, Roscommon, ca 1838; emigrated to Queensland, ca 1861; died in Maryborough Hospital, Qld, 18 Jan 1887 #C2585, Carpenter, aged 48, born Roscommon; father recorded (in error - see marriage registration) as John PHAIR, Carpenter, & mother as Sarah MULROONEY; in Qld 25 years; he was married at Barambah, near Gayndah, Qld, 16 Sep 1872, aged 33, Miner, of Ban Ban, Bachelor (parents Peter PHAIR, Farmer, and Sarah MULROONEY), to Elizabeth HENRY, 34, Widow, born Perth, Scotland (parents William RICHARDS & Sarah BROUGHAM); no issue.
2. Peter PHAIR, born 1842; he was probably(unless instead a cousin) of Longford House (or Cottage), Castlerea, Aug 1877, when he won third prize (and first prize in the second class) for the best thoroughbred short-horn bull calved in 1876, and a second prize for best heifer calved in 1876 (Roscommon Farming Society Show, Castlerea); in Aug 1899, at another County Roscommon Agricultural Society Show, several prizes were awarded to Peter PHAIR of Rampark House, Castlerea; Peter was residing at Rampark, Castlerea, Roscommon, 1901 Census, aged 59, Farmer, with wife & 2 sons; again at Rampark, 1911 Census, Farmer, married 38 years, with wife, 4 children surviving from 5; he died at Castlerea, 1922, aged 80, Reg'd Mar qtr 1923 [Vol.4, p.83]; married 1872, Martha DONALDSON; she was born County Londonderry, ca 1846; with issue:
     a. Henrietta Margaret PHAIR, born Kilkeevin Parish, County Roscommon, 30 Nov 1873; died 1891.
     b. William Lloyd PHAIR, born Kilkeevin, 2 Feb 1875; died 1959; married Marcella MOORE, with issue.
     c. John Percy PHAIR, born Kilkeevin, 1 Nov 1876; T.C.Dublin; D.D.; Dean of Kilkenny &Ossory, 1923-40; Bishop of Ossory, Ferns &Leighlin, 1940-61; died 28 Dec 1967,aged 91, & buried at St CAnice's Cathedral, Kilkenny; marr 1stly, Alice MAud, who died 20 May 1945, aged 61, & was buried at Deansgrange Cemetery, Dublin; John married 2ndly, 30 Jul 1958, Pauline Beryl EUSTACE, who died 4 May 1990, having had issue a daughter..
     d. Edgar James PHAIR, born Dec qtr 1879; aged 21, with parents, 1910.
     e. Casper Alexander PHAIR, born Castlerea, Sep qtr 1881; a call Steward for Veterinary Surgeons, County Roscommon Agricultural Society Show, Aug 1900; as Casper, aged 19, with parents, 1901; emigrated to Canada, May 1908; died at Kamloops, B.C., 30 Sep 1961, aged 80; married Nannie JONES; she was with her widowed mother Mary JONES (aged 62) in Castlerea, 1911 Census, with her son; they had issue:
          i. John Leslie PHAIRE, born Kingston, Surrey, Jun qtr 1908; as Leslie PHAIR, aged 3, with mother & maternal grandmother, 1911 Census.
3. Casper PHAIR, born at Castlerea, Roscommon, 28 Feb 1847 (parents recorded as Peter & Sarah PHAIR in his B.C. marriage registration); said to have gone to America ca 1877 with a brother on board a ship which rounded Cape Horn, depositing the brother in San Francisco, and Casper at Vancouver, whence he journeyed inland up the Fraiser River Valley & settled at Lillooet, B.C.; there he was a Teacher, Government Agent, Magistrate, Coroner, Gold Commissioner, Fire Chief & Game Warden; he also ran a general store; at County Yale & Cariboo, B.C., 1901 Census, aged 52, with wife Cerise (aged 48), 2 sons, & Ah LEE (Cook, aged 35, born China); Casper died at Vancouver, 24 Mar 1933; he was married by License, at the residence of his future step-father-in-law, The Grange, near Pavillion, B.C., on 29 Jul 1879, to Cerise Armit EYRE, aged 27 (born Corfu, daughter of W.A. EYRE) who had also emigrated from Ireland in 1861 with her mother Maria & MARTLEY step-father; Cerise also died in 1933; they built a house, ca 1880's,  which they named Longford

 [Longford House, Lillooet, 1896, showing Casper & Cerise, their two sons Arthy & Herbert, & Ah LEE, their Chinese servant.
Image courtesy of City of Vancouver Archives, Item Out P739.] 
They had issue, including:
     a. Arthur William Armitt PHAIR, born 1880; aged 21, with parents, 1901 Census; died 1967; he had a son Harold Arthur Eyre PHAIR (born ca 1913), and a daughter Mabel.
     b. Herbert Lewis PHAIR, born B.C., 17 Jun 1884; aged 16, with parents, 1901 Census; Private, 102nd Battalion, Canadian Infantry, enlisted at Vancouver, 14 Jan 1916, next-of-kin Mrs PHAIR, Lillooet, B.C. R.N. 703288.

[A group portrait in front of Longford House, Lillooet, ca 1897, including Mr & Mrs John MARSHALL, Emma Jane MARSHALL, 
Mr & Mrs Casper A. PHAIR, Mr & Mrs J.p. FORDE, Mrs A.W. SMITH, Mr SLIPPER, Herbert Lewis PHAIR, 
Colonel REEVES, Major BURNETT, J. Brisco CHERRY & Mr McKINNON. 
Photo taken by Major James Skitt MATTHEWS. Image courtesy of Vancouver City Archives, Ref Out P748.]
4. James PHAIR, born Castlerea, Roscommon, 6 Jul 1853; probably sailed with his brother Casper around Cape Horn, ca 1877, and disembarked in San Francisco; evidently went on to British Columbia shortly after; built the Goldstream Hotel, 1887 (designed by Architect Elmer H. FISHER), on Humpback Road, at one time site of the last European residence for 25 miles, but eventually well placed between the Railway Station and the Goldstream River to attract large numbers day-trippers on excursions from Victoria, on the recently completed first section of E.&N. Railway line:
[The Goldstream Hotel, built ca 1885-86; destroyed by fire in 1923. Image courtesy of the web-site.]
The Hotel was eventually sold by James & his business partner Arthur SLATER, probably to William & Mary ("Ma") MILLER in 1910; James was at D. Vancouver, B.C., 1901 Census, aged 46, with wife Mary (aged 40), 4 children & 11 Domestics/Lodgers, a number of them being Chinese; he died at Vancouver, 17 Aug 1842, aged 89, Widower (birth date recorded, father Peter PHAIRE); aged 27 (born Castlerea, parents Robert & Sarah PHAIR) when married at Vancouver,18 Apr 1881, Mary GILMOUR, aged 22 (born County Antrim, Ireland, parents Joseph & Nancy GILMOUR); she died at Vancouver, 1 Sep 1932, aged 74; issue:
     a. Florence Adelaide PHAIR, born Victoria, B.C., 16 Feb 1882; aged 18, with parents, 1901; married Victoria, B.C., 12 Apr 1919, George KIDD.
     b. Frances Mabel PHAIR, born Victoria, B.C., 31 Jul 1883; aged 17, with parents, 1901; married at Victoria, B.C., 19 Jul 1911, George Hartley Vincent BURROUGHS.
     c. Viola Beatrice PAHAIR, born Victoria, B.C., 18 Feb 1885; aged 14, with parents, 1901; died Vancouver, 28 Mar 1932, aged 41; unmarried.
     d. James Harold PHAIR, born Victoria, B.C., 31 Oct 1888; aged 12, born Goldstream, B.C., with parents, 1901.
There is no corroboration, as yet, as to whether the three PHAIR sisters (Margaret, born ca 1843; Ann born ca 1846; Kate born ca 1857), running the Boarding House in Rotunda, Dublin, in 1901, were also part of this family. The possibility exists, & if so, they would have been the 3rd, 4th & 7th children.
Probably related to Christopher PHAIR, the alleged father of:
1. Samuel PHAIR, born ca 1798; probably the lessee of a House & Office, in the Townland of Longford, Parish of Kilkeevin, (Griffith's Valuation - 1858), on a sub-lease from Peter PHAIR, assessed value 15s p.a.; he probably died at Castlerea, 1872, aged 73 [Vol.14 (sic), p.81 - other registrations for Castlereagh have Volume 4]; possibly married at Kilkeevin Parish, Roscommon, 20 Jun 1855, Mary ROCHFORD or ROCHFARD (Samuel's paternity is recorded in the marriage registration) - but perhaps this Samuel was a bit older.
Perhaps Christopher also had a son named Peter, and perhaps another named Thomas?
Perhaps Christopher & was a misrepresentation of Casper, or the latter a corruption of an abbreviated form of ChRI[?=A]StoPhER?

Some Church Records for Ireland have survived, and register images on microfilm can be researched at PRONI & at the R.C.B. Library in Dublin; the records are also accessible, in abstract form, but for a fee, at the web-site, where the following marriage & burial entries are indexed for County Roscommon (but with no index indication as to parish), prior to the commencement of Statutory Registration (1845 for Protestant marriages; 1864 for all deaths):
1. William FAIR, buried 1781.
2. Christopher FAIR, buried 1785.
3. Mary FAIR, buried 1785.
4. Jane PHAIR, married 1790, William CORNWALL.
5. Mary PHAIR, married 1797, John WHITE.
6. Peter PHAIR, buried 1797.
7. John PHAIR, married 1800, Anne COPLEY.
8. Casper PHAIR, married 1802, Mary CAHILL.
9. Robert PHAIR, married 1807, Eleanor FAIR..
10. Anne PHAIR, buried 1807.
11. Catherine PHAIR, buried 1807.
12.. John PHAIR, married 1810, Jane ROBINSON.
13. Christopher PHAIR, buried 1813.
14. Anne PHAIR, married 1821, Thomas CLARK.
15. Thomas PHAIR, married 1822, to Margaret HIGGINS.
16. James PHAIR, buried 1823.
17. (not recorded) PHAYRE, buried 1823.
18. John PHAIR, married 1826, Mary BRIEN.
19. Christopher PHAIR, buried 1826, aged 57. Born ca 1768-69.
20. Anne PHAIR, married 1828, John BROWN.
21. Peter PHAIR, buried 1829, aged 72. Born ca 1756-57.
22. John PHAIR, buried 1831, aged 34. Born ca 1796-97.
23. Matilda PHAIR, married 1832, William FRAYER.
24. Casper PHAIR, married 1835, Jane GALLAGHER.
25. Peter PHAIR, married 1835, to Sarah MULLVONEY (or MULROONEY).
26. Jane PHAIR, buried 1836, aged 40. Born ca 1795-96.
27. James PHAIR, buried 1841, aged 60. Born ca 1780-81.
28. Caspar PHAIR, married 1843, Catherine BYRON.
29. Thomas PHAIR, buried 1843, aged 73. Born ca 1769-70.
30. Margaret PHAIR, buried 1844, aged 54. Born ca 1789-90.

A John PHAIR served in the 44th Regiment of Foot, and was discharged aged 35, probably at the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, in the date range of 1813-1816; if his discharge date was 1816, this puts his birth ca 1780-81, & his service ca 3 years; his birthplace was recorded as Kilteevan, Longford [TNA - WO 119/35/183].
I know of no Parish of Kilteevan in County Longford, but there is a civil parish of that name in County Roscommon, lying about 6 km east of the Town of Roscommon. I had initially wondered whether this Army entry had been interpreted in error for Kilkeevin, Townland of Longford, in County Roscommon?
A Robert PHAIR was Lieutenant, 44th Regiment, in India, 1837 (marriage to Mary Ann YORK); & Sergeant, same Regiment, still in India, 1840 (birth of their daughter Maria). Perhaps related to John.

Another John PHAIR served in the 88th Regiment of Foot as a Corporal during the Peninsular Campaign (Regimental Medals List, 20 Jun 1818). The 88th was otherwise known as the Connaught Rangers, and there was a John PHAIR who enlisted in that Regiment in Dumfries in Dec 1804; and was said to have been born in 1786 in St John's Parish, County Sligo [Barbara PHAYRE's "Cromwell's Legacy," App. 4, p.104].
Another John PHAYRE also served in the 88th, and was discharged at age 39, date range 1831-52, his birthplace recorded as Crohan, County Roscommon [TNA - WO 97/975/64]. His date of birth is indicated as ca 1812.


Yet another PHAIR family was associated with the Barony of Boyle, in the most north-eastern part of County Roscommon:

1. James PHAIR, born Boyle, County Roscommon, ca 1779; Breechesmaker; enlisted in the Army at Chatham, 1 Dec 1795; 1st Bn, 58th Foot, in Malta, Sep 1805, aged 26; formerly Roscommon Militia; discharged in 1827, aged 47 [T.N.A., Ref - WO 97/1106/4].

2. Thomas PHAIR, born Boyle, Roscommon, ca 1784; Labourer; enlisted in the Army at Roscommon, 10 Apr 1803; 1st Bn, 58th Regiment of Foot, in Malta, Sep 1805, aged 21; died of wounds, 25 Apr 1806.

3. Edward PHAIR, born Boyle, Roscommon, 1810, son of John PHAIR & Alice MULLANEY [a MULLANEY pedigree on]; emigrated to the U.S.; at Newhaven, Addison County, Vermont, 1850 Census, aged 40, Manufacturer, born Ireland, with wife Mary (40, b Ireland), & 6 children; at Vergennes, Addison County, Vermont, 1860 Census, aged 50, Woollen Mfr, with wife & 6 ch'n; at Elizabethtown, Essex County, New York, 1879 Census, aged 59, Woollen Mfr, with wife & 2 daurs; he died 12 Mar 1873, & buried Prospect Cemetery, Vermont, aged 67; married Mary Jane PRESTON; she was at Vergennes, Vermont, 1880 Census, aged 70, Keeps House, with her sister Sarah PRESTON (aged 66, born Ireland); Mary died in 1888; issue:
     a. Henry PHAIR, born U.S., ca 1837; aged 12, with parents, 1850 (born Vermont); aged 21, with parents, 1860 (born N.Y.); died Vermont, 1898; married Loretta Jennie GOODRICH (1844-1935); with issue:
          i. Elmer Ellsworth PHAIR, born 1866; died 1941.
          ii. Della M. PHAIR, born 1870; died 1939; married PRIME.
          iii. Fannie PHAIR, born 1873; died 1947; married HASSELTINE.
     b. Eliza PHAIR, born Vermont, ca 1840, aged 9, with parents, 1850; aged 19, with parents, 1860.
     c. John PHAIR, born Vermont, ca 1844; aged 5, with parents, 1850; aged 15, with parents, 1860; Civil War Navy Veteran; tried for the murder of Mrs FREEZE, 1874, & after a 2nd trial, 1877, was executed for that murder, at Vermont, 10 Apr 1879.
     d. Edward PHAIR, born Vermont, ca 1845; aged 4, with parents, 1850; aged 13, with parents, 1860..
     e. Sarah J. PHAIR, born Vermont, ca 1847; aged 2, with parents, 1850; aged 11, with parents, 1860;  aged 21, with parents, 1870; died 1929.
     f. Mary A. PHAIR, born Vermont, 1849; aged 4 mos, with parents, 1850; aged 10, with parents, 1860; aged 19, with parents, 1870; died Vermont, 1915.


Robert FAIR; of Lavally, County Mayo, 1774; of Ballyjennings, Kilmainmore Parish, County Mayo, 1788, 1802; purchased the lands of Greggagh, near Foxford, County Galway, 1809, from James DALY of Dunsandle, County Galway; died in 1837; married with issue:
1. John FAIR; of Creggagh, County Mayo; died 1877; married Maria RUTTLEDGE, a daughter of David RUTTLEDGE, of Tawnaghnore, Kilbeford; probable issue:
        a. David Ruttledge FAIR; of Foxford, County Mayo, when married at St Peter's (C.of I.), Dublin, 11 Nov 1876, Kate Emily GAWLEY, of Clanbrassil Place, Dublin (witnessed by William FAIR).
2. Robert FAIR, poss born ca 1791; of Bushfield, Kilcommon, County Mayo; of Forthville, County Mayo, 1816; died Hollymount, County Mayo, 26 Sep 1856; married Letitia RUTTLEDGE, another daughter of David RUTTLEDGE of Tawnaghmore; she died 24 Feb 1878, aged 86; issue:
        a. Jane FAIR, born 1832; died 1905; of 42 North George Street, Dublin, when married at St Thomas's (C.of I.), Dublin, 18 Aug 1851, Thomas RUTTLEDGE of Bloomfield; issue:
                i. Robert RUTTLEDGE, born 1852; adopted the additional surname FAIR; died 1912.
        b. Campbell FAIR, born 1840; died 1868.
3. Thomas FAIR, the 3rd son; of Fortville, County Mayo; later of Millmount, County Galway; married by the Rev F. RUTTLEDGE of Bloomfield at Kilmain Parish Church, County Mayo, 24 Aug 1840, to Margaret LYNCH, 2nd daughter of Captain LYNCH of Ballycarrin Castle.

Robert may have had a sister Elizabeth FAIR, who was the wife of Thomas RUTTLEDGE.

Robert FAIR, born ca 1766; of Lavally, Ballinrobe, County Mayo; married Catherine GIBBONS of Westport, County Mayo; issue:
1. Campbell FAIR, born 1800; of Lavally; married Annie Jane BRUCE.
2. Robert FAIR, born 1805; of Dublin & Galway; married Margaret McCREERY.
3. John FAIR, born 1809; of Ballino; of Alleymass, County Mayo, when he married at St Peter's (C.of I.), Dublin, 2 Jul 1839, Maria WILSON of Up Baggot Street, Dublin.
4. Honoria FAIR; married Meade N. WRIGHT of County Kilkenny.
5. Eliza FAIR, born 1811; married Richard GOULDING of Shrule.

Robert FAIR; of Lavally, County Mayo; his 3rd son was:
3. John FAIR; Executor of his father's will, 1820; married with issue:
    a. Mary Anne FAIR.
    b. Robert FAIR.
    c. Thomas Willson FAIR; of 17 Up Rutland Street, Dublin; witnessed his sister Kate's marriage in 1860; of 8 Upper Gloucester Street, Dublin, when married at St Thomas's (C.of I.), Dublin, 15 Aug 1861, Frances F. SMITH, of 49 Lower Gardiner Street, witnessed Campbell FAIR.
    d. Kate FAIR; of 8 Upper Gloucester Street, Dublin, when she married, St Thomas's (C.of I.), Dublin, 14 Jun 1860, Robert A.B. JENNINGS, Esq, of Dominick Street, Dublin.
    e. Jane FAIR.
    f. Campbell FAIR.
    g. Adelaide FAIR; married FLETCHER.
    h. John FAIR.

Some of the above details, presented in different family groups, may turn out to be for the same Robert FAIR.

Thomas PHAYRE; of County Kildare, 1840s; later recorded (perhaps posthumously) on his sons marriage registrations as Pensioner (1863), Late Constabulary Force (1871), & Farmer (1882); married Mary HASLAM; issue:
     a. Adam Stewart PHAYER, born ca 1838; Servant, 6 Hume Street, 1872; Clerk, 6 Hume Street, 1875; died Dublin South, Sep qtr 1896 [Vol.2, p.495], aged 58; probate to William Evans PHAYER, 3 Jul 1896; of Stephen's Green, Dublin, a Butler, when he married at St Thomas's, C.of I., Dublin, on 17 May 1871, Margaret EVANS (daughter of William EVANS, Farmer); issue:
          i. William Evans PHAYER, born 6 Hume Street, 11 Oct 1872, & bapt St Matthew's C.of I., Dublin, 27 Nov; beneficiary of his father's probate, Jul 1896; at 6 Hume Street, Dublin, 1901 Census,, aged 28, Civil Servant Telegraphist, with sister & brother
          ii. Mary Jane  PHAYER, born Dublin, ca 1873-74; at 6 Hume Street, Dublin, 1901 Census, aged 26, Boarding House Keeper, with 2 brothers.
          iii. Adam PHAYER, born 6 Hume Street, 11 Nov 1875, & bapt St Matthias's C.of I., County Dublin, 26 Dec; died Dublin South, 1876, aged 0.
          iv. John George PHAYER, born 6 Hume Street, 25 Jan 1877, & bapt St Matthias's, Dublin, 25 Feb; aged 24, Solicitor's General Clerk, with sister  & brother, 1910 Census.
          v. Margaret PHAYER, born 6 Hume Street, 25 Aug 1879, & bapt privately at St Matthias's, Dublin, 26 Aug.
     b. Robert Haslam PHAYRE, born County Kildare, ca 1844; at 5 Grafton Place, 1878, Messenger for the Bank of Ireland; at Grand Canal Street, 1884, Porter; at Haddington Road, Pembroke West, Dublin, 1901 Census, aged 56, Bank Messenger, with wife & 3 sons; aged 19, a Servant, of 9 Upper Clanbrassil Street, when he was married at St Nicholas Without, Dublin, 8 Sep 1863, to Anne ANDERSON, Spinster, of 33 Camden Street (born  Dublin, ca 1842, daughter of George ANDERSON, Servant) - he signed as Robert Haslam PHAYER; issue:
          i. George C. PHAYRE, born Dublin, ca 1865; aged 36, Harbour Master's Assistant, with parents, 1901.
          ii. (unnamed female), born Grand Canal Street, Dublin, 12 Oct 1867.
          iii. Harriett PHAYRE, born Dublin, 29 Jun 1873.
          iv. (unnamed male), born Dublin, 18 Jan 1875.
          v. Robert John Haslam PHAYRE, born 5 Grattan Place, Leeson Park, Dublin, 27 Jul 1878, & bapt Leeson Park C.of I., 4 Sep; aged 22, Clerk unemployed, with parents, 1901.
          vi. Adam Walter PHAYRE, born Grand Canal Street, Dublin, 13 Feb 1884, & bapt Royal Chapel of St Matthew, Ringsend, 26 Dec; aged 17, Clerk, with parents, 1901.
     c. John Haslam PHAYRE, born County Kildare, 20 Jun 1847; Court Crier, 21 Upper Pembroke Street, 1894; at Pembroke Street Upper, Dublin, 1901 Census, aged 45, County Court Clerk (unemployed), with wife & 3 sons; emigrated to Canada; died at Toronto, Ontario, 2 Aug 1931, aged 84; of 4 Emerald Terrace, Upper Grand Canal & Sallymount, Newbrook, a Butler, son of Thomas PHAIR, Farmer, when married at St Mark's C.of I., Dublin, 2 Nov 1882, Emily MASON, Ladies Maid, of the same addresses (daughter of Richard MASON); issue:
          i. Albert Richard PHAYRE, born 4 Lower Pembroke Street, Dublin, 13 Jun 1887, & bapt St Matthias's C.of I., 17 Jul; aged 13, Scholar, with parents, 1901.
          ii. Percy PHAYRE, born 21 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin, 10 Aug 1894, & bapt at St Peter's C.of I.; aged 6, Scholar, with parents, 1901.
          iii. Harold PHAYRE, born 21 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin, 10 Nov 1896, bapt St Peter's, 29 Dec; aged 4, Scholar, with parents, 1901.
          iv. Ruth PHAYRE, born 21 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin, 16 Dec 1899, & bapt St Matthias's C. of I.; poss died young.


There is a perception among some researchers that this family group may descend from John PHAIRE, the youngest son of Col Robert PHAIRE, the "Regicide."
WELPLY's evidence (see previous blog-page) does, in my view, rather tend to rule this possibility out; and date evidence from Limerick records now appears to provide evidence of some conflation, or generational inaccuracy, in my own early and speculative constructions of it.
Some of the following details can be found on the George D. SPEER pedigree on More useful material comes from recent searches on-line (Limerick Chronicle items; some Limerick M.I.s); but much of it fits in with pedigree details already laid out by Barbara A. PHAYRE in her very well researched book entitled "Cromwell's Legacy: The PHAYRE Family in Ireland," Sandford Publishing, 2001, at Chapter 9, pp. 62 et seq - to which publication the reader is recommended, and copies of which may still be available by contacting Barbara at her e-mail address (if still valid). It would appear that SPEER's notes correspond well with Barbara PHAYRE's constructions.

Barbara PHAYRE does subscribe to the theory that the Limerick PHAYRES, the Slaters & the Tilers, were descendants of Col Robert PHAIRE by his youngest son John PHAIRE's marriage in 1699 to Mary WHITBY (see above).
I am not so sure.
There does not appear to be any hard evidence of it, and what circumstantial evidence that might be construable in support of it (there is a quantity - disposal of interests in the Enniscorthy Iron-works to explain lack of will mentions; naming of descendants Alice perhaps for Alice PEIRCE, for two examples) does not seem, to my eyes, sufficient to overcome obstacles raised by WELPLY in his 1920s paper, particularly in relation to lack of mentions in wills.
I may be wrong, but I suspect that WELPLY, having had the access that he did to the numerous P.R.O. records that were destroyed in 1922, would have uniquely been in a position to see the only evidence that will have at any time existed to "prove" that connection, but he did not report seeing any.
One record that would be relevant, if a full transcript was ever made of it, would be John PHAIR's marital status as recorded on the License Bond for his 1753 marriage to Margaret CONDON - if a bachelor, then the suggestion that it was a 2nd marriage after Alice PEIRCE's death would, I believe, be untenable - but if a widower, then I would happily recant! I believe that it was customary for the Marriage Licenses (for which the Bonds were recorded) to identify the marital status of both parties, if not obligatory under the rules of the Consistorial (or Diocesan) Courts which issued them.
It might also be of interest to discover the identity and whereabouts of the Wat GREEN mentioned by Alexander Herbert PHAIRE in his letter of Oct 1741, where he noted that " brother Jack is so troublesome to Wat GREEN and his wife (tho' they think he is almost gon') that they threaten to bring him here & leave him at the door."

WELPLY did not suggest that the FAIR family associated with Kinsale since ca 1601 had any connections in Limerick; he did suggest that they were the likely source of the origins of Richard PHAIRE or FAIRE (1739-1805), R.N., who married in 1765 (M.L.B., Dioc of Cork & Ross), Eleanor SCREECH (& by her was an ancestor of John Chessell BUCKLER, F.S.A.).
It is not impossible, of course, that if, as WELPY suggests, the Limerick PHAYREs or PHAYERs do not connect with the Regicide, then they may also have derived instead from that family as well. I am reluctant to cite the use of the name Richard as being circumstantial evidence of any possible connection.

At the risk of causing unintended offence, I propose the following "alternate" pedigree, which is perhaps, at present, more of a collection of pedigree notes looking for a proven tree in which to find a home.

John PHAYRE; Slater; of Kilmallock, 1716, when he & Thomas PHAYRE, also a Slater in Kilmallock, appear to have taken legal action against David MONCASHELL concerning the 1715 lease of lands at Gaultume [Barbara PHAYRE, "Cromwell's Legacy," Op. Cit, p. 62]; probably therefore of age in 1715, & if so, born in or before 1694, 5 years before John PHAIRE's 1699 marriage to Mary WHITBY.
I suspect that further evidence of this family may be found in the Deeds Registry in Henrietta Street, Dublin, where, commencing in 1708, all land transactions in Ireland were required by law to be registered; of which deeds "copy" Memorials were created; & which Memorials are publicly viewable in the Registry upstairs Memorials rooms.
This particular 1715 lease may even state the relationship between John & Thomas (although the chances are probably more likely that it will not); but I suspect they were more likely to have been brothers, rather than a father & son - if both were joint lease grantees, then both will need to have been of age, and if father & son, then the father will therefore have to have been born closer to ca 1670 - but it is possible that a son could have been named as a child, usually with an age recorded, if he was one of the "lives" for the term of the lease.
There is no available evidence to suggest that either of these Slaters of Kilmallock were married or had issue. But I suspect one or other may have, and if so, are (a) likely contender(s) for the ancestors of the following Limerick PHAYERs.
But it is evident that none of these events can be readily accommodated within the presently "accepted" pedigree of Col Robert PHAIRE, "Regicide."

John PHAIR, probably born in or before 1720, perhaps as early as 1700; Slater of Cork; died at Cork, 4 Jul 1761 as the result of a fall from a scaffold; his will, dated 8 Jul 1761, named his wife Mary PHAIR (which is not Margaret, although this may have been a clerical error), and mentions a child of his daughter, and two sons, none identified by name, but neither son probably yet of age, as they were not named as executors; issue:
1. (daughter); probably born before 1741; probably married; issue:
     a. (child), b in or before 1761.
1. (son), perhaps born after 1740; living 1761.
2. (son), perhaps born after 1740; living 1761. Perhaps this or the elder son was the Joseph PHAYRE of Cork, aged 19 when he visited his kinsman Joseph PHAYER in Kilfinane (see next) in Dec 1762, and was informed of the contents of Charles LAND's will [Barbara PHAYRE, "Cromwell's Legacy," p. 66].

Joseph PHAYRE (born 1726, if age at death is accurately recorded on the M.I. - I note that this date does just pre-date Jack PHAIRE Junior's 1727 marriage to Alice PEIRCE); Slater in Kilfinane, County Limerick, Apr 1763, when involved in legal wranglings over the will of a kinsman, Charles LAND of Ardavellan - his mother was evidently an aunt of Joseph's mother - and his sister was identified in the will as Alley PHEAYRE [Barbara PHAYRE, "Cromwell's Legacy," p.65]; Joseph died on 7 Dec 1801, aged 75, & was buried in Kilmallock Churchyard, with a monument erected by his son Charles; he married in Jan 1753 (M.L.B., Diocese of Cork & Ross), Mary GILBERT (born ca 1735); she died 14 Jul 1801, aged 65, & buried at Kilmallock [M.I.]; issue, said to have also included [J] below:
1. Thomas PHAYER, born ca 1755-56; died 30 May 1799, aged 43, & buried in the family plot, Kilmallock [M.I.].
2. Charles PHAYER; living 1801 when he erected a monument on his parents grave in Kilmallock Churchyard.

Alice BOLSTER (formerly PHAYER) was buried at Kilmallock, 1 Jun 1811, aged 66, & buried there with her 7 children who predeceased her, a monument erected by her "affectionate" son Joseph [see Nick REDDAN's "Kilmallock old memorial inscriptions for the Collegiate Church" on his web-site] - which age would preclude her from being a daughter of Joseph & Mary.
However, Barbara PHAYRE ["Cromwell's Legacy"] records her age at death instead as 36, which does admit to the possibility of her being a part of this family.

Thomas PHAYER, born ca 1796; died 15 Aug 1844, aged 47, & buried Kilmallock Churchyard; married Johanna (possibly FOX - she erected his monument in Kilmallock); issue:
1. Joseph PHAYER, born ca 1841; died 18 Sep 1866, aged 25, & buried in his father's plot at Kilmallock.

John PHAIR, born ca 1797; died at Kilmallock, Jun qtr 1881, aged 83 [Vol.5, p.252].

[J] Richard PHAYER (born ca 1775 if age at burial is correctly recorded on the M.I.); Occupier of 21 acres in Carrigareely Townland, Parish of Cahirconlish, County Limerick, ca 1830, Tithe Applotment Books, & rated at £1 13s Impropriate & 19s 4d Vicarage (probably occupied by Rev Richard COX - perhaps of the 1834 Cork MLB with Ann PHAIR?); of Cahirconlish, Barony of Clanwilliam, County Limerick (Diocese of Emly); Farmer at Caherconlish, 1847; probably died before Mar 1848; married Catherine (probably also a PHAYER - born Jul 1778 - and if so, probably his cousin); she died " the residence of her son-in-law, Hide Park, Cahirconlish, ...relict of the late Richard PHAYER, Esq," on 16 Feb 1875, her remains buried on 18 Feb "... in the family vault at Cahirnarry" [Limerick Chronicle, 18 Feb]; issue:
1. Mary PHAYER, baptised at St John's, Limerick, 8 Nov 1805.
2. Joseph PHAYER, bapt St John's, Limerick, 31 Jul 1807; emigrated to America, 1848; as Joseph D. PHAYER, died at Midway, Madison County, Illinois, 4 May 1870, & buried St Patrick's Cemetery, Godfrey, Madison County [Findagrave Memorial #74030940]; married at Troy, N.Y., 1849, Mary MURPHY (born County Wexford, 20 Sep 1824 - probably sister of John MURPHY born 5 May 1821, and Johanna MURPHY born 14 Apr 1827); she died at Upper Alton, 30 Apr 1898; issue:
     a. Mary Ann PHAYER, born Troy, N.Y., 14 Apr 1850; died at Alton, Madison County, Illinois, 18 Jan 1906; married William Harold Clay STREEPER; issue:
          i. Richard Henry STREEPER, born 1882; died 1903.
          ii. (infant), born & died 1883.
          iii. Katie M. STREEPER, born 1888; died 1901.
     b. Richard Benedict PHAYER, born Madison County, Illinois, 2 Apr 1854; died at Downs, Osborne County, Kansas, 6 Feb 1935; married 1stly, Ellen McKENZIE (died 1887, aged 32) & 2ndly Bridget MAHON; issue:
          i. Mary E. PHAYER, born 1884; died 1976.
          ii. Richard Benedict PHAYER Junior, born 1902; died 1936..
     c. Catherine Jane PHAYER, born Upper Alton, Madison County, 2 Jan 1858; died at Venice, Madison County, Illinois, 2 Sep 1896; married John WALTER; issue:
          i. Joseph C. PHAYER, born 1888; died 1892.
          ii. Josephine PHAYER, born ca 1889; aged 6 when her mother died.
          iii. Johnnie W. PHAYRE, born 1890; died 1891.
          iv. Willie PHAYRE, born ca 1892; aged 3 when his mother died.
          v. MAry PHAYER, born 1895; aged 13 mos when her mother died.
     d. Charles Thomas PHAYER, born Alton, 22 Mar 1860; Constable in Venice; died Venice, 2 Apr 1903; married Margaret BUSHELL (1868-1908); issue:
          i. Katherine T. PHAYER, born 1891; died 1975; married Michael Philip NESTER.
          ii. Mary Gertrude PHAYER, born 1892; died 1970; married Daniel Joseph HALLISSEY.
          iii. Charles Julian PHAYER, born 1895; died 1930.
          iv. Clifford W. PHAYER, born 1897; died 1951; married Ethel L. ENOS.
     e. John Joseph PHAYER, born Upper Alton, 18 Dec 1860; left Alton ca 1891 to join the Frisco Railroad Coy at Chaffee & Arcadia, Missouri; transferred to Denver ca 1924; died at Denver, Colorado, 1 Mar 1932; married ca 1891, Hannah EVANS of Bethalto; issue;
          i. William Joseph PHAYER, born & died at St Louis, Missouri, 1893.
          ii. Mary Ann PHAYER, born 1894; died 1933; married Christopher Lewis PRATT.
          iii. Emma Clementine PHAYER, born St Louis, 189; died Denver, Colorado, 1928; married Laurence LYONS.
          iv. John Joseph PHAYER, born Arcadia, Missouri, 1897; died 1992; married Elsie Ann SCHNEIDER.
          v. Earl William PHAYER, born Arcadia, 1900; died St Louis, 1922.
          vi. Charles Richard PHAYER, born Arcadia, 1903; died 1997; married 1stly, Opal NELSON; he married 2ndly LaVerne TUCKER.
          vii. Winifred Agnes PHAYER, born Arcadia, 1905; died at Denver, Colorado, 1951.
     f. Susan Johanna PHAYER, born Alton, 14 Feb 1863 or 1864; died at Los Angeles, 15 Dec 1947; married at Alton, 29 Aug 1887, John Patrick ROACH (born Limerick, Ireland, 1866); he died at L.A.,1939; issue 11 children, including:
          i. John Joseph ROACH, born 1894.
     g. Elizabeth PHAYER, born Upper Alton,15 Jan 1866; died at Clayton, Missouri, 11 Dec 1959; married Richard HEATH (died 1949); issue:
          i. John HEATH, born 1902; died 1920
3. William PHAYER, bapt St John's, Limerick, 10 Apr 1810. See [K] next.
4. Susannah PHAYER, born ca 1812; died 1897; married John HEAVENER, with issue.
5. Charles PHAYER, born ca 1819; probably died at Meelick, County Clare, 25 Jul 1879, & Reg'd at Limerick, Sep qtr 1879, aged 60 [Vol.5, p.242]; probate granted to Edward PHAYER of George Street, Limerick, Gent; said to have married Margaret POWER, with issue.
6. Jane PHAYER, born ca 1823; died County Limerick, 1863; married at Limerick, 23 Mar 1848, Richard MILLER [Limerick Chronicle]; issue included (with details from Barbara PHAYRE's pedigree in her "Cromwell's Legacy"):
     a. Margaret Crawford MILLER, born 23 Mar 1849; married in Dublin, 23 Oct 1872, her cousin, William PHAYER, & emigrated to Australia [see below].
     b. Catherine Jane MILLER, born 7 Jun 1850; died Cape Town, 1935; married Richard Freeman CARMICHAEL.
     c. Jessie MILLER, born 6 Jul 1852; died young.
     d. Isabella Jessie MILLER, born 2 Nov 1856 (sic - perhaps in error for 1854?); died 1912.
     e. Duncan Taylor MILLER, born 4 Jul 1856; died 1928.
     f. Richard MILLER, born 1 Feb 1858; Midshipman, R.N.; drowned in 1874, off the coast of West Africa, 1874 (Ashanti War)
     g. William Phayer MILLER, b 19 Sep 1859; emigrated to Australia; his wife Annie Louisa MILLER died at Geelong, 26 Feb 1917, mother of Louie (Mrs G.C. BROMELL), Behan & Frank.
7. Richard PHAYER, born ca 1823; Coach builder; married Margaret MULCAHY; issue included:
     a. Richard PHAYER, born 13 Aug 1861; died on 9 Oct 1943; married on 4 Feb 1888, Bridget MAHONY (1864-1949); issue included:
          i. Mary Ellen PHAYER, born 22 Feb 1889; married 1stly, John O'CONNELL (died at Ypres, 1917); she married 2ndly, Thomas ROCHE.
          iv. Michael Conleth PHAYER, born Limerick, 12 Apr 1895; emigrated to Queensland; Saddler, Kuder's Hotel, Barcaldine, Kennedy Division, 1937; enlisted  in the 2nd A.I.F., at Brisbane, next-of-kin Ellen ROACH; died in Qld, 1960 #C2588, born Limerick, aged 65 (parents not recorded).
8. Thomas PHAYER, born ca 1825; Coach builder.
9. Catherine PHAYER, born ca 1827; aged 20, of Caherconlish, when married at Dromkeen, County Limerick, 28 Oct 1847, to Richard KEAYS of Grange (son of William KEAYS, Farmer), witnessed William KEAYS & N.L. PHAYER.

[K] William PHAYER; Coachbuilder, 58 O'Connell Street, Limerick; J.P.; resided at India Villa, Corbally, County Limerick; living 1861; had a family vault in St Munchin's, Limerick; married at St Michael's, Limerick, 20 Nov 1837, Ellen (or Eleanor) Lloyd MYLES; she died at 58 George Street, Limerick, 24 Jul 1879, aged 61; issue (with some details from Barbara PHAYRE's pedigree in her "Cromwell's Legacy"):
1. Richard Miles PHAYER, bapt St Michael's, Limerick, 21 Oct 1838; emigrated to Australia; "eldest son" when he died at Ballan, 14 Sep 1881, aged 41 [Argus, Thur 15 Sep]; probably married Mary PROUDFOOT alias KAVANAGH; she possibly died at Ballarat, 1893 #12913, aged 53 (parents Laurence KAVANAGH & Mary MURRAY or MURPHY).
2. Ellen Elizabeth PHAYER, bapt St Michael's, Limerick, 17 Nov 1839; died in London, 1919; as Elizabeth, married at Parteen Church, 25 Jun 1857, Dr Edward Canny RYALL, H.M.'s 86th Regiment [Limerick Chronicle]; he died in Jul 1880; issue:
     a. Edward Canny RYALL, born Queen's County, 1865; died London, 1934.
     b. William Phayer RYALL, born Isle of Wight, 1867.
     c. Charles RYALL, born Isle of Wight, 1870.
     d. Alice Maude May RYALL, born Kilkee, County Clare, 1872.
     e. Kathleen Ethel RYALL, born 1874.
3. Catherine (Kate) Jane PHAYER, born ca 1841; 2nd daughter; married 1stly, St Patrick's, Clare, 29 Apr 1861, Robert CRUISE; he died at Hartstronge Street, Limerick, 11 Mar 1862; she married 2ndly, at St Thomas's C.of I., Dublin, 18 Jun 1867, Albert John BEARDSHAW.
4. Anna Maria PHAYER, born 13 Jan 1843; as the 3rd daughter, married at St George's Cathedral, Cape Town, 27 Dec 1866, R. A. ZEEDERBERGH, Esq, M.D., eldest son of R.A. ZEEDERBERGH, Merchant in Cape Town [Limerick Chronicle].
5. William PHAYER, born Limerick, 30 Apr 1844; went to Australia, probably arriving in Melbourne in Dec 1872 on the ship "Marpesia" with wife Margaret; settled at Foster, Gippsland, Vic; died at Foster, Vic, 23 Jul 1896 #5970, aged 52 (parents named).

[The PHAYER plot in Foster Cemetery.]

William married in Dublin, 23 Oct 1872, his cousin Margaret Crawford MILLER; she died at the residence of her daughter (Mrs Jessie CHEATLE), 90 Molesworth Street, North Melbourne, on 13 Sep 1940 #9309, aged 91 (parents Richard & Jane MILLER); issue:
     a. William Richard PHAYER, born Foster, Vic, 1874; died at Dandenong, 3 Aug 1945, aged 71, late of Dunblane Road, Noble Park; married 1902 #2509, Violet TWITE; she died at Brunswick, May 1935 #3671 (parents George TWITE & Jane WARREN); issue:
          i. Dorothy (Doris) Margaret Isabella PHAYER, born Vic, 1903 #3297; married SMITH.
     b. Alice Maude PHAYER, born Vic ca 1876; died Foster, 1877 #1448, aged 1, & buried in the family plot in foster Cemetery [M.I.].
     c. Edward Charles PHAYER, born Foster, 1878; died Fitzroy, Vic, 23 Jun 1936 #6311, aged 58; married 1909 #5215, Margaret Isabella Mary SCOTT; she died at Box Hill, Vic, 1954 #6994 (parents Isaac St SCOTT & Mary Ann FLINN); issue:
          i. Edward PHAYER.
          ii. Kathleen PHAYER.
          iii. Dulcie PHAYER.
          iv. Ronald PHAYER.
     d. Richard Carmichael PHAYER, born Foster, 1881; died at Foster, 1888 #9476, & buried in the family plot at Foster Cemetery [M.I.].
     e. Margaret Beatrice PHAYER, born Foster, 1883, a twin; died 1901 #1711, aged 17.
     f. Mary Ethel PHAYRE, born Foster, 1883, the other twin; died 1966; died at Cambrian Hill, Vic, 1966 #25591, aged 85 (parents named); married Vic, 1905 #3254, Joseph Francis ANDERSON; issue:
          i. James Shields ANDERSON, born Carlton, 1905 #9106; died Preston, Vic, 1960 #34982, aged 55 (parents named).
          ii. Reginald Francis ANDERSON, born Toorak, Vic, 1909 #6830; died Crel, Vic, 1979 #18322, aged 70 (parents named).
     g. Kathleen Jane PHAYER, born Foster, 1886; died at Foster, 1899 #5785, aged 12 (parents named).
     h. Vivian Charles, born Foster, 1886; died 1958; of Yea, when married on 14 Jan 1915 #1324, to Henrietta Joan RAMSAY [Toora & Welshpool --- & South Gippsland Observer, Fri 5 Feb].
      j. Jessie PHAYER, born ca 1890; at 90 Molesworth Street, North Melbourne, 1937  to 1954; died at Kew, Vic, 1962 #21985, aged 71 (parents named); married ca 1935, Simeon CHEATLE; he died at 90 Molesworth Street, North Melbourne, 25 Oct 1945 (parents Simeon CHEATLE Senior & Elizabeth Ann MUDGE).
     k. Eileen PHAYER, born ca 1895; living Sep 1940; died Vic, 1986, aged 91; married Loftus Algie STEWART, with issue. 
     m. Dorothea PHAYER, born ca 1902; unmarried, with mother, 1915; died at Dandenong, 1949 #18355, aged 46 (parents named).
6. Henrietta PHAYER, born 16 Apr 1847; probably died at Kilkenny, Dec qtr 1920, aged 73 [Vol.3, p.289]; 4th daughter, married at St Paul's, Cork, Nov 1870, Edward DUNPHY of Cork; they were at Quarrylands, Rural Kilkenny, 1901 Census, both aged 54, with 3 children; ditto 1911, aged 63, with daughter, married 40 years with 12 children surviving from 13 born; issue:
     a. (child), born Kilkenny, 8 Oct 1871.
     b. (child), born Kilkenny, 18 Dec 1872.
     c. Edward Garnett DUNPHY, born Kilkenny, 23 Mqr 1874.
     d. Charles William Phayre DUNPHY; died at Mount Sion, Kilkenny, 27 Jan 1876, an infant. Perhaps one of (a) or (b)?
     e. Christina DUNPHY, born County Kilkenny, ca 1878; aged 13, with parents, 1901 Census.
     f. Frederick DUNPHY, born Kilkenny, 13 Sep 1879.
     g. Victor DUNPHY, born County Kilkenny, ca 1882; aged 18, with parents, 1901 Census.
     h. Eileen DUNPHY, born County Kilkenny, ca 1884; aged 26, with parents, 1911 Census.
     j. Henry DUNPHY, born County Kilkenny, ca 1886; aged 14, with parents, 1901 Census.
7. Rebecca PHAYER, born 25 Oct 1848; died at Indiaville, 8 Feb 1862, aged 13.
8. Thomas PHAYER, born 17 Apr 1850; emigrated to Victoria; at Echuca, 1881, a Steam-boat hand on the vessel "Tyro" under Capt HANSEN (engaged on it in 1880), when he gave evidence in a slander trial brought on by a passenger against HANSEN; eventually settled in Mildura, as a Carter; entered his "cottage garden" at Orange Avenue in the Mildura Garden Competition, Dec 1890; his house in Orange Avenue caught fire in Dec 1909, destroying the interior & contents; married at Wentworth, N.S.W., 1885 #7409, Isabella HUSSEY; she died at South Melbourne, 1928 #2852, aged 63 (parents Henry HUSSEY & Sarah ASHWORTH); issue:
     a. Flor. Mary PHAYER, born Vic, 1891 #25682.
     b. William Henry PHAYER, born Vic, 1893 #5963; enlisted in the A.I.F., 9 Aug 1915, aged 22 yrs 8 mos, Coach Driver; Served in France  with the 6th Infantry Battalion; wounded in France, 25 Jul 1916; returned to Australia, 4 May 1917, on H.M.A.T. Runic, & discharged on 13 Aug 1917; Farmer at Caldermeade, 1931; Farmer, Lang Lang, 1936; Farmer, Koo-Wee-Rup, 1949; at 1 Hemming Street, Dandenong, 1963; he died at Dandenong, 1964 #16456, aged 71 (parents named); probably married Alice Hilda (she was with him, Home Duties, 1931-1963); possible issue:
          i. John Charles PHAIRE, born Melbourne, 17 May 1918; enlisted in the 2nd A.I.F., in the field in Qld, next-of-kin Alice PHAYER.
     c. Charles Ashworth PHAYER, born Vic, 1895 #14408; enlisted in the A.I.F., 14 Oct 1914, aged 19, Horse driver; embarked in Melbourne, 13 Apr 1915, on H.M.A.T. Wiltshire; & served with the 4th Regt, 9th Light Horse, at Gallipoli (May to Nov 1915); returned to Australia from Suez, Jan 1916 & discharged Jun 1916; Member of the Melbourne Harbour Trust, 1939; wide experience in the Milk Industry; Managing Director of the Longwarry Butter Factory Coy; Office Bearer, Victorian Branch, United Country Party; died at his residence, 199 Lennox Street, Richmond, 24 Aug 1948 #9311, aged 53, & cremated at Fawkner Crematorium, 26 Aug (Methodist); married Vic, 1916 #5614, Catherine Theresa McHUGH; issue 5 sons & 2 daughters surviving, including:
          i. Reginald Ashworth PHAYER, born Whittlesea, Vic, 14 Jan 1917; enlisted in the 2nd A.I.F. at Warrugul, next-of-kin Charles PHAYER, SN V42241; at 24 Bridge Street, Noble Park, 1963, with probable wife Clara Iris.
     d. Ellen PHAYER, born Vic, 1897 #13045.
     e. Reginald Myles PHAYER, born Vic, 1898 #20759; Private, A.I.F., enlisted at Mildura, 2 May 1916, Shop Assistant, aged 18 yrs 1 mo; embarked at Melbourne, 16 Aug 1916, on the R.M.S. Orontes; served with 38th Infantry Battalion, Western Front; killed-in-action at Messines, Belgium, 7 or 9 Jun 1917, aged 18 years & 10 months.
     f. Thomas Vivian PHAYER, born Vic, 1901 #13037; died Fran., Vic, 1978 #10463, aged 77 (parents named).
     g. Nora PHAYRE, born Vic, 1903 #27494; as Noreen Louise DAKIS, died at Mildura, 1980  #25001, aged 77 (parents named).
     h. Keith PHAYER, born Vic, 1906 #12527; died aged 1 day.
9. Susannah PHAYER, born 2 Sep 1851; probate granted 30 Jul 1888; married in 1880, Arthur BEECHWOOD [Barbara PHAYRE's pedigree]; issue included:
     a. Arthur William BEECHWOOD, born Dublin, 29 Dec 1880.
10. Alice Maude (Mary) PHAYER, born 11 Oct 1852; "...younger daughter" when she died at her father's residence, India Villa, Corbally, 11 Dec 1871, aged 19 [Limerick Chronicle, 12 Dec].
11. Charles PHAYER, b ca 1855; died at Corbally, 29 Dec 1874 [Barbara PHAYRE's pedigree].
12. Edward Canny PHAYER, born at Corbally, 3 Jun 1858 [Limerick Chronicle]; went to South Africa; died at Orange Free State, 9 Nov 1882.


Robert PHAIR; Sergeant, 48th Regiment; this Regiment sailed from Cork to N.S.W. in 1817; married at St Phillip's Church, Sydney, 19 Feb 1824, Sarah BARLOW, widow; her 1st husband, Sergeant Edward BARLOW, Quarter Master, 48th Regiment, had died in the Military Hospital, Sydney, 20 Feb 1823 (by whom she had a daughter Elizabeth BARLOW, who married in Oct 1823 James RICHARDSON, 48th Regiment - and they had three younger children born in Sydney, 1818-1822); the 48th went to India in 1824; all four of them - "Sgt FAIR, who married the widow of Sgt BARLOW, Mrs FAIR, as well as her daughter Mrs RICHARDSON & son-in-law Sgt RICHARDSON" - were reported as having died in Madras, that report published in the Sydney Gazette, 25 Nov 1824, & in Hobart Town Gazette of 24 Dec 1824.

Robert PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1811-12, son of William & Jane; aged 38, Farm Labour, when he arrived in Sydney on the ship Lloyds, with wife & 4 children; he died at his residence, 50 Hay Street off Sussex Street, Sydney, Dec 1878 [Sydney Morning Herald, Tue 17 Dec]; married Ellen MONTGOMERY; she was aged 37 on arrival in 1859, her parents recorded on indent as John & Eliza MONTGOMERY; she died at 362 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 27 May 1858, aged 40 years [S.M.H., Thur 10 Jun]; issue:
     a. John Thomas PHAIR, born at Ballyconnell, County Cavan, ca 1836; aged 14, Labourer, on arrival in N.S.W., 1850; eldest son; died at his father's residence, 128 Bourke Street, Woolloomooloo, 26 Feb 1864 #553, aged 25 [S.M.H., Sat 27 Feb].
     b. James PHAIR, born Ballyconnell, County Cavan, ca 1837 ; aged 13 on arrival in N.S.W., 1850. Possibly [M] below.
     c. Eliza PHAIR, born Machan, County Cavan, ca 1843; aged 8 on arrival in N.S.W., 1850.
     d. Louisa PHAIR, born Machan, County Cavan, ca 1843; aged 6 on arrival in N.S.W., 1850; youngest daughter; married Sydney, 5 Jun 1867, by Rev William CURNOW, to James Henry BERRY (son of Francis BERRY); issue.
It is possible that this family may have been related to Henry PHAIR, who was "murdered" in San Jose County, California, in Apr 1871, aged about 50 (born in Ireland), allegedly by his wife Annie PHAIR and his nephew Thomas MONTGOMERY, based on evidence given by another nephew, William PHAIR.

John PHAIR; in N.S.W. before 1865; horse trainer, of Oberon, N.S.W.; sold his farm, on the Fish River, near Oberon, in Mar 1889; died at his residence, Perry Street, Canterbury, 12 Jan 1911 #1029, aged 70 (parents named as John & Jane); married at Bathurst, 1865 #145, Jessie Martha WHALAN; she died at Canterbury, 1930 #11890; issue:
     a. Ann Jane PHAIR, born Hartley, 1866 #9231; died at Burragorang, 10 Dec 1930; married in 1886, John GRUNDY.
     b. Robert J. PHAIR, born Hartley, 1868 #10155.
     c. George PHAIR, born Hartley, 1870 #10746; thrown from his horse at Oberon, May 1890, & lay unconscious at his father's house for some days [Bathurst Free Press, Tue 13 May]; an employe of Mr F.S. GRAHAM of Oberon, 1899; jumped or fell overboard & drowned during a voyage on the ship Mauaroa from N.Z. to Sydney, Aug 1899.
     d. Emma Matilda PHAIR, born Hartley, 1872 #11038; married John WANDBY.
     e. Rosa Maria PHAIR, born Hartley, 1874 #12177.
     f. John Ernest PHAIR, born Hartley, 1876 #7813.
     g. Jessie Caroline PHAIR, born Hartley, 1881 #17435.
     h. Oswald C. PHAIR, born Hartley, 1885 #14259.
See Ross BEATTIE of Sydney's well researched notes on this family on his web-page at:

John PHAIR; of County Tyrone; he died relatively young, leaving his wife with "...a young family of 4 sons and 4 daughters"; married Mary IRWIN or IRVINE, born ca Jun 1818, a "...niece of Rev Arthur IRVINE & Capt George IRVINE"; she died in Aug 1918, " her home farm, Laughterush, near Belfast, at the age of 100 years and 2 months" [Maitland Mercury, 18 Nov 1918], leaving 3 sons & 2 daughters surviving her, of whom three emigrated to Australia; issue:
     a. Christopher PHAIR, born ca 1839; emigrated from Ireland on the ship "Hereford" arriving in Sydney, 22 Apr 1882; Baker; settled in East Maitland, & was in the bakery business with his brother John; died at the residence of his brother-in-law (Mr James WYLLIE), Anne Street, East Maitland, Jul 1915 #9434 [Maitland Daily News, &c, Sat 31 Jul], aged 66, a native of Loughterush, County Tyrone; unmarried; buried East Maitland Cemetery, Presbyterian, Row 13, aged 76 [M.I.].
     b. Ann Jane PHAIR, born ca 1841; emigrated to N.S.W. before 1871; died at Ann Street, East Maitland, 5 Oct 1922, aged 81, without issue, leaving her husband, and three brothers surviving her [Maitland Weekly, Sat 7 Oct]; she married at Paterson, N.S.W., 1871 #3203, James WYLLIE; he was a Baker in East Maitland, both buried East Maitland General Cemetery, Presbyterian, Row 13  [M.I.].
     c. William PHAIR, born 9 Apr 1843; living in Bendigo, 1922;died at Golden Square, Bendigo, 20 Jun 1931; married in Vic, 18 Mar 1890, Caroline Charlotte Alice CARTER; she died 1951, aged 87; issue:
          i. Caroline Mary Alice May PHAIR, born 1891; died at Leongatha, Vic, 1969 #11541, aged 78; married Vic, 1914, Charles John CHRISTOPHERSON.
          ii. Clarice Beatrice Ann PAIR, born ca 1892; died Mount Albert, Vic, 1978 #5896, aged 85; married 1stly, Vic, 1917, Herbert Henry PITHIE; she married 2ndly, Mr TEAGUE.
          iii. Thomas William PHAIR, born ca 1894; died at Heidelberg, 1973 #23368, aged 78.
          iv. Edith Elizabeth PHAIR, born ca 1899; died 1967 #14056, aged 67
          v. Gertrude Olive Edna PHAIR, born 1902; died 1950.
     d. James PHAIR; living in Ireland, 1922.
     e. Eliza PHAIR, born County Tyrone, ca 1853; died at Loughterush, Kelsherry, County Tyrone, 6 Feb 1922, aged 68 [Maitland Mercury, 30 Mar].
     f. John Gerard PHAIR, born County Tyrone, ca 1854; emigrated to N.S.W.; in N.S.W., Dec 1879, when he paid an immigration deposit for his brother Christopher; ran a Bakery business in Maitland with his brother Christopher; died at East Maitland, Feb 1926 #11890, & buried East Maitland General Cemetery, Presbyterian Section, Row 13, aged 71 [M.I.].

[M] James PHAIR died at Broulee, N.S.W., 1863 #3202, aged 24, parents not named; he died from injuries sustained during an altercation with Charles BRYEN, who was charged with feloniously slaying PHAIR at Nerringdah, near Araluen; BRYEN had retaliated against PHAIR for his using an abusive epithet against him and kicking him, while they were both in the company of Mrs Ellen WHITE; PHAIR died some hours after receiving a head wound from a table knife which BRYEN was holding.
James may have been the 13 year old son of Robert & Eliza PHAIR who arrived in N.S.W. in Jun 1850 (see above).
Or he may have been from County Tyrone, possibly instead a FAIR, who appears to have had a son named James Graham PHAIR or FAIR, said to have been born on 4 Sep 1858, only son of James PHAIR and Mary Ellen DOYLE (but N.S.W. Statutory Indexes do not record a birth to these parents).


James PHAYRE or PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1813, son of as Edward PHAIR & Mary HANNAH; at 116 Green Street, Calton, Glasgow, 1851 Census, aged 37, Founder, with wife, 7 children, & two MITCHELL Visitors; he died in Qld, 10 Sep 1888 #3071 (parents named); he married, ca 1835, Catherine WILLIS (born Ireland, ca 1813), probably in Ireland; she was aged 35, Spinner, with her husband & family, 1851; she died in Qld, 1899 #C3521, aged 85, born Ireland, daughter of Hugh WILLIS; they had issue, including:
1. Mary Anne PHAIR, born Paisley, Renfrewshire, ca 1836; aged 14, Spinner, with parents, 1851; died Qld, 1878 #B12127 (parents named); married Qld, 20 Sep 1867 #C294, Robert WEIR; issue:
     a. Robina WEIR, born Qld, 1874 #B17177.
2. Isabella PHAIR, born Muirkirk, Scotland, ca 1838; aged 12, Spinner, with parents, 1851; died Qld, 26 Jul 1907 #B8333 (parents named); married at Ipswich, Qld, 22 Nov 1866 #C353, Malcolm McINTYRE; he died at Allora, Qld, 24 Sep 1880; issue:
     a. Jane McINTYRE, born Qld, 6 Oct 1867 #C1575; died 25 Apr 1873.
     b. Peter McINTYRE, born Qld, 8 Jan 1869 #1022.
     c. Violet Isabella McINTYRE, born Qld, 11 Nov 870 #C1642; died 16 Dec 1871.
     d. James Phair McINTYRE, born Qld,,20 Apr 1872 #B13952.
     e. Isabella McINTYRE, born Qld, 1874 #B17367.
     f. Catherine Jane McINTYRE, born Qld,11 Mar 1876 #B20648.
     g. Malcolm McINTYRE, born Qld, 29 Oct 1877 #B22820; died 6 Sep 1878.
     h. Emily Agnes McINTYRE, born Qld, 17 Jul 1879 #B2524.
3. Edward PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1841; aged 9, Scholar, with parents, 1851; died Brisbane, 1923 #B38983 (parents named); married Qld, 30 Aug 1863 #C207, Agnes Carnachan BARR; she died at Taringa, Qld, on 16 Jul 1899 #C4494 (eldest daughter of John BARR of Glasgow & Catherine CARNACHAN); issue:
     a. Edward James PHAIR, born Qld, 30 Aug 1865 #C1027; died Brisbane, 1937 #B35272 (parents named).
     b. John Barr PHAIR, born Qld, 1 Oct 1866 #C1381; died Brisbane, 1920 #B32638 (parents named).
     c. Agnes PHAIR, born Qld, 10 Jul 1868 #C1350; married at South Brisbane, 31 Dec 1905, Archie LEEDER, the marriage recorded in a press notice as "...a deaf mute wedding" attended by her brother Mr J. Barr PHAYRE and sisters Misses A.K. & Eva.
     d. Annie PHAIR, born Qld, 16 Apr 1870 #C1246; died Brisbane, 1952 #B38405 (parents named); married KIRK.
     e. Lilly PHAIR, born Qld, 5 Apr 1872 #C1112.
     f. Robert Barr PHAIR, born Qld, 24 Jan 1875 #B18366; died Brisbane, 17 Aug 1875 #9842
     g. Jeanie PHAIR, born Qld, 9 Dec 1876 #C2474.
     h. Eva PHAIR, born Qld, 30 Apr 1879 #C2849.
4. James PHAIR, born Campsie, Lanarkshire, ca 1843; aged 7, Scholar, with parents, 1851.
5. Hugh Wallace PHAIR, born Glasgow, ca 1846; aged 4, with parents, 1851; died in Brisbane, 9 Oct 1913 #B18285 (parents named), & buried at Toowong Cemetery; married 1stly, 1 Oct 1874 #279, Emily Jane HASWELL, daur of John BUSAIN & Harriett ALLOTT; she died in Qld, 29 Dec 1877; Hugh married 2ndly, in Qld, 10 Apr 1880, Elizabeth DEAL (daughter of Philip Conrad DEAL & Elizabeth LEAVENSHIRE); she died in Brisbane, 1941, & was buried with her husband; issue:
     a. Margaret PHAIR, born Brisbane, 14 Jun1881 #B27271.
     b. Hugh Deal PHAIR, born Brisbane, 15 Apr 1883 #B30488; died in Brisbane, 195.
     c. James Edward PHAIR, born Brisbane, 9 Jan 1886 #B35847.
     d. Malcolm Robert PHAIR, born Brisbane, 1888 #B41754.
     e. Theresa PHAIR, born Brisbane, 1892 #B50609.
     f. Isabella Mary PHAIR, born Qld, 1895 #C10050.
6. Margaret PHAIR, born Glasgow, ca 1848; aged 2, with parents, 1851; died Qld, 1872 #C387 (parents named); married at North Ipswich, Qld, on 28 Jan 1870 #C177, Hugh STEWART, both of Ipswich; issue:
     a. Catherine STEWART, born Qld, 1871 #C1094.
7. Catherine PHAIR, born Glasgow, 1851; aged 2 months, with parents, 1851; of Ipswich, when married at Roma, Qld, 31 Aug 1869, Thomas INSKIP of Upper Dawson.
8. John PHAIR; died Qld, 1910 #C1145 (parents named).
9. Jane PHAIR, born Calton, Glasgow, 25 Oct 1858.

George PHAYRE, born Ireland, ca 1838, son of George PHAYRE; he died in Qld, 1895 #C1130, aged 56, father only named.


Several PHAIR families in New Zealand are mentioned elsewhere.

Other New Zealand PHAIRs are as follows:

James Alexander PHAIR, born ca Oct-Nov 1835; of Crossan, County Tyrone; emigrated to N.S.W. in 1864; followed gold to the West Coast of N.Z. in 1865; Settler, Regent Street, Hawera, 1911 electoral Roll (Patea, Taranaki), freehold in Sections 52 & 53, Block XIV, Hawera, with wife & 3 children; he died at his residence, Regent Street, Hawera, 25 Aug 1915, aged 79 (two months short of his 80th birthday); married by the Rev G.T.W. WATKIN, on 22 Nov 1875, Miss Mary PHAIR, 3rd daughter of Mrs PHAIR, Loughterish, County Tyrone [Grey River Argus, 24 Nov]; she died at Hawera, 27 Jun 1916, aged 68; they had issue:
1. Mary Jane PHAIR, born N.Z., 1876 #13064; died at Hawera, 17 Feb 1910, aged 33, late of regent Street [Hawera & Normanby Standard, 26 Aug]; unmarried.
2. Eliza PHAIR, born N.Z., 1879 #13487; Spinster, with parents, 1911; died 1960 #38730, aged 81 years.
3. Margaret PHAIR, born N.Z., 1883 #6591; Spinster, with parents, 1911; died 1929 #13259, aged 45 years.
4. James PHAIR, born N.Z., 1885 #10365; Assistant Moulder, with parents, 1911; died 1954 #25946, aged 69. 

John Clayton PHAIR, born at Bethnall Green, London, 10 Oct 1832 (son of Rev John William PHAIR, Dissenting Minister, by Hannah TAYLOR); aged 8, with parents, at Little Hadham, Herts, 1841 Census; at New Alresford, Hants, 1861 Census, aged 28, Grocer's Shopman, & servant of Richard P. GREEN, Grocer & Master Baker; a Corn Merchant in Southsea, England; went to N.Z.; at Bridge Street, Napier, 1896 Electoral Roll (Hawke's Bay), Storeman, residential, with Mary Hannah PHAIR, Spinster; he died in N.Z., 27 Feb 1898, aged 65, and was buried at Old Napier Cemetery, Hawke's Bay; married at Droxford, Hampshire, March quarter 1863, to Annabella GREEN; she was with her parents at West Meon, Hants, 1871 Census, aged 37, Married, with her 4 children; she was at Ceylon Villa, Southampton Road, Fareham, Hants, 1881 Census, aged 47, Annuitant, and her 5 children; ditto 1891, with 3 children; at Alresford, Hampshire, 1911 Census, aged 77, Widow, with daughter; she died at West Meon, Hampshire, 6 Nov 1916, aged 83; they had issue:
1. John William PHAIR, born Southsea, Hampshire, 1865; aged 6, with grand-parents, 1871; aged 16, Telegraphist, with mother, 1881; aged 26, Pictorial Artist Illustrator, with mother, 1891.
2. Henry Joseph PHAIR, born Southsea, 1866, aged 5, with grand-parents, 1871; aged 15, Telegraphist, with mother, 1881; died 1960.
3. Mary Hannah PHAIR, born Southsea, 1868; aged 3, with grand-parents, 1871; went to New Zealand; she was married at St Barnabas's Church, 28 Aug 1905, to Charles Burdon BUXTON, 2nd son of the late John BUXTON of Malton, Yorks, Engineer [N.Z. Herald, 13 Sep].
4. Samuel PHAIR, born West Meon, Hampshire, 1870; aged 1, with grand-parents, 1871; aged 11, Schoar, with mother 1881; went to New Zealand; died Sep 1956, aged 86, & buried at Hamilton East Cemetery.
5. Charles Oakshott PHAIR, born Bedhampton, Hampshire, March quarter 1872; aged 9, Scholar, with mother, 1881; went to New Zealand; Dairy Farmer, Kaihoke, Bay of Islands; died 8 Mar 1955, aged 84, & buried at Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland; married in N.Z., Elizabeth SUTTON; she died at kaihoke, 23 Mar 1952, aged 76; issue:
     a. Gwendolyn Edna Nora PHAIR, born N.Z., 1909 #17604; died 1975; married Alfred John CONNELL.
     b. Norma Anita PHAIR, born N.Z., 1910 #16538
6. Eleanor Annie PHAIR, born Westbourne, Sussex, 1874; aged 16, with mother, 1891; aged 35, unmarried, with widowed mother 1911.
7. Annabella Sarah PHAIR, born Fareham, Hampshire, 1878; aged 2, with mother, 1881; aged 12, Scholar, with mother 1891.

Ernest PHAIR, born Ireland, 26 Nov 1861, elder son of Rev John Pickering PHAIR & Elizabeth SMITH (& so a grandson of William PHAIR of Butlerstown, Glanmire, County Cork, & Elizabeth PICKERING - see below); went to New Zealand ca 1886; went to Washington, U.S., 1890; at East 5th Avenue, Spokane, Washington, 1900 Census, aged 39, Carpenter, with wife & 4 children; aged 68, with wife, 1920 Census, residing with their son Ernest; at Road 277, Dockton, King County, Washington, 1930, aged 68, with wife & divorced son; died at Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington, 4 Jun 1930 (aged 68yr 7mo 9d); married at Mallow, County Cork, March quarter 1885 [Vol.5, p.407], to Alice Marion CROFTS (born Ireland, 24 Jan 1863, daughter of Christopher CROFTS & Sarah Grace LYSAGHT) ); she died  at Tacoma, Washington, 10 Sep 1939 (aged 76yr 7mo 16d); issue:
1. Ernest Richard PHAIR, born Auckland, 26 Feb 1887 #16226; Retail Pharmacist in a Drug Store, Tacoma; at Tacoma Ward 1, Pierce County, 1920 census, aged 31, with wife, father, mother & 2 sisters; died at Tacoma, 6 Feb 1953; married Josephine E. BJORNVICK.
2. Francis Frederick PHAIR, born Auckland, 3 Apr 1888 #1928; Manufacturing Jeweller; aged 42, Divorced, with parents, 1930 Census; at a Veteran's Administration Facility, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, 1940 Census, aged 52; died at Tacoma, 4 Feb 1950; married at Kootenai, Idaho, 28 Oct 1919, Marmie WILLIAMS, aged 24, born Montana.
3. Walter L. PHAIR, born Spokane, Washington, 25 Sep 1889; aged 11, with parents, 1900.
4. Eileen V., born Spokane, 25 Sep 1896; aged 9 (sic - born Sep 1892), with parents, 1900; aged 24, with brother, 1920.
4. Kathleen Dorothy PHAIR, born Spokane, 22 Jun 1900; aged 26 (sic), with brother, 1920; died at Seattle, 29 Dec 1980; married twice.
5. Sidney Arthur PHAIR, born Spokane, 29 Jan 1902; died 5 Nov 1991.



Robert PHAIR; married at Trichinopoly, Madras, 29 Dec 1824, Elizabeth CAROLLAN; she was probably the Elizabeth PHAIR who was buried at Trichinopoly, Madras, 21 Feb1827, aged 41.
Robert PHAIR; perhaps the same as the previous, & if so a widower; Lieut, 44th Regiment, when married at Chinsurah, Bengal, 2 Jun 1834, Mary Ann YORK; issue included:
     a. Mary Jane PHAIR, born 20 Jun 1837, & bapt at Ghazeepore, Bengal, 27 Jun.
     b. Maria PHAIR, born 9 Feb 1840 & bapt at Kurnaul, Bengal, 1 Mar, father a Sergeant, 44th Regiment; buried at Kurnaul, 20 Sep 1840.
John PHAIR, born ca 1837; buried at Baroda, Bombay,  8 Jun 1865, aged 28.
James PHAIR, born ca 1847; buried at Hazareebaugh, Bengal, 15 Sep 1865, aged 18.

Thomas PHAYRE; married Margaret (-?-); issue:
     a. Margaret PHAYRE, bapt at Fort William, Bengal, 30 Oct 1825; perhaps buried at Dinapore, Bengal, 22 May 1826, aged 0.
John PHAYRE, born ca 1836; died 15 Mar 1847 and was buried at Subathoo, Bengal, 16 Mar, aged 10.
Daundein Cherubin PHAYRE, born ca 1907; buried at Rangoon, Bengal, 12 Jun 1928, aged 21.

Richard FAIRE; married Mary (-?-); issue:
     a. Eliza FAIRE, bapt Meerut, India, 12 Jul 1827.

William PHAIRE; Lieut, late 54th Regiment of Native Infantry, Assistant Commissioner; marr  Cordelia; issue:
     a. Ethel Ada PHAIRE, born 22 Jul 1860, & bapt at Gowhatty, 30 Mar 1861.
     a. Edith Maud PHAIRE, born 28 Feb 1862, & bapt Seetapore, 1 Jul 1864.
     b. Robert Annesley PHAIR, born 6 May 1863, & bapt Seetapore with his sister.


Andrew PHAIR was born ca 1757, perhaps in Ireland; possibly served in the 9th Regiment of Foot; enlisted on 16 Sep 1781 in Benedict ARNOLD's Loyal American Legion [SABINE, Vol.2], & was appointed Adjutant; his account with Government, dated 2 May 1783 at Staten Island, for Stationery & Sundry for the period 25 Dec 1782 to 24 Jun 1783; he shortly after settled in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where he taught at the College of New Brunswick (formerly the Academy of Liberal Arts and Sciences); Auctioneer, City of St John, New Brunswick, 1813; he was Barracks Master & Postmaster; he died there on 9 Nov 1824, aged 67, & was buried in the Old Burial Ground, Fredericton; his will, dated 3 Mar 1817, was proved 29 Dec 1824, mentioning his wife Margaret (all estate if she survived him), his three children William, Harriet & Isabella (his estate equally divided between them if his wife died before him), his son-in-law John M. STRATON, Royal Artillery, and his step-children Mary & Sarah BARRY, with Administration granted to his son William, "...the widow having declined to act" ["Early New Brunswick Probate Records, 1785-1835," by R. Wallace HALE, 1989, p.358].

[The PHAIR Monument in the Old Burying Ground in Fredericton. Image courtesy of the web-site.]

Andrew married in New York Province, by Provincial License dated 10 May 1782, Mrs Margaret BARRY, a widow.
Margaret is said to have been the widow of Major Henry BARRY (9th Regiment of Foot) - however, Major Henry BARRY (of the 19th Foot) appears to have been still living in 1794 - and a more likely candidate for Margaret's former husband might have been Capt William BARRY (Volunteers of Ireland, 1778), except that he too is ruled out of contention on the grounds that he died in Cork on 31 Dec 1806 (having "...served nearly half a century, with honour and reputation, first in the Saxon, afterwards in the Prussian, and finally in the British armies" [Annual Register, 1806, p.575].
The most likely candidate for Margaret's 1st husband was Lieut William PHAIR, Royal (or Loyal) Forresters Regiment (Apr 1781, formerly King's Orange Rangers), who was probably in winter quarters at Hellgate, New York, when he "...died of a violent fever" a few days before 15 Oct 1781, and was buried at Hallet's Cove, Long Island, "...with all the honours of war" [New York Gazette, cited in the St James's Chronicle (London), 17-20 Nov 1781].
By her 1st husband, Margaret already had two daughters:
1. Mary BARRY, born ca 1778, probably in Ireland; mentioned in her step-father's will, 1817; at Fredericton, 1851 Census, aged 72, born Ireland, residing with her half-sister Harriet PHAIR at the house of their nephew Francis STRATON, Barrister, & his family.
2. Sarah BARRY, probably born ca 1780, perhaps in America; mentioned in her step-father's will, 1817; she died in Fredericton in Sep 1821, "...on Sat last... step-daughter of Andrew PHAIR, Ass't Barrack Master Gen." [N.B. R.G., 24 Sep 1821]; unmarried.
Margaret died at Fredericton on 27 Jul 1833, aged 70, & was buried with her 2nd husband; her will, dated 5 Mar 1820, was proved 26 Oct 1833, mentioning her only son William Barry PHAIR (£518 17s 4d), her two daughters Mary BARRY & Harriet Margaret PHAIR, and her orphaned grandchildren - Frances Sophia Margaret, Isabella & Francis Andrew Henry STRATON - who were to "...reside with & be supported by" her two said daughters.
By Andrew, Margaret had further issue :
3. William Barry PHAIR, born Staten Island, 17 Mar 1783; Ensign, King's New Brunswick Regiment; Lieut, 104th Regiment, 1811, served in the War of 1812, & retired in 1816; settled at Kingsclear; Postmaster, Fredericton, 1825; at Fredericton, 1851 Census, aged 68, with wife (aged 48) & 8 children; died at Fredericton, 12 Mar 1853; married at Fredericton, 5 Aug 1816, Rebecca Hannay RAINSFORD (b 1800); she was at Fredericton, 1861 Census, age 62, Head of Family, with 4 ch'n; she died in 1866; they had issue:
     a. Margaret PHAIR, born 1819; aged 32, with parents, 1851; a Margaret PHAIR, but clearly another, married on 8 Dec 1840, George LEE (b 1816, son of Thomas Carlton LEE by Margaret Lester WETMORE, & so a brother of William Tyng Peters LEE); issue:
          i. Annie Rebecca LEE.
          ii. George LEE.
          iii. William LEE, born 1842; died 30 Mar 1870.
     b. Andrew Stratton PHAIR, born 1821; at Fredericton, 1861 Census, aged 40, with wife, 3 ch'n & his sister-in-law; died at Fredericton, 21 Apr 1875; married Harriett I.S. (RAINSFORD); she was born Canada West, ca 1828 (younger sister of Elizabeth A. RAINSFORD, aged 46 in 1861); they had issue:
          i. William B. PHAIR, born Canada, ca 1852; aged 8, with parents, 1861.
          ii. Harriett H, M, PHAIR, born Canada, ca 1854; aged 6, with parents, 1861.
          iii. Elizabeth A. PHAIR, born Canada, ca 1857; aged 3, with parents, 1861.
     c. William Barry PHAIR, born 1822; aged 29, with parents, 1851; aged 39, with mother, 1861 Census.
     d. John Henry PHAIR, born Fredericton, 20 Dec 1823; Attorney (16 Oct 1845) & Barrister (14 Oct 1847), New Brunswick; at Fredericton, 1851 Census, aged 28, with wife & son; visited Victoria with his brother, 1852, but soon returned to New Brunswick; in legal partnership with his cousin, Francis STRATON, at Fredericton; Fishing Commissioner; appointed Clerk of the Legislative Council, 1891; married at Christ Church, Fredericton, 6 Mar 1850, Sarah Elizabeth COY (born 1835, daughter of Asa COY, Esq, of Fredericton); she was aged 20, with husband, 1851; with her parents, 1861; issue:
          i. Edwin Ernest PHAIR, born Fredericton, 1851; an infant, with parents, 1851 Census; aged 10, with mother & COY grandparents, 1861 Census; died 1929; married 1874, Junita ESTEY, with issue.
          ii. Harry Ring PHAIR, born 1866; died 24 Dec 1941; married Jessie TENNANT.
          iii. Frances Agnes Rebecca PHAIR, born Jul 1870; died 11 Mar 1947; married H. Percy LEE.
     e. Garnet Winslow PHAIR, born 1825; possibly, as Harriet Winslow PHAIR, married on 27 Jun 1850, William Tyng Peters LEE (born 1824, son of Thomas Carlton LEE by Margaret Lester WETMORE - she was a sister of Timothy Peter WETMORE); issue:
          i. Harriet W. LEE, born 1854; died 1874.
     f. Sarah J. PHAIR, born 1825; aged 26, with parents, 1851 Census; aged 36, with mother, 1861 Census.
     g. Harriet Jane PHAIR, born 1828; as Harriet W. PHAIR, aged 24, with parents, 1851 Census; died at Fredericton, 1913.
     h. Robert Armstrong PHAIR, born 1829; aged 22, with parents, 1851 Census; went to Australia, arriving in Victoria, Oct 1852, on the ship "Revenue" from New Brunswick, Canada; at Chambers Street, Prahran, 1865; Hotel Keeper, Clarence Hotel, cnr Collins Street East & Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, where he died, 8 Jul 1868 #6742, aged 38 [Argus, Thu 9 Jul]; Adm'on 30 Jul 1868 to Eliza PHAIR; married Vic, 1864 #1639, Eliza (Agnes) O'SHEA; issue included:
          i. Agnes Frances PHAIR, born Emerald Hill, 1865 #8465; died Vic, 1928; married in Melbourne, 8 Dec 1887, Robert RAMSAY Junior, of Foochow, China - issue included Mary Marshall RAMSAY (mother of British Racing Car Driver & Team Owner, Robert Ramsay Campbell WALKER) & Marshall Clive RAMSAY (died Vic, 1912, aged 9).
          ii. Ernest Clarence PHAIR, born Melbourne, 1867 #16880.
     j. Mary Emerson PHAIR, born 1830; aged 21, with parents, 1851 Census; aged 30, with mother, 1861 Census..
     k. Francis Spencer Blair PHAIR, born 1833; as Spencer, aged 16, with parents, 1851 Census; aged 28, with mother, 1861 Census; died at Fredericton, 1862.
     l. Frances Katherine PHAIR, born 1836; aged 13, with parents, 1851 Census; died at Fredericton, 1861.
     m. Charles Edward PHAIR, born 1839; died 1839; infant.
4. Harriett Margaret PHAIR, born America, 1785; aged 60, with nephew Francis STRATTON, 1861 Census; died at Fredericton, 1863.
5. Isabella S. PHAIR; died at St Kits, 22 Oct 1818, of Yellow Fever; married at Fredericton, 9 Sep 1809, John Mathew (or Murray) STRATON, Captain, Royal Artillery; he was Gentleman Cadet, R.A., 7 Dec 1802, 2nd Lieut, 10 Apr 1804, 1st Lieut, 10 Oct 1804, & 2nd Captain, 17 Dec 1813 ["List of Officers of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, ...1763 to the present," by John KANE, London, 1815]; he also died at Basseterre, St Kitts, 22 Oct 1818, of Yellow Fever [the date hand written as a note beside his entry in KANE's 1815 "List of Officers..."]; they had issue, taken from St Kitts to her mother in New Brunswick by a fellow Artillery Officer:
     a. Frances Sophia Margaret STRATON, born 1810; mentioned in her PHAIR grandfather's will, 3 Mar 1817; died 1842; married 13 Jan 1829, Timothy Robert WETMORE (son of Thomas WETMORE, a Judge, by Sarah PETERS, and so a brother of Margaret Lester WETMORE); with issue:
          i. Isabella Hailes WETMORE.
          ii. Harriet Margaret WETMORE.
          iii. Mary Elizabeth White WETMORE.
          iv. John Stratton WETMORE.
          v. Charles Inglis WETMORE.
          vi. Frances Gustavia WETMORE; aged 13, 1851 Census, with uncle Francis STRATON.
          vii. Emily Myers WETMORE; aged 12, 1851 Census, with uncle Francis STRATON.
     b. Isabella STRATON; mentioned in her PHAIR grandfather's will, 3 Mar 1817.     c. Francis Andrew Henry STRATON, born Gibraltar, 2 Mar 1817; Solicitor in Fredericton, in partnership with his cousin John Henry PHAIR; at Fredericton, 1851 Census, aged 34, with wife, 5 ch'n, & several related lodgers (Mary BARRY & Harriett PHAIR); died at Fredericton, 16 Jun 1900; he married 1stly, 1842, Sarah Jane BLISS (1817-1864), with issue 6 sons, including:
          i. John Mathew STRATON, born 11 Dec 1843; aged 7, with parents, 1851; First Mate on the barque Genii when he perished at sea, 4 Oct 1869, aged 25 years.
          ii. Sarah Isabella STRATON; aged 5, with parents, 1851.
          iii. George Pidgeon Bliss STRATON; aged 4, with parents, 1851.
          iv. Frances Sophia Margaret ATRATON; aged 2, with parents, 1851.
          v. Mary Rebecca Harriett STRATON, born ca 1850; infant, with parents, 1851; died in 1860, aged 9.
          vi. Frank STRATON; died aged 2 years.
          vii. Barry Bliss STRATON, born Fredericton, 27 Dec 1854; a poet; died 10 Oct 1901; married in 1889, Leonora Margaret HARRIS.
          viii. James Murray STRATON, born 1856; died 1883.
          ix. Andrew William STRATON, b 1853; died in 1890, a young man..
          x. Frances STRATON, b 1861; died 1886..
          xi. Thomas Charles Henry STRATON.

Another PHAIR family in Canada & the U.S. tempts finding a connection due to similar names (Andrew & ARMSTRONG), as follows (with acknowledgement to George SPEER's for his on-line pedigrees):

Alexander PHAIR; probably of County Armagh, Ireland; father of:

James PHAIR, born in Ireland, probably in County Armagh, ca 1777; died in 1835; married Elizabeth ARMSTRONG of Belfast; issue:
1. Andrew PHAIR, born ca 1808-10; died at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts, on 10 Apr 1858; married Ann BANNERMAN (b 1814); aged 54, at Limestone, Maine, 1870 Census; she died 1895; issue:
     a. Ann PHAIR, born 1833; married William ROACH (he may have arrived in New York, ca 1840, from Cork, with brother Patrick).
     b. Elizabeth PHAIR, born 1837; married John H. McGOWAN (born Maine, 1835); issue included:
          i. John Franklin McGOWAN.
     c. Jane PHAIR, born at Restigouche, N.B., 2 Jan 1839; died at Drummond, N.B., 9 Oct 1924; married 1stly, on 14 Mar 1863, George D. KETCHUM, of Gordon, Victoria County, N.B.; issue:
          i. Henry Willis KETCHUM, born 1864; died 1910.
Jane married 2ndly, at Grand Falls, Victoria County, N.B., 26 Oct 1869, John Henry DAY; with further issue:
          ii. Evelyn Ella DAY, born N.B., 29 Mar 1871.
          iii. Annie Ada DAY, born N.B., 10 Jan 1873.
          iv. Alice May DAY, born N.B., 28 May 1875.
          v. Nellie Phair DAY, born N.B., 25 Nov 1877; married Charlotte County, N.B., 3 Jan 1903, Harry Herman SMITH, with issue.
          vi. George Herman DAY, born N.B., 7 Dec 1882.
          vii. James William DAY, born N.B., 7 Dec 1882.
          viii. Oram Andrew DAY, born N.B., 4 Aug 1886.
     d. Mary PHAIR, born 1841.
     e. Margaret A. PHAIR, born 25 Jun 1842; married as his 2nd wife, Reuben Brewer CHASE.
     f. James Armstrong PHAIR, born New Brunswick, 1844; at Limestone, Maine, 18710, aged 23, Farmer, with mother & brother; died 12 Oct 1913; married Nellie J. BOLSTRIDGE (born 1859).
     g. William Bannerman PHAIR, born 3 Oct 1849.
     h. Caroline Emily PHAIR, born 15 Feb 1852; married McDONALD.
     j. George Andrew PHAIR, born Maine, 17 Mar 1859; at Limestone, Maine, 1870, aged 15, at home with mother & brother; at Limestone, 1900 Census, aged 45, with 2nd wife Minnie & 7 ch'n; died 29 Nov 1936; married 1stly, Annie Margaret KELLY (b 1859); she died in 1890; he married 2ndly, Minnie May THOMPSON (b 1866); she died 1935.
2. James PHAIR, born 1809; died 1856; married Hannah MURPHY (born 1849); she died 2 Apr 1903; issue:
     a. Alexander PHAIR, born Chatham, New Brunswick, 26 Sep 1841; at Prince Edward Island, 1881 Census, aged 47, Farmer, with 2nd wife & 6 children; at Presque Isle, Maine, 1900 Census, aged 59, Farmer, married 34 years, with wife Annie & 4 ch'n; he died 5 Oct 1926; married 1stly, Jul 1863, Ellen SILLIKER (born 1841); she died 31 May 1864 (buried Cape Travers Cemetery); he married 2ndly, Prince Edward Island, 25 Oct 1865, Angelina ROBINSON alias GAMBLE; she died 1934, aged 86; she was aged 54, with husband, 1900, issue 10 children 9 surviving; issue:
          i. George Robert PHAIR, born P.E.I., Sep 1866; aged 14, with parents, 1881; aged 33, with parents, 1900; of Presque Isle, Maine, 1926.
          ii. Mary PHAIR, born P.E.I., ca 1868; aged 12, with parents, 1881.
          iii. Jane PHAIR, born P.E.I., ca 1869; aged 11, with parents, 1881; Mrs HOWARD of Rockland, Maine, 1926.
          iv. Minnie PHAIR, born P.E.I., ca 1872; aged 8, with parents, 1881; of Danvers, Massachusetts, 1926.
          v. Sarah PHAIR, born P.E.I., ca 1874; aged 6, with parents,1881.

          vi. Peter PHAIR, born P.E.I., Jun 1878; aged 3, with parents, 1881; aged 21, with parents, 1900; of Littleton, Maine, 1926; at Wallow Town, Aroostook County, Maine, 1940 Census, aged 62, with wife (aged 64) & 3 ch'n (aged 12, 5 & 3); he died in Oct 1948; married Mabel CHASE, with issue.
          vii. William PHAIR; of Gardiner, Maine, 1926; of Augusta, 1948.

          viii. Adelia (Dillie) PHAIR, born Maine, Aug 1885; aged 14, with parents, 1900; Mrs IRELAND of Spragueville, Maine, 1926; Mrs Leslie IRELAND of Boston, 1948.
          ix. Elizabeth PHAIR; Mrs CLOCKADILE of Presque Isle, 1926; Mrs GABRIEL of Littleton, 1948; married at Presque Isle, 23 Oct 1930, William GABRIEL.
          x. Joseph PHAIR, born Maine, Aug 1887; aged 12, with parents, 1900.

     b. James H. PHAIR, born 18 Jul 1884; died 24 Jul 1924; married Elizabeth Ann GALLAGHER (born 1843); she died 6 Jun 1926; issue.
     c. Joseph PHAIR, born ca 1846.
     d. Thomas H. PHAIR, born 6 Apr 1850; the "Starch King"; died 18 May 1916; married Ada FORBES (born Enfield, Maine, ca 1854, daughter of George FORBES and Mary BURR); she died at Presque Isle, Sep 1898; issue:
          i. Charles PHAIR; living at home, 1898.
     e. Mary PHAIR, born ca 1850; married T.H. LOWERY.
     f. Emma Elizabeth PHAIR, born ca 1852; married Laselle MANSON.
3. Sarah PHAIR, born ca 1811.
4. Alexander PHAIR, born ca 1813.
5. Thomas PHAIR, born ca 1815.


Hugh PHAIR, was born in County Tyrone, 8 Apr 1813 (age recorded in a Canadian Census); he went to Manitoba in 1874, undoubtedly to join his son Robert there; he was with his son Robert in Censuses of 1901 (aged 88) & 1906 (Widower, aged 93); he died in Winnipeg on 14 May 1907; he married Jane, with issue:
1. William PHAIR.
2. Robert PHAIR, born County Tyrone, 17 Jun 1839; Church of England Missionary among the Indians; Archdeacon at Winnipeg; at Exeter Extension, Manitoba, 1881 Canadian Census, aged 41, C/E Clergyman, with 1st wife & 5 children; at Qtr No 5, Winnipeg City, 1901 Census, with wife, 2 daughters & father; at District 10, Winnipeg, 1906 Manitoba Census, aged 66, Widower, with 2 daughters & father; at 64 Lusted Ave, Winnipeg, 1911 Canadian Census, aged 70, with 2nd wife; he died at San Diego, California, 11 Nov 1931; he married 1stly, Martha NORTH; she died at Winnipeg on 6 Feb 1903; issue:
     a. Alice PHAIR, born Manitoba, ca 1866; aged 14, with parents, 1881 Census.
     b. William R.G. PHAIR, born Manitoba, 31 Mar 1868; aged 13, with parents, 1881; married at Toronto, 20 Jul 1897, Rosalind CHURCHILL; with issue:
          i. Marjorie PHAIR, born 30 Sep 1898.
          ii. Alice PHAIR, born 17 Feb 1900.
          iii. Robert PHAIR, born Aug 1906.
     c. Ernest E.M. PHAIR, born Manitoba, ca 1870; aged 10, with parents, 1881; St John's College, Winnipeg, 1889 (Governor-General's Medal); moved to England in 1895; Curate of Sparbrook, Birmingham, & Stowting, Kent; Professor of Theology, St John's Cathedral, Winnipeg, 1904; perished at sea in the loss of the S.S. Lusitania, May 1915; married with issue:
          i. Lovella Margaret PHAIR, born Stowting, Kent, 190.
          ii. Robert PHAIR, born Stowting, Kent, 1904.
          iii. Edward PHAIR, born Manitoba, 1908.
     d. Emily Moffat PHAIR, born Manitoba, 23 Feb 1877; aged 4, with parents, 1881; aged 24, with parents, 1901.
     e. Robert H. PHAIR, born Manitoba, ca 1878; aged 2, with parents, 1881.
     f. Agnes Eliza PHAIR, born Manitoba, 10 Feb 1882; aged 19, with parents, 1901, aged 24, with father, 1906.
     g. Evangeline PHAIR, born Manitoba, ca 1884; aged 21, with father, 1906.
Robert married 2ndly, at Winnipeg, on 2 Nov 1907, Louisa RICHARDSON.
3. Robin PHAIR; named as a Missionary in the Orient in his brother Robert's obituary.
4. Ann PHAIR, born County Tyrone, 12 Feb 1848; died at Winnipeg, 18 Dec 1906; she married John Robert SPENCER, with issue.


Notwithstanding William WELPLY's statements in the foregoing article, I  believe there are some insurmountable evidentiary difficulties with his conclusion that  "...only possible ancestor, therefore, of the PHAIREs of Brook Lodge are Robert PHAIRE of Dunmaine and Herbert PHAIRE."
There was clearly an earlier Francis PHAIR, neither Robert nor Herbert, who appears to begin the pedigree, and for whom I can find no tangible connection point to the family of Colonel Robert PHAIRE, if I might be allowed to so paraphrase WELPLY's own strict injunctions as to the getting at the genealogical truth.

Francis PHAIR; Papermaker, of Brook Lodge, near Riverston, County Cork (Brook Lodge's previous occupant, Mr Andrew O'MULLLANE, had died there in Dec 1759); on 16 Feb 1771, it was reported that "...Mr PHAIRE's Paper-mill and a great quantity of paper was burned at Brook Lodge" [Cork Remembrancer of Memorable Events, Jul 1771, p.189]; Francis died " an advanced age" at Brook Lodge, 24 Apr 1781; the wife of Mr PHAIR, Papermaker, died at Cork, 26 Jan 1771, quite likely to have been the wife of Francis; two other PHAIRs may have been related - Mr John PHAIR, Papermaker, died at Brook Lodge, 28 Jan 1774 - and Mr Thomas PHAIR, Paper Manufacturer, died at Waterford, 20 Jun 1777 - their occupation suggests that a relationship was probable.
We cannot be certain exactly what the term "advanced age" meant in 1781 - I suspect it was reserved to describe people who had achieved more than the biblical life-span of three score years and ten. If so, then Francis was probably born in or before 1710; this is consistent with him having had family born during the 1740s.

Francis PHAIR & his wife had issue:
1. Robert PHAIR, probably born in or before 1754, & if the eldest son, then before ca 1743; of Brook Lodge; died before Dec 1784; married at Clasbicknollan, 20 Apr 1775, Ann SEYWARD, of Mallow; she died 7 Nov 1794, a widow; probable issue:
     a. Francis PHAIR, born ca late 1770s; of County Cork, Esq; died at a relative's house near Waterford, 1 Nov 1823, as the result of a fall from his horse, late of Brook Lodge; he married at Bullinvrinna, 23 or 24 Jul 1807, Mary Eliza CASEY, of Clinton, Waterford (daughter of James CASEY); she was living in 1832; issue:
          i. William PHAIR; of Brook Lodge; will dated 1 Dec 1831, pr 30 Nov 1833.
          ii. Elizabeth PHAIR. married 13 Jan 1835, Rev John Nun WOODRUFFE, with issue.
          iii. Mary PHAIR.
          iv. Martha PHAIR, born ca 1814 (from age at death in Massachusetts); married at Glanmire Church, May 1862, her relation Henry PHAIR of Butlerstown, & emigrated to Massachusetts; she died at Lawrence, MA, on 3 Feb 1874, aged 59.
          v. Catherine PHAIR; married at Kilroan, County Cork, 14 Oct 1858, William Joyce PICKERING, of Merrion, County Dublin.
          vi. Hester PHAIR; Miss Hester, of Brooklodge, mentioned in the Cork Examiner, 25 Jan 1864.
          vii. Anna Maria PHAIR.
          viii. James George PHAIR, born before 1816; adm King's Inn, Dublin, 1832 (affidavit of his mother Mary Eliza PHAIR); probably James C. PHAIR, of Brook Lodge, subscriber to the Cork Renmembrancer, 1837.
2. William PHAIR, born ca 1744; of Mill View, near Glanmire, Papermaker; adm Freeman-at-large, City of Cork, 17 Aug 1785; Paper Maker, North Main Street, Cork, 1787 [LUCAS's Directory]; probably William PHAIR & Son, Paper Manufacturers, North Main Street, Cork City, 1810 [Cork Directory]; died at Mill View, 23 Jan 1812; he was married at Kilworth, on 25 Sep 1778, to Elizabeth CORBAN; she died at Mill View, 21 Jan 1805, aged 75, her will dated 17 Dec 1824, & proved on 30 Jun 1825; they had issue:
     a. William PHAIR, born ca 1780; married at St Mary's (C.of I.), Dublin, 18 Aug 1815, Elizabeth PICKERING (daur of William PICKERING of Heath House, Hampstead, Msx, Merchant); issue:
          i. William Pickering PHAIR, born Ireland, 13 May 1817; went to America before 1856; naturalised at Maine, 7 Oct 1859; Papermaker at Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts, 1870 Census, with 1st wife & 6 children; he died at Lawrence, MA, on 11 Aug 1881, aged 65 years 3 months (parents named); married 1stly, ca 1849, Ellen O'KIEFFE (born Ireland, ca 1822), with issue; she died at Laurence, 14 Nov 1874, aged 52; he marr 2ndly, at Lawrence, MA, on 25 Mar 1876, Margaret REYNOLDS (born New York, ca 1830); issue living with William & Ellen in 1870 were - Elizabeth (aged 21), William (14), John (12), Catherine (7), Charles (5) & Ellen (1).
          ii. Francis PHAIR; went to New Zealand before 1857; clerk, Huia Saw Mills, near Auckland, Sep 1856; co-proprietor, Dundre Saw Mills, N.Z., Jun 1861; probably died there, at the William Denny Hotel, on 14 May 1864, aged 49, formerly of Cork, Ireland, & buried at Symonds Street Cemetery, Auckland, from St Paul's Church, with a grave-stone erected by his brothers & sister.
          iii. John Pickering PHAIR, born Cork, 19 Nov 1822; adm T.C.D., 1 Jul 1840, aged 17; B.A., 1845; Priested at Killaloe, 1846; Curate of Shandon; Perpetual Curate, Tracton, 1850; Vicar of Bregoge, 1861; Probate, Ireland, 2 May 1895; married at Fermoy, County Cork, 28 Sep 1850, Elizabeth SMITH of Castlebar; issue - Ernest PHAIR (married Alice Marion CROFTS, by whom he had children born in Auckland, New Zealand & Spokane, Washington State, U.S. - see above); Frederick PHAIR (married Mina ROGERS); Aileen PHAIR (married George F. DALY of Buttevant); Millicent PHAIR (married John R. LOGAN, M.D., of Liverpool); & Gertrude PHAIR (married Frank WHITLA).
          iv. Henry PHAIR, born ca 1831 (from age at death); of Brotherstown Mills, County Cork, 1857; married at Glanmire Church, Cork, May 1862, Martha, daughter of Francis PHAIR, Esq, of Brooklodge, Esq, both in the County of Cork. [Limerick Chronicle]; they probaby emigrated to Massachusetts; he died at Lawrence, Mass, on 15 Jul 1892, aged 61 (mother named PICKERING but father named Edward); a Mechanic; Martha died at Lawrence on 3 Feb 1874, aged 59 (born Ireland, parents Francis & Mary).
          v. Charles Edward PHAIR; of London, 1857.
          vi. Robert Christopher PHAIR, born Butlerstown, County Cork, ca 1832; emigrated to Australia; probably already in Victoria, Nov 1853, when Lieut MAUNSELL, 11th Regiment, Geelong, advertised that he had letters from home for "...Mr Robert PHAIRE, late of Glanmire, Cork, Ireland" [Argus, Tue 22 Nov]; in Australia, 1857; Robert died at his residence, 199 Scott's Parade, Ballarat East, 25 Apr 1900 #4445, aged 67, & was buried in the New Ballarat Cemetery [Section 3F, Grave 9]; he married at Kyneton, Vic,24 Dec 1867 #3482, Susannah BRADLEY (daughter of Thomas BRADLEY & Elizabeth COLBURN); with issue - William Colburn PHAIR (born Kyneton, 1870; died 1944; married in 1896 to Nancy COFFIELD, with issue 2 daughters); Susannah PHAIR (born Campbell's Creek, 1872; Henry Pickering PHAIR (born Cambrian Hill, 1874; died in Zeehan, Tasmania, 13 Feb 1901); Emma PHAIR (born Cambrian Hill, 1877); Robert Thomas PHAIR (born Campbell's Creek, 1879); Eleanor Millicent PHAIR (born Campbell's Creek, 1881); & Elizabeth PHAIR (possibly married in Vic, 1890, Mr HOOPER).
          vii. Elizabeth PHAIR, born at Mill View, County Cork, Oct 1824; married Richard William PEARD, of Butlerstown, County Cork.
          viii. Emma PHAIR, born Mill View, Oct 1826; of Butlerstown, 1857, unmarried.
     b. Mary PHAIR; married at Ballinvinna, 3 Sep 1808, John Milner BARRY, Esq, of Stumphill, County Cork, M.D. (born 1768, son of James BARRY of Kilgobbin near Bandon, Cork); M.D., Edinburgh, 1792; introduced vaccination to Cork, & was the first Physician at the Cork Fever Hospital & House of Recovery; he died in 1822; with issue, including:
          i. (elder son).
          ii. John O'Brien Milner BARRY, born 1815, 2nd son; studied medicine in Paris; M.D., Edinburgh, 1837; F.R.C.P.; probably of Tunbridge & of Totnes; died 1881.
     c. Catherine PHAIR; married at Christ Church, 1 Feb 1814, William McEBOY or McOBOY of Stumphill, County Cork.
     d. Edward PHAIR, born Cork, ca 1791; adm T.C.D., 6 Nov 1809, aged 18. Possibly (unless this was instead a cousin, perhaps one of the next Edward PHAIR's "younger children") of Spire View, Glanmire, County Cork, who died before 1824, leaving a widow Mary and a son:
          i. Edward PHAIR, born  ca 1815 - he had issue a son Francis born 1838, and daughters Emma born 1845 and Maria born 1848).

[The grave of Mary, Emma & Francis PHAIR, Mount Jerome Cemetery, County Dublin. Image courtesy of Yvonne RUSSELL of Dublin.]

     e. Eliza PHAIR; died at Millview, Feb 1836, daughter of the late Wm PHAIR, Esq [Limerick Chronicle].
     f. (?) John Joseph William Holyoake PHAIR, born 1797; died 1860; said to have been a son of William PHAIR (1749-1810) of Brook Lodge, Ireland, but by a wife named Sarah HOLYOAKE; married Hannah TAYLOR, with issue including:
          i. John Clayton PHAIR, born Bethnall Green, London, 10 Oct 1832; died New Zealand, 1920; married in Hampshire, 1863, Annabella GREEN, with issue.
The name HOLYOAKE suggests a possible link to several PHAIR births in Surrey in the 1840's . See below.
3. Edward PHAIR, perhaps born ca 1750; of Waterford; he was attacked while "...going to his father's at Brook Lodge," 1772; he died at Waterford, 17 Mar 1786, his will dated 12 Dec 1784, a codicil dated 22 Apr 1785, & proved on 30 May 1786, mentioning wife Elizabeth, son Francis and "...younger children," brother William, sister-in-law Ann the wife of brother Robert, sisters Jane, Mary (wife of Lawrence CORBIN), & Eliza CASEY; Edward married, on 29 Mar 1781, Elizabeth HARDAM (or HARDUM) of Hammonds Marsh; her will was dated 27 Jul 1800, & proved 27 Aug 1800, witnessed by Robert DRAPER (possibly related to Henrietta DRAPER, a probable relation of Col Robert PHAIRE's descendants); issue:
     a. Francis PHAIR, born ca 1782; living 1785.
     b. "Younger children." born ca 1783-86. Perhaps including one or other of the Edward PHAIRs below.
4. Mary PHAIR; married at Ballivinn Church, 21 Apr 1785, Lawrence CORBIN, Esq, of Kilworth.
5. Jane PHAIR; living 1785, unmarried.
6. Eliza PHAIR; "...daughter of Mr Francis PHAIRE, Papermaker" when married, by License, at Brook Lodge, 7 Nov 1775, James CASEY.

Notwithstanding the speculated pedigree above, the following details are proving difficult to allocate to particular individuals with absolute certainty.

The list of subscribers for the publication in 1839 of "Scripture References, illustrated with sacred poems, &c," by John N. WOODROFFE (undoubtedly the husband of Elizabeth PHAIR, the daughter of Robert PHAIR of Brook Lodge by Anne SEWARD), included:
1. Mrs PHAIR, Brook Lodge.
2. Mrs Wm PHAIR, Mill View.
3. Mrs Edward PHAIR, North Esk.
4. Miss PICKERING, Mill View.

An item appeared in Gentleman's Magazine, Vol.174, for 1843, page 379:
"Of the PHAIR family... there are several residuous (sic) members, and the paper warehouse is still in our North Main Street. The manufactory is at Millview, Glanmire, four miles from the city, and belongs to Mr William PHAIR. Edward PHAIR, Esq, resides at Northesk, James at Brook Lodge, and others in town."

Edward PHAIR, probably born in or before (& perhaps well before) ca 1780 (based on his son George's latest estimated birth year); of Spire View, Glanmire, County Cork, Esq; died before his son George's marriage; he was himself married, with issue including:
     a. George PHAIR, probably born in or before 1801 (based on the Canonical age of 23 for Ordination); B.A.; Curate of Waterford Cathedral, 1824; Incumbent of Kilvemnon Parish; died there on 30 Oct 1878, and was buried in the Churchyard [M.I.]; as Curate, he was married at Waterford Cathedral to Emily POPE, the 2nd daughter of the late Thomas POPE of South Parade, Waterford [Limerick Chronicle, Marriages, issue date obscured], perhaps ca 1825-30.
Edward PHAIR, probably born in or before ca 1811 (based on the likelihood of him being of age at marriage); Private, 5th Dragoon Guards; Edward PHAIN (as recorded in Church Records on the web-site) of Millview, was married at St James's (C.of I.), Dublin (M.L.B., Diocese of Dublin), on 12 Apr 1832, to Emma PICKERING (their fathers were not identified in the Register - witnesses were Charles PICKERING & Thomas PICKERING); probable issue:
     a. Edward PHAIR, born County Cork, ca 1836; emigrated to Victoria; Edward Junior, late of Glanmire, died at Lauriston near Kyneton, Vic, 1865 #1417, aged 28, parents recorded in the Statutory Death Index as Edward & Emma PHAIR; notice of his death appears to have been published in the Cork Examiner, 22 Mar 1865; he was reported to have been a Miner, and died after a drunken fight on Boxing Day [Australian News for Home Readers, Thur 23 Feb 1865]..

Edward PHAIR, of Spire View, Glanmire, County Cork; died before 1862; married with issue:
     a. Mary PHAIR; died at 3 Leicester Avenue, Rathgar, 18 Feb 1862, of arachnitis [Cork Examiner, 21 Feb], evidently unmarried.

Henry PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1831; died at Laurence, Massachusetts, 15 Jul 1892, aged 61, parents named as Edward PHAIR and (-?-) PICKERING.
Martha PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1815; died at Laurence, MA, 3 Feb 1874, aged 59. parents Francis & Mary.
These two are undoubtedly the Cork cousins who married at Glanmire in 1862.


The following names are recorded in the "Alphabetical List of Freemen of the City of Cork, 1710-1841, Cork City & County Archives, Ref U.11, and viewable on the web-site; right of admission by birth alone ceased in 1841:
Edward PHAIR, Paper Manufacturer, 24 Jul 1797.
Francis PHAIR, Gentleman (no date).
William PHAIR, Paper Manufacturer, 17 Aug 1785.
William PHAIR, Paper Manufacturer (no date).
William Pickering PHAIR, Paper Manufacturer (no date).


William PHAIR, 2 Tivoli Gardens.
Edward PHAIR, 4 Tivoli Gardens.
William PHAIR, Paper Manufacturer, [18 - Errata] South Main Street.
George PHAIR, Master Cooper, 24 John Street.
John PHAIR, Accountant, 24 John Street.


The following Marriage License Bonds, Diocese of Cork & Ross, are not yet accounted for in any of the related PHAIR families in this article:
1782 - Phebe PHAIR & John HUTCHINS.
1797 - Jane PHARE & Edward COOKE.
1798 - Susanna PHAIR & Thomas DICKSON.
1806 - Mary PHAIRE & Coakley LEVIS (perhaps ? in error for Colclough LEWIS).
1813 - Joseph PHAIR & Anne MONK.
1821 - Eliza PHAIR & Richard HAGUE.
1834 - Anne PHAIR & Richard COX Junior.
1848, 4 Dec - Thomas PHAYRE, son of George PHAYRE, married Mary HILLIARD. 

Rev William PHAIR; of Carboy, County Longford; installed as Minister at Enniskillen, Fermanagh, 1720; died 29 Nov 1745.

Joseph PHAIR; of Ballyhay, County Cork; possibly 8th Dragoons, Farrier, 1774, & discharged 8 Feb 1784; married with issue:
1. Frances PHAIR, bapt Ballyhay, 25 Feb 1781.
William PHAIR; of Ballyhay, County Cork; said to have served as a Sergeant in the 9th Regiment of Dragoon Guards, discharge papers dated 1784 (or perhaps 1794), born in County Tipperary [Barbara PHAYRE's "Cromwell's Legacy," App.1, p.99]; as William FARR, he probably married at Ballyhay, 8 Dec 1788, Alice ROGERS; issue:
1. Letitia PHAIRE, bapt at Ballyhay, 18 Sep 1789.
2. Catherine FAYER, bapt at Ballyhay, 4 May 1791.
Alice ROGERS may have been related to Letitia ROGERS, who married at Ballyhay, 1767, Arthur THOMPSON; and to Jane ROGERS, who married at Ballyhay, 1781, Arthur ROYLE; they may have been related to the family of Lucy ROGERS, one of the 3 wives of Emanuel PIGOTT of Chetwynd, County Cork.

John PHAIR or FAIR; Constable of Fryer's Street, Kinsale, 13 Oct 1707; he may have had issue in Kinsale ("where the name FAIR had existed since 1601" - see WELPY's article reproduced on this blog-page), as follows:
1. Ann FAIR, born 1703.
2. Richard FAIR, born 1704.
3. Susan FAIR, born 1705.
4. John FAIR, born 1706; adm Freeman of Kinsale, 20 Sep 1728, as son of a Freeman; married ca 1730, Margaret COURTENAY, and by her had issue born in Kinsale, 1731-42, including:
    a. Richard FAIR, born 1739; served in the Royal Navy; died 1805; married Ellen CREECH of Baltimore, County Cork; she died at Skibbereen, 1820; issue:
          i. John FAIR; married Esther WOOLIS, with issue a daughter who married John Chessell BUCKLER, F.S.A., Surrey Herald Extraordinary; with issue a son Charles Albon BUCKLER.
          ii. Rev Robert Herbert PHAIR of Winchester.
          iii. Charles Bass FAIR; of Capetown, 1896.


Joseph PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1798 (+/- 2 years); at Muse Lane, Glasgow College, Lanarkshire, 1841 Census, aged 40+, Hand Loom Weaver, with wife & 3 children; married Mary (-?-); she was aged 40+ in 1841, born Ireland; issue:
     a. Jane PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1828; aged 12, with parents, 1841.
     b. Joseph PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1830; aged 10, with parents, 1841.
     c. Richard PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1833; aged 7, with parents, 1841.

Peter PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1814; at Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, 1871 Census, aged 56, Agr Lab'r, with wife & grandson; married Jane (-?-); she was aged 58 in 1871, born Ireland; issue:
     a. child, born ca 1836; with issue:
          i. Peter PHAIR. born Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, ca 1857; aged 13, Scholar, with grandparents, 1871.

James PHAIR, born ca 1800, son of John PHAIR, Farmer, & Margaret ELLIOTT; probably the Tenant & occupier of a house at 30 Market Street, Glasgow, 1875 Valuation Roll [VR102/225/314]; he died at 13 Bedgood Street, Glasgow, 13 Apr 1884, aged 83; married Magdalene ARMSTRONG; she died before him; issue:
     a. Margaret PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1828-33; she informed her father's death, present; at 189 Main Street, Gorbals, Glasgow, 1881 Census, aged 53, born Ireland, with husband, 2 children, & two Boarders named ARMSTRONG (Thomas aged 56 & William aged 16, both born Ireland, & perhaps related to Margaret); she died at 22 North Coburg Street, Glasgow, on 31 Jan 1891, aged 57 (parents named), the wife of John McLEAN, Engine Fitter; he was born Invernesshire, ca 1797; aged 88, Engine Fitter, 1881; issue:
          i. Marion McLEAN, born Hutchestoun, Glasgow, 13 Apr 1861; probably died Glasgow Central, 1869, aged 8.
          ii. John McLEAN, born Hutchestoun, Glasgow, 20 Feb 1864 (mother recorded as FAIR); aged 17, Engine Fitter, with parents, 1881, although his relationship to head of household was recorded as Servant.
          iii. Alexander McLEAN, born Hutchenstoun, Glasgow, 15 Sep 1866; probably died Glasgow Central, 1868, aged 1 year.
          iv. Margaret McLEAN. born Hutchestoun, Glasgow, 19 Dec 1869; aged 11, with parents, 1881.
There is no evidence of James's birthplace - but the surnames of ELLIOTT & ARMSTRONG are both closely associated with the PHAIR families in County Cavan.
It is possible that the 1881 Boarder, Thomas ARMSTRONG, aged 56, was the 17 year-old Scholar at House (No 14) in Killashandra, Barony of Tullyhunco, in the 1841 Census, with his mother Jane ARMSTRONG (aged 49, Widow & Dressmaker, born County Cavan), and 5 of her other 6 children still living at home (aged 24 to 14, all born across the border in County Leitrim), his father recorded as having died in 1837, of Decline, aged 33, and another brother, William Junior, aged 21, absent in Antrim, a Pig Driver.

Robert PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1823; at 66 Clarke Street, New Monkland, Lanarkshire, 1861 Census, aged 37, Coal Miner, with wife & 3 children; at 66 Clarke Street, New Monkland, 1881 Census, aged 66, Smith's Lab'r, with wife; he married Anne (-?-); she was aged 42 in 1861, & 68 in 1881, born Ireland; issue:
     a. John PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1843; aged 17, Coal Miner, with parents, 1861.
     b. Sarah Anne PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1845; aged 15, Cotton Weaver, with parents, 1861.
     c. Jane PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1851; aged 9, Scholar, with parents, 1861.
Robert PHAIR & Ann McILEVY had a son Andrew born Glasgow High Church, 23 Jan 1865 - probably also of this family.

James PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1828, son of Michael PHAIR, Bootmaker, & Ellen GLEINY; at Bridgton, Glasgow Calton, 1861 Census, aged 30, Labourer, with wife & daughter; at 78 Garngadhill Road, Glasgow Townhead, Lanarkshore, 1871 Census, aged 37, Labourer in Oil Works, with wife & 3 children; at Fauldhouse Row, Fauldhouse, Whitburn, West Lothian, 1881 Census, aged 52, Labourer, with wife & 7 children; died 24 Mar 1906, & buried in Queensferry Cemetery, Edinburgh [M.I.]; married at the R.C. Chapel, Johnstown, Renfrewshire, 21 May 1859, Catherine ROBB (daughter of John ROBB, Flax Dresser, & Bridget TANNER); she was aged 24 in 1861, & 41 in 1881, born Ireland; she died at Kirkcaldy, Fife, 1907, aged 54; issue:
     a. Ellen PHAIR, born Johnstown, Renfrewshire, ca 1857; aged 8 (?), with parents, 1861; aged 13, Scholar, with parents, 1871.
     b. Richard PHAIR, born Glasgow, ca 1859; aged 11, Scholar, with parents, 1871.
     c. Bridget PHAIR [FERR], born Bridgton, Glasgow, 11 Jul 1863.
     d. Michael PHAIR [FERR], born Brigdton  Glasgow, 26 Sep 1861; aged 18, Labourer, with parents, 1881.
     e. Ann PHAIR [FERR], born Bridgton, Glasgow, 11 Jul 1863.
     f. Margaret PHAIR [FAIR], born Bridgton, Glasgow, 20 Jul 1865.
     g. James PHAIR, born Glasgow High Church, 16 Jun 1867.
     h. Catherine PHAIR, born High Church, Glasgow, 5 Sep 1869; aged 2, with parents, 1871; aged 11, Scholar, with parents, 1881; possibly died 24 Jan 1938, & buried with her father at Queensferry Cemetery [M.I.]; possibly married MALONE
     j. Mary Ann PHAIR, born High Church, Glasgow, 29 Dec 1871; aged 9, Scholar, with parents, 1881.
     k. John PHAIR, born High Church, Glasgow, 31 Dec 1873; aged 7, Scholar, with parents, 1881.
     l. Elizabeth PHAIR, born Dennistoun, Glasgow, 1876; aged 5, with parents, 1881.
     m. Jane PHAIR, born Uphall, Linlithgow, ca 1878; aged 3, with parents, 1881.
     n. James PHAIR, born Whitburn, Linlithgow, 1881; aged 2 months, with parents, 1881.

George PHAIR, born in County Cavan (1881 Census), Ireland, ca 1828, son of Robert PHAIR, Farmer, & Ann WOODS (see above); at 40 Kelvin Street, Glasgow St George, 1871 Census, aged 42, Labourer in Lugon House, with wife & 6 children; at 54 North Woodside Road, Glasgow St George, 1881 Census, aged 48, Lab'r (Ironworks), with wife & 3 children; tenant & occupier of a house at 54 North Woodside Road, Glasgow, 1885 Valuation Roll [VR102/334/353]; at same address, 1891 Census, aged 64, Railway Signal Labourer, with wife & 3 children;  tenant & occupier of a house at 22 Hopehill Road, Barony, Glasgow, 1895 Valuation Roll; he died at 22 Hopehill Road, Glasgow, on 30 Dec 1896, aged 59, a Signal Work Labourer (parents named, both deceased); "...Labourer in Glasgow" when he married at Glasgow, 11 Jul 1852, Jane McCREADIE, "...residing there"; she was aged 40 in 1881, born Ireland; she died at Milton, Glasgow, 1905, aged 67; they had issue:
     a. Margaret PHAIR, born Glasgow, ca 1853; aged 15 (sic - probably in error for 18), Cotton Winder, with parents, 1871; aged 26, when she married, at Hillhead, Partick, on 31 Dec 1880, James BARR, Grain Storekeeper, aged 26 (son of James BARR, Farm Lab'r, & Mary IRVINE), witnessed by Thomas PHAIR.
     b. Robert PHAIR, born Glasgow, ca 1854; aged 16, Iron Moulder Appr, with parents, 1871; died at 82 North Watson Street, Glasgow, 2 Mar 1915 (parents named), wife surviving, informed by son George; married Mary JAMIESON (born 1858, daughter of William & Mary JAMIESON); issue:
          i. George PHAIR, born Glasgow, 1881; informed his father's death, 1915, of 164 Merrin or Morrin Street, Glasgow
          ii. Thomas PHAIR, born Glasgow, 1883; married Lanarkshire, 1902, Ann F. McDONALD.
          iii. Robert PHAIR, born Glasgow, 1887.
          iv. Mary PHAIR, born 1894.
     c. Thomas PHAIR, born Milton, Glasgow, 9 Dec 1855; aged 15, Iron Moulder Appr, with parents, 1871; aged 24, Moulder, with parents, 1881; aged 35, Iron Moulder, with parents, 1891.
     d. John PHAIR, born Milton, Glasgow, 19 Jqn 1858; probably died young.
     e. Mary Ann PHAIR, born Milton, Glasgow, 16 Sep 1859; probably died young.
     f. William PHAIR, born Milton, Glasgow, 11 Jul 1861.
     g. George PHAIR, born Milton, Glasgow, 17 Jul 1863; aged 7, Scholar, with parents, 1871; possibly, as George William PHAIR, died at Sligo, 1894 (but he had a brother Charles PHAIR, born Tuam, 1847, son of George PHAIR & Mary KIRWAN - perhaps an earlier marriage for George PHAIR Senior?).
     h. Mary Ann PHAIR, born Milton, Glasgow, 12 Aug 1865; aged 5, with parents, 1871; aged 15, Winder, with parents, 1881; aged 25, Cotton Winder, with parents, 1891.
     j. Eliza Jane PHAIR, born Milton, Glasgow, 20 Mar 1868; possibly died young.
     k. Jane PHAIR, born Milton, Glasgow, 29 Jul 1869; aged 1, with parents, 1871.
     m. Elizabeth PHAIR, born Milton, Glasgow, 10 Sep 1871; aged 10, Scholar, with parents, 1881; aged 19, Cotton Weaver, with parents, 1891; probably married at Milton, 1896, James JOHNSTON.


Two PHAIR families, both with connections to the printing industry, emigrated to New York; they have a number of related burials in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn [see their memorials on the www.findagrave web-site], as follows:

1. Section 102, Lot 11395:
a. James PHAIR, born 1789; died 14 Sep 1859, aged 70. Father of (c) & (l).
b. John C. PHAIR; buried Dec 1865.
c. William PHAIR, born 1829; died 3 Jun 1885. Son of (a), twin brother of (l), & husband of (d).
d. Amelia PHAIR, born 1835; died 1910. Wife of (c).
e. Lucinda Jane PHAIR, born May 1862; died 6 Jul 1862. Daughter of (c) & (d).
f. Eliza Bolton PHAIR, born 1831; died 26 Jun 1896.
g. Arthur R. PHAIR; buried 11 Aug 1952.
h. George W. PHAIR; buried 7 May 1876.
i. James Henry PHAIR; buried 10 Mar 1891.
j. Jane A. PHAIR; buried 16 Apr 1882.
k. John PHAIR; buried 24 Jun 1902. Son of (a) & twin brother of (c).
l. John Wesley PHAIR, born May 1867; buried 20Mar 1943. Son of (c) & (d)..
m. Maria PHAIR; buried 2 Apr 1907.
n. William Bolton PHAIR; buried 18 Nov 1858.
o. William F. PHAIR; buried 23 May 1883.

This group of burials is speculated as belonging of the following family:

James PHAIR (a), born Killashandra, County Cavan, 1789; died at 3 Madison Street, New York, 14 Sep 1859, aged 70; father of John and William [Death Notice, New York Times, 15 Sep 1859]; married with issue:
     a. John PHAIR (m), born Ireland, 1829, a twin; died at 1060 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan (Home for Old Men and Aged Couples), 22 Jun 1902, aged 73, "...twin brother of the late William PHAIR" [New York Times, 29 Jun]; buried in the family plot at Green Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn.
     b. William PHAIR (c), born Ireland, 1829, the other twin; died at 158 Fitton Street, Brooklyn, 3 Jun 1885; married Amelia BLAKE (d) (1835-1910); with issue:
          i. Lucinda Jane PHAIR (e), born May 1862; died 6 Jul 1862.
          ii. John Wesley PHAIR (n), born Brooklyn, May 1867; died at Tredyffin, Chester County, Pennsylvania, 18 Mar 1943, & bur at Green-Wood Cemetery, Mar 1943; married at Manhattan, 14 Jun 1899, Victoria May AKIN.
See above under PHAIR of Killashandra.
There were other burials in the same plot, perhaps related:
p. Margaret STEVENS, buried 28 Jun 1860.
q. Catharine DARLING, buried 20 Mar 1869, aged 80, late of Kildallan, County Cavan, & widow of Arthur DARLING.
r. John G. BOLTON, buried 1 Aug 1870.
s. Henry JOHNSON, buried 28 Mar 1885.
t. Emma L. JOHNSON, buried 8 Jan 1893.
u. Sarah A. J. WHALEY, buried 30 Mar 1901, aged 75; she was probably aged 74 in 1900 (born England, arr US in 1840), & living with her son Harry JOHNSON (aged 40) at Patchen Ave, Brooklyn; probably the widow of Henry JOHNSON (s) & married 2ndly at Manhattan, 21 Nov 1886, James M. WHALEY (died 1898); in her will, Sarah named her son Henry JOHNSON, daughter Jennie PITKIN & grand-daughter Laura PETTIT.
v. Harry JOHNSON, buried 2 Jun 1909, aged 41.
w. Thomas F. PETTIT, buried 26 Aug 1909; possibly father of Laura PETTIT (she was named by Sarah Ann Johnson WHALEY as her grand-daughter).
x. Jennie PITKIN, buried 9 Jan 1913; aged 68; named as her daughter by Sarah Ann Johnson WHALEY in her will.
y. Harry R. JOHNSON, buried 3 Oct 1934; probably son of henry (s) & Sarah (u).
z. Janet E. JOHNSON, buried 15 Dec 1951; probably wife of (y), & maiden surname GORDON.
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2. Section 3, Lot 12838:
a. Jane PHAIR, born Ireland, 1798; died 9 Sep 1858.
b. Jane PHAIR; bur Jun 1861.Evidently a re-interment for the above Jane PHAIR (a).
c. Mary Louisa PHAIR; bur Jul 1862; evidently born STEWART, the widow of James PHAIR, & aged 20 at death.
d. Henry Wood PHAIR, born  1822; died Brooklyn, 17 Apr 1863.
e. James PHAIR, born 1853; died  30 Nov 1876.
f. Ann L. PHAIR; bur Mar 1908.
g. Henry G. PHAIR, born 1856; died 30 Oct 1909.
h. Mary ELLIS (formerly PHAIR), born 1851; died New Jersey, 21 Feb 1932; married at Brooklyn, 22 Jun 1871, Edwin a. ELLIS, with issue 4 daughters & 1 son surviving her.
j. William Wood PHAIR, born New York, 24 Jun 1859; died 19 Oct 1942.

 [The PHAIR family plot, Green Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn. Image courtesy of]

This 2nd group probably forms this family:

Robert J. PHAIR, born Butlersbridge, County Cavan, 20 Jun 1792 (son of John PHAIR & Letitia JONES); emigrated to Ontario in the 1830s, & went to New York ca 1840s, & died in or before 1844; married Jane WOOD (a) (born Ireland, 17 Feb 1798); she died Brooklyn, 9 Sep 1858, aged 60; issue:
     a. Henry Wood PHAIR (d), born Butlersbridge, County Cavan, 30 Jul 1822; died Brooklyn, 17 Apr 1863; married Ann Louisa BALL (f); she was bur Brooklyn, Mar 1908; issue:
          i.  Mary PHAIR (h), born 1851; married ELLIS; died 1932.
          ii. James PHAIR(e), born New York, 29 Nov 1853; died in a hotel in Elizabeth, New Jersey, 30 Nov 1876, aged 23, late of 330 Dean Street, Brooklyn, a nephew of Mr James PHAIR, job printer of 22 Beekman Street, New York.
          iii. Henry G. PHAIR (g), born 26 Mar 1856; died 30 Oct 1909.
          iv.  William Wood PHAIR (j), born New York, 24 Jun 1859; died Tallman, Rockland County, New York, 19 Oct 1942.
     b. James PHAIR; job printer of 22 Beekman Street, New York, 1853.
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3. Section 184, Lot 19123:
A. Joseph PHAIR, born Ireland, 1797; died Brooklyn, 1869, & buried 28 Nov 1869.
B. Mary PHAIR, born Ireland, 1798; died 5 Dec 1863; re-interred with her husband, 28 Nov 1869.
C. Thomas PHAIR, born England, Mar 1823; died 19 Aug 1907.
D. Mary PHAIR, born 1828; died 11 Dec 1907.

This 3rd group of burials almost certainly relates to the following family:

Joseph PHAIR (A), born in Ireland, ca 1796; Printer; went to London, ca 1826; at 69 Great Peter Street, Westminster, Jun 1830, when he appeared on summons in the Bow Street Magistrates Court on a charge of "...vending songs of a grossly immoral description, not having the printer's name affixed thereto" and pleading leniency on the grounds that he had a wife and 5 children, but was fined 10 pounds or in default to serve 3 months at the House of Correction, "...there to be kept at hard labour" [Morning Post, Thur 17 Jun 1830]; at 67 Great Peter Street, Westminster, London, 1841 Census, aged 40+, Printer, with Mary (aged 35+), & 4 children; Joseph published the "Madden Ballad" [7-4995]; arrested in London, Sep 1849, on a charge of printing and selling forms purporting to be certificates of death headed 'London Hospital' & resembling those used by the begging-letter gang, and was discharged with a warning; recorded at 67 Great Peter Street, Westminster, 1827-1853 ["A Directory of Printers & Others in Allied Trades, London &c," by Wm B. TODD, 1972]; at Great Peter Street, Westminster, 1851 Census, aged 53, Printer, with wife, 3 children, & visitor Frances JOHNSTONE, a Widow, aged 58, an Irish born annuitant (possibly a relation); Joseph emigrated to New York on the ship "Yorktown" arriving 8 Jan 1853, with wife & 2 children; at Ward 11, Brooklyn, 1860 Census, aged 63, Printer, born Ireland, with wife & 2 children; he died at Brooklyn, 12 Apr 1869, aged 72; he married at St Mary's Cathedral, Limerick, 15 Jun 1817, Mary KEARNEY (B); she died in Brooklyn, 5 Dec 1863; issue:
     a. Joseph PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1819; Printer Compositor; went to Scotland about 1847; at 40 Jamaica Street, Edinburgh St Stephen, 1851 Census, aged 31, Printer (Compositor), with wife & 4 children; evidently died before Mar 1867; he married at Lambeth St Mary, County Surrey, 23 Feb 1841, Sophia DAY (daughter of William DAY, Coachman, deceased); they went to Scotland; Sophia was born in England, aged 30 in 1851; she was tenant & occupier of a house at 4 New Broughton, parish of St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, Valuation Rolls for 1875, 1885, & 1895; issue:
          i. Mary PHAIR, born 67 Great Peter Street, 1842, &  Reg'd St Giles, London, Jun qtr [Vol.1, p.79]; baptised at St Margaret's, Westminster, 7 Apr 1847; aged 9, with parents, 1851.
          ii. Sarah PHAIR, born 67 Great Peter Street, ca 1845; baptised at St Margaret's, Westminster, 7 Apr 1847; aged 5, with parents, 1851; as the "...second daughter of the late Joseph PHAIR, Printer," she married at Addiewell, 1 Mar 1867, William SMITH, Saddler [Falkirk Herald, Thur 7 Mar]; she married, evidently for the second time, at Young Street, Glasgow, 1 Mar 1877, Robert DAVIDSON, witnessed by James Joseph PHAIR.
          iii. Joseph PHAIR, born Edinburgh St Cuthbert, ca 1848; aged 2, with parents, 1851.
          iv. Richard PHAIR, born Edinburgh, 1851; aged 2 months, with parents, 1851.
     b. James PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1821. See [B] below. 
     c. Thomas PHAIR (C), born Ireland, Mar 1823; aged 15+, with parents, 1841 Census; emigrated to New York on the ship "General Victoria" from London, 2 Oct 1850, with his wife Mary & their infant daughter Emily; at Ward 8, Brooklyn, 1875 State Census, aged 50, Compositor, with wife; at 410 17th Street, Brooklyn (Ward 22), 1900 Census, aged 77, Compositor, married for 49 years, citizenship 1854, with wife; died at Brooklyn, 19 Aug 1900, aged 73; married at Lambeth St Mary, 28 Jul 1850, Mary Sarah FENNER (D), & Reg'd Sep qtr 1850 [Vol.4, p.339]; she was the daughter of William FENNER, Cow Keeper (deceased before 1850); she was aged 40, with husband, 1875; she was aged 60, with husband, 1900, born England, Jun 1829, with 1 child, not surviving; she died at Brooklyn, 11 Dec 1907, aged 79; issue:
          i. Emily PHAIR, born London ca 1850; probably died young.
     d. (another child) - one of the five children living in June 1830.
     e. Mary PHAIR, born ca 1829; aged 21, with parents, 1851.
     f. Elizabeth PHAIR, born Great Peter Street, 10 Dec 1830, & baptised at St Margaret's, Westminster, 2 Jan 1831; probably buried Spa Fields Burial Ground, 29 May 1831, aged 0, from St James's Westminster.
     g. John PHAIR, born Great Peter Street, 23 Jul 1832, & baptised at St Margaret's, Westminster, 2 Sep 1832.
     h. Richard PHAIR; born at Great Peter Street, 13 Nov 1834, & baptised at St Margaret's, Westminster, 28 Dec; aged 10, with parents, 1841 Census; aged 16, with parents, 1851; arrived in New York with his parents, 1853; aged 22, Engraver, with parents, 1860 Census; at 663 Jefferson Street, Brooklyn, 1875 State Census, aged 42, Engraver W., with wife & 4 children; at 663 Hancock Street, Brooklyn, 1880 Census, aged 45, Wood Engraver, with wife & 5 children; married in New York, on 11 Sep 1861, Esther STONEHAM; she was aged 37, with husband, 1875; aged 40, 1880, ditto; issue:
          i. Emma L. PHAIR, born New York, ca 1861; aged 13, with parents, 1875; aged 18, with parents, 1880; married Lyman J. De GROOT.
          ii. Albert PHAIR, born N.Y., ca 1863; aged 11, with parents, 1875; aged 18, with parents, 1880, " in florists"; died 1937.
          iii. Richard PHAIR, born N.Y., 25 Apr 1867; aged 9, with parents, 1875; aged 15, with parents, 1880; died at East Orange, Essex County, New Jersey, 1948; married Rose Adele HELLER, with issue.
          iv. George Edward PHAIR, born N.Y., ca 1872; aged 2, with parents, 1875; aged 7, with parents, 1880; died at San Francisco, California, 17 Jul 1927; married San Francisco, 5 Oct 1914, Mary Ann Marie JACOBS alias DOYLE (1869-1927), with issue.
          v. Charles J. PHAIR, born N.Y., 20 Mar 1878; aged 2, with parents, 1880; died 1895 or 19 Mar 1914.
     j. Sarah PHAIR, born London, 5 Apr 1839, & Reg'd Westminster St Margaret, Jun qtr 1839 [Vol.1, p.345]; aged 3, with parents, 1841 Census; aged 11, with parents, 1851; arrived in New York with her parents, 1853; aged 20, with parents, 1860 Census; died at Brooklyn, 9 Sep 1917; married Thomas IREMONGER (1834-1905), with issue.

 [One of the PHAIR family graves, Green Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn. Image courtesy of]
[B] James PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1824; aged 15+ with parents, 1841 Census; Dairyman, 20 Garden street, Vauxhall Bridge Road, May-Aug 1847; Cow Keeper, 2 Hendon Street, Westminster, Dec 1849; possibly the James Kearney PHAIR who petitioned for U.S. Naturalisation, in New York, 31 May 1852 - which might account for his "absence" from his wife & children in the 1851 Census - this "absence" might instead have been connected to the arrest, in Oct 1852, at his house at 14 Dean Street, Holborn, of James PHAIR, aged 27, "...a ruffianly looking fellow, who was charged with having violently assaulted his wife, by which she is in danger" [London Standard, Fri 29 Oct 1852], although there was another possible candidate (see below); James is said to have died in Nov 1869 (a James PHAIR died at Shoreditch, Jun qtr 1864 [Vol.1c, p.138], age not recorded); another, of appropriate age, died at the Southwark Workhouse, St George's Ward, 30 Jan 1871, aged 46, Reg'd St Saviour Southwark, Mar qtr 1871 [Vol.1d, p.47].
James was living at Great Peter Street (son of Joseph PHAIR, Master Printer) when he married at Westminster St Margaret, London, Sep qtr 1845 [Vol.1, p.425], Jane Caroline PHILLIPS; she was at 2 Hindon Street, St George Hanover Square, London, 1851, aged 28, Dairy Woman, born Westminster, with her 2 sons; at 12 Lillington Street, Westminster, 1861, still Married, aged 39, Milk Woman, with son Joseph, both living with her father James PHILLIPS, aged 68, Tailor, & his wife (& presumably Jane Caroline's mother) Ann PHILLIPS, aged 66; still at 12 Lillington street, 1881 Census, aged 59, now a Widow, with her aged mother; Jane died at Camberwell, Surrey, 1 May 1887, aged 65; they had issue:
1. James Edward PHAIR, born at 20 Garden Street, Vauxhall Bridge Road, 13 May 1847, & baptised at St Margaret's, Westminster, 11 Aug 1847; aged 3, with mother, 1851 Census; at 44 Charlwood Street, Westminster, 1871 Census, aged 23, Portmanteau Maker, with wife & infant son; at 29 Ponsonby Terrace, Westminster, 1881 Census, with wife & 4 children; in London, 1891 Census, with wife & 6 children; at 104 Latchmore Road, Battersea, 1901 Census, aged 53, with wife & 5 children; he died at Leyton, Essex, 16 Dec 1931; of Lillington Street (son of James PHAIR, deceased) when he married, at St George Hanover Square, 19 Apr 1870, his cousin Emmeline GODDARD (daughter of George GODDARD & Emmaline PHILLIPS); she died at London, 1920; they had issue:
     a. George James PHAIR, born St George Hanover Square, London, Mar qtr 1871[Vol.1a, p.364]; aged 1 month, with parents, 1871 Census; died at St George Hanover Square, Mar qtr 1880, aged 8 years.
     b. William Henry PHAIR, born St George Hanover Square, Dec qtr 1873 [Vol.1a, p.351]; aged 7, with parents, 1881; aged 17, with parents, 1891; aged 27, Fancy Leather Bag Maker, with parents, 1901.
     c. Arthur Ernest PHAIR, born St George Hanover Square, Dec qtr 1875 [Vol.1a, p.388]; aged 5, with parents, 1881; aged 15, with parents, 1891; married at Wandsworth, Jun qtr 1900 [Vol.1d, p.1279], Katherine Hannah LITTLE; issue:
          i. Gladys Katherine PHAIR, born Wandsworth, Jun qtr 1901 [Vol.1d, p.642].
          ii. Sydney Arthur PHAIR, born ca 1904.
     d. Alice Emmeline PHAIR, born St George Hanover Square, Dec qtr 1877 [Vol.1a, p.431]; aged 3, with parents, 1881; aged 13, with parents, 1891; aged 23, with parents, 1901.
     e. Harry Edward PHAIR, born St George Hanover Square, 19 Nov 1879 [Vol.1a, p.458]; aged 1, with parents, 1881; aged 11, with parents, 1891;aged 21, bank Clerk, with parents, 1901; died at Hayward's Heath, Sussex, 7 Sep 1958, aged 78 [Cuckfield, Vol.5b, p.191]; married with issue:
          i. Arthur Edward James PHAIR, born 1914; died 2003; married Lancashire, 1947, Marjorie ELLIOTT.
          ii. Eric Howard PHAIR, born at Croydon, Surrey, 1917; married Lancashire, 1947, Lily PARROTT.
     f. Edith Emily PHAIR, born Wandsworth, Jun qtr 1882 [Vol.1d, p.650]; aged 8, with parents, 1891; aged 18, Gold Lace Worker, with parents, 1901.
     g. Annie PHAIR, born Wandsworth, Jun qtr 1884 [Vol.1d, p.714]; aged 6, with parents, 1891; aged 16, Dressmaker, with parents, 1901. 
2. Joseph Charles PHAIR, born at 2 Hendon Street, Pimlico, & baptised at St Margaret's Westminster, 11 Aug 1849; aged 1, with mother, 1851 Census; aged 11, with his mother & PHILLIPS grandparents, 1851 Census; witnessed his brother James's marriage in 1870; at 8 Charleswood Street, St John the Evangelist, London, 1881 Census, aged 31, Dairyman, with wife Elizabeth (26) & their 2 children; at 24 Kelmscott Road, Battersea, 1901 Census, aged 27, Assurance Agent, with wife & son; he died at Wandsworth, Mar qtr 1910 [Vol.1d, p.288], aged 61; Joseph was aged 23, Bachelor, Dairyman, when he married at St George Hanover Square, London, on 14 Jan 1873, Elizabeth Ann STOLL (born Upper Tooting, Surrey, ca 1854, daughter of Thomas TOLL, Messenger at the House of Lords); they had issue:
     a. Charles Joseph PHAIR, born St George Hanover Square, London, Dec qtr 1873 [Vol.1a, p.399]; aged 7, with parents, 1881 Census; aged 17, with parents, 1891; at 35 Kelmscott Road, Battersea, 1901 census, aged 27, Brass Finisher, with wife Martha (26, born Pimlico); he died 1958; he married in 1899, Martha KINGTON, with issue.
     b. Annie Elizabeth PHAIR, born St George Hanover Square, London, Sep qtr 1875 [Vol.1a, p.417]; aged 5, with parents, 1881; aged 16, with parents, 1891.
     c. Ernest Albert PHAIR, born 1892; aged 8, School Student, with parents, 1901 Census; died 1970; married Anne OLDFIELD, with issue.


William PHAIR, possibly of Brook Lodge, Ireland; died before Jul 1840, & perhaps well before; probably married Sarah HOLYOAKE; with possible issue:
1. John William PHAIR, born Birmingham, 16 Aug 1797; at Church End, Little Hadham, Herts, 1841 Census, aged 40+, Dissenting Minister, with wife & 3 children; at Chapel Lane, Great Wakering, 1851 Census, aged 51, Independent Minister, with wife & 7 children; died at Great Wakering, Essex, 28 Jan 1860, aged 63; married Hannah TAYLOR; she died 15 Dec 1894, aged 85, & was buried at Great Wakering with her husband; issue:
     a. John Clayton PHAIR, born Bethnall Green, London, 10 Oct 1832; aged 8, with parents, 1841 Census.
     b. Mary Hannah PHAIR, born Bishopsgate, London, 15 Aug 1834.
     c. Phoebe Elizabeth PHAIR, born London, Msx, 3 Nov 1836; aged 4, with parents, 1841.
     d. Emma Simmons PHAIR, born London, ca 1838; aged 2, with parents, 1841; aged 12, with parents, 1851.
     e. Sarah Holyoake PHAIR, born London, ca 1840; aged 10, with parents, 1851.
     f. William Edward PHAIR, born Hadham, Hertfordshire, ca 1842; aged 8, with parents, 1851.
     g. Ebenezer Taylor PHAIR, born Hahma, Herts, ca 1845; aged 5, with parents, 1851.
     h. John Slatterie PHAIR, born Bishops Stortford, Herts, ca 1847; aged 3, with parents, 1851.
     j. Eleanor Priscilla PHAIR, born Great Wakering, Essex, 1850; aged 6 months, with parents, 1851.
2. Sarah PHAIR, born Stepney, London, London, 1800; said to have married James CHICK, Lath Renderer of Southwark; with issue.
3. Eleanor PHAIR, born Blackfriars, 1808.
4. Joseph PHAIR, born Southwark, Surrey, ca 1809; at 19 Union Street, London Road, St George the Martyr, Surrey, 1841 Census, aged 25+, Painter, with wife; Painter & Glazier, Union Street, Newington Causeway, Apr-May 1842; Painter & Glazier, Pearl Row, parish of St George the Martyr, Jul-Aug 1844; at Little Surrey Street, St George the Martyr, Southwark, 1861 Census, aged 50, House Painter, with wife & 2 sons; buried at Victoria Park Cemetery, Hackney, 5 Apr 1862, aged 52, from St George's, Southwark; a Printer (sic), of 45 Union Street, when he was married at St Mary Newington, London, on 20 Jul 1840, to Mrs Eliza JACKSON, a widow, & the daughter of Samuel KITCHIN (deceased); she may have married Frederick JACKSON at St Anne's, Soho, 30 Dec 1830 (witnessed Frederick BULL & Ann KITCHEN); Eliza was aged 43, with husband, 1851 Census, born Bishopsgate; she was 50, with husband in 1861 Census, born City of London; she was buried at Victoria Park Cemetery, Hackney, 9 Jan 1867, aged 62, from 18 Little Surrey Street, Southwark; they had issue:
     a. Joseph John Holyoake PHAIR, born Union Street, Newington Causeway, 19 Apr 1842, & baptised at St Mary Newington, 8 May; aged 19, Printer, with parents, 1861.
     b. George Holyoake PHAIR, born Pearl Row, St George's, 16 Jul 1844, & baptised at St Mary Newington, 11 Aug; aged 17, Printer, with parents, 1861; emigrated to the U.S., 1869, with his daughter Grace; settled in Texas; the Retired Methodist Preacher, who died in Texas, 18 Feb 1922, aged 78, recorded in the death registration as born London, 16 May 1844, son of Joseph PHAIR & Mary MURPHY (sic - evidently in error for his 1st wife).
George married 1stly, at St George, Southwark, Mar qtr 1865 [Vol.1d, p.160], Mary MURPHY; by her he had issue:
          i. Grace PHAIR, born in England, 29 Oct 1868; emigrated with her father, 1869; died at Houston, Texas, 30 Nov 1954; married Edward Alvis TURRENTINE, with issue.
George married 2ndly, at Brazoria County, Texas, in 1875, Ada L. SHUTTOCK; he married 3rdly, in 1879, Elmee Elizabeth SCHMIFT, of Louisiana; further issue included:
          i. George Ernest PHAIR, born Houston, Texas, 2 Dec 1880; died at Giddings Lee County, Texas, 9 Jan 1914; probably married Vivienne WHITESIDE, with issue.
          ii. Henry Holt PHAIR, born Texas, 11 Jan 1884; Coach carpenter, Railroad; died at Houston, Texas, 1 Jan 1965, aged 80, a Widower; married Edna.
          iii. Francis Lucas PHAIR, born Brazoria County, Texas, 4 Aug 1885;Secretary & Treasurer, Oil Company;  died at Sugar Land, Fort Bend County, Texas, 20 Jun 1961, aged 76, married.
          iv. Ada PHAIR, born Hempstead, Texas, 7 Dec 1887; died Port Arthur, Texas, 10 Jul 1929; married Arthur Edwin BUSBY.
5. William PHAIR, born Southwark, ca 1809, possibly a brother of the above Joseph; at 11 Union street, Parish of St George the Martyr, Southwark, 1841 Census, aged 30+, Hatter, with wife; at the same address, 1851 Census, aged 41, Hatter, with wife & 2 daughters; at 11 Union Street, ditto, 1861 Census, aged 53, Widower, Hatter, with 2 daughters; possibly married at St John the Evangelist, Westminster, 22 Jul 1833, Elizabeth JOHNSON, both of the Parish (witnessed Richard JOHNSON & John ASTELL); she was aged 36, with husband, 1851, born Whitechapel; issue:
     a. Elizabeth Sarah PHAIR, born Southwark, ca 1842; aged 8, with parents, 1851; aged 18, Book Folder, with father, 1861. Curiously, another Elizabeth Sarah PHAIR was buried at St George the Martyr, Southwark, on 3 Mar 1850, aged 12, also from Union Street - perhaps instead a daughter of Joseph PHAIR above?
     b. Amelia Sibella PHAIR, born 11 Union Street, Borough Road, Southwark, 11 Dec 1846, & baptised at St Saviour's, Southwark, 3 Jan 1847; aged 4, with parents, 1851; aged 14, Hat trimmer, with father, 1861; married at St Mary Newington, London, 18 Sep 1869, George Augustus NORMAN.
     c. William James PHAIR, born Southwark, 10 May 1851, & baptised St George the Martyr, Southwark, 1 Jun; buried at St George the Martyr, Southwark, 3 Aug 1851, aged 10 weeks, from Union Street.

William PHAIR; Labourer, Sep 1842, evidently still living; married with issue:
1. William PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1820; at 186 White Street, St Luke's, 1851 Census, with 4 children; at St Luke Old Street, Msx, 1861 Census, aged 42, Assistant Packer, with wife & 8 ch'n; probably died at Shoreditch, Sep qtr 1867, aged 47 [Vol.1c, p.106]; of full age, bachelor, Shoemaker, when he married at St John the Baptist, Hoxton, London, on 5 Sep 1842, Ann BULL, minor, of Castle Street, daughter of William BULL, Butcher; she was aged 39, with husband, 1861, born Whitechapel, Msx, & Reg'd at Shoreditch, September quarter [Vol.2, p.321]; Ann PHAIR, Widow (daughter of William BULL, Butcher), married 2ndly, at St John the Baptist, Hoxton, London, 4 Apr 1869, James Hart CURTIS.
William & Ann had issue:
     a. William PHAIR, born St Luke's, Msx, Dec qtr 1843 [Vol.2, p.267]; aged 7, with parents, 1851; aged 17, Warehouse Boy, with parents, 1861.
     b. John PHAIR, born St Luke's, Msx, Mar qtr 1846 [Vol.2, p.289]; aged 5, with parents, 1851; aged 15, Errand Boy, with parents, 1861.
     c. Marmaduke PHAIR, born St Luke's, Msx, Mar qtr 1848 [Vol.2, p.279]; as a son named Martha, aged 3, with parents, 1851; aged 13, with parents, 1861.
     d. Ann PHAIR, born St Luke's, Msx, Sep qtr 1850 [Vol.2, p.268]; aged 8 months, with parents, 1851; aged 10, with parents, 1861.
     e. Julia PHAIR, born St Luke's, Msx, Jun qtr 1852 [Vol.1b, p.501]; aged 9, with parents, 1861.
     f. George PHAIR, born St Luke's, Msx, Mar qtr 1855 [Vol.1b, p.571]; aged 6, with parents, 1861.
     g. Thomas PHAIR, born St Luke's, Msx, Dec qtr 1857 [Vol.1b, p.572]; aged 4, with parents, 1861.
     h. Edward PHAIR, born St Luke's, Msx, 1Mar qtr 1861 [Vol.1b, p.670]; aged 1 month, with parents, 1861.

A John Joseph Francis William Holyoake PHAIR (1797-1860) is recorded in several on-line pedigrees as being the son of William PHAIR (1749-1812) of Brook Lodge, in Ireland. If so, this may well have been one of the Papermakers of Waterford (see above).
John is recorded as having married Hannah TAYLOR and had issue, including John Clayton PHAIR, born Bethnall Green, London, in 1832, and died in New Zealand in 1920.
The name HOLYOAKE is common to both families, and may suggest a kinship link.


Henry PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1820; Naturalized at Santa Clara, California, 3 Jul 1867; Registered as an Elector, Evergreen, San Jose, 3 Aug 1867; at San Jose Township, Santa Clara County, 1870 Census, aged 49, Farmer, with wife Ann, aged 40, keeping house, & nephew Thomas MONTGOMERY, aged 20, Farm Labour, all born Ireland; " old resident of the county" when he was violently assaulted at his house near Evergreen School House ("about 10 miles south-east of San Jose towards the San Filipo Valley"), on 5 Apr 1871, by his wife Ann PHAIR and nephew MONTGOMERY, based on the evidence of another nephew William PHAIR, who was also assaulted by the pair - Henry was said to have died of his injuries, and his attackers were reported to have been charged with his murder [see report in the Daily Alta, California, 6 Apr 1871]; there appears to have been no issue.

However, a Henry PHAIR, aged 61, Labourer, born Ireland, was enumerated at Seventh Street, San Jose, Santa Clara County, in the 1880 Census, with wife Ann, aged 46, also born Ireland.
Perhaps he survived his wife & nephew's assault?

William PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1851; at San Jose Township, Santa Clara County, 1880 Census, aged 28, Farmer; probably the nephew of the above Henry PHAIR.

Thomas PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1824; naturalized at New York, 3 Mar 1851; at San Francisco Ward 4, 1870 Census, aged 45, Furniture Clerk, with wife & 3 children; married Eliza (born Ireland, ca 1829); she probably died " this city, January 23, Elizabeth, wife of the late Thomas PHAIR, a native of New York, aged 70 years" [Daily Alta, California, 25 Jan]; issue:
     a. Julia PHAIR, born California, ca 1852; aged 17, Shoe Fitter, with parents, 1870.
     b. Henry PHAIR, born California, ca 1856; aged 13, At Home, with parents, 1870.
     c. Edward PHAIR, born California, ca 1858; aged 11, At Home with parents, 1870.

Timothy J. PHAIR; buried Holy Cross Cemetery, San Mateo County, 5 Jul 1864.

Thomas PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1824; Naturalized at New Jersey, 4 Nov 1853; at San Francisco ward 10, 1870 Census, aged 45, Gardener, with wife & 3 children; probably died in 1890 " this city, November 27th, Thomas PHAIR, a native of Ireland, aged 67 years" [Daily Alta, California, 29 Nov 1890]; he was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, San Mateo County; married Annie (born Ireland, ca 1831); she was probably at Tehama Street, San Francisco, 1900 Census, aged 65, Widow, emigrated 1836, having had 5 children with 2 surviving; issue included:
     a. Sarah PHAIR, born California, ca 1855; attending school, with parents, 1870.
     b. Ellen PHAIR, born California, ca 1857; aged 12, attending school, with parents, 1870.
     c. John PHAIR, born California, ca 1864; aged 5, with parents, 1870. 
     d. Hennora PHAIR, born California, Jul 1868; aged 31, with mother, 1900. A Nora A. PHAIR "...died in this city, 12 Feb 1904, dearly beloved daughter of Annie PHAIR and of the late Thomas PHAIR, and sister of Mrs D.C. McDONALD of Portland, Oregon, aged 45 years & 7 months" [San Francisco call, 13 Feb]; she was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, San Mateo County.

Joseph PHAIR, born Ireland, ca 1836; at San Francisco Ward 10, 1870 Census, aged 3, Printer, with wife; married Annie (born Ireland, ca 1844); in Jul 1870, "...Joseph PHAIR, a printer, left his house, No 763 Howard Street, on Friday night last, and has not since been heard from... his friends are anxious for his safety" [Daily Alta, California, 18 Jul 1870].

Robert PHAIR, born Ireland, Dec 1862; at Tomales, Marin County, 1900 Census, aged  37, married for 6 years, with wife & 2 children; at Vallejo, Sonoma County, California, 1910 Census, aged 47, Poultry Farmer, with wife & 2 children; married ca 1894, Sarah (born California, Apr 1870); issue:
     a. Carter PHAIR, born California, Apr 1895; aged 5, with parents, 1900; aged 15, with parents, 1910.
     b. Lucinda PHAIR, born California, Aug 1896; aged 3, with parents, 1900; aged 13, with parents, 1910.

Richard PHAIR, born Ireland, Dec 1870; emigrated 1888; at Ward 9, Sacramento, 1900 Census, aged 30, Laundryman, with wife & son; at same address, 1910 Census, aged 40, married 18 years, with wife, & his brother Thomas PHAIR, aged 20; married Minnie (born New York, Feb 1872); issue an only son:
     a. Albert PHAIR, born California, Nov 1892; aged 7, with parents, 1900.


Elizabeth PHAIR, born County Cavan, ca 1811; as Mrs Eliza BOWERS, she died at Grand Prairie, Plaquemines County, Louisiana, 9 Jul 1889, aged 78, a native of County Cavan in Ireland, & a resident of Plaquemines for 40 years; she married in Ireland, Joseph BOWES; they emigrated to Rochester, New York, ca 1846; they went to Louisiana ca 1849; they had issue:
     a. Richard BOWES, born New York, ca 1846; aged 14, wth parents, 1860 Census.
     b. Joseph BOWES, born ca 1850; aged 10, with parents, 1860.
     c. Robert BOWES, born ca 1851; aged 9, with parents, 1860.
     d. Thomas BOWES, born ca 1855; aged 5, with parents, 1860.
     e. Cornelia BOWES, born ca 1858; aged 2, with parents, 1860.

Ann PHAIR; she is said to have died in Ireland in 1842 (? but perhaps later); married James BOWES (said to have been born in Ireland, 1815); after Ann died, James sent their three children to America to reside with his brother Joseph (above - although he appears not to have arrived in America before 1846); issue:
     a. Letitia BOWES, born 1833.
     b. Robert BOWES, born 1838.
     c. John BOWES, born 1839.


An Irishman named James PHAIRE emigrated to the Danish Virgin Islands, probably around the early 1840's, then aged in his early-mid 30's; he was an estate employee, & settled eventually in Christiansted, St Croix. His story is told in some detail, informed largely by Virgin Island Census returns, in a contribution, dated 1 Mar 2012, made by Svend E. HOLSOE, to the "Virgin Island Families" series.

James PHAIR was born in Ireland, possibly in County Cavan (descendants family lore - one cites his birthplace as Killashandra), about 1808 (the average of four different ages recorded in census returns); he was aged 33, Overseer, at Spring Garden Estate, Northside A Quarter, in Oct 1846, having avoided Militia service due to invalidity; he was at the Estate of Whim, St Croix, in the 1850 Census, age recorded as 43, born Ireland, English Religion, a Planter, unmarried, but apparently with his de-facto wife Sarah (Sally) CHABERT; he was at Hospital Street, Christiansted, 1857, age recorded here as 42, English Church, a Clerk, still unmarried, and when Sarah CHABERT, a Seamstress, was at 2b Watergut, Christiansted, with their 2 PHAIRE sons; she was at 6 North Street, Christiansted, 1860, aged 33, a Baker, with Kitty CANTON (55) & her 4 sons (named FAIR, aged 10 to 3); she was at 18 Kings Cross Street, Christiansted, in 1870.
James PHAIRE & Sarah CHABERT had issue:
     a. John Ferdinand PHAIRE, born at Whim Estate, St Croix, 14 May 1850. See [X] next below.
     b. James Emanuel PHAIRE, born ca 1853. See [Y] below.
     c. William PHAIRE, born 26 or 28 Mar 1856. See [Z] below.
     d. George Emanuel PHAIRE, born 18 Jun 1858; aged 3, with mother & 3 brothers, 1860; aged 13, at School, with mother, 1870; aged 22, Tailor, with mother, 1880; married Indiana Hendrich VOGELSANG; issue:
          i. Winthrop H. PHAIRE, born ca 1891; machinist, 1911; electrician at the Sugar Factory, 1917; married with issue - Kai W. PHAIRE, born ca 1916.
          ii. Lillit Constantia PHAIRE, born ca 1896.

[X] John F. PHAIRE, born St Croix, 1850; aged 10, with mother & 3 brothers, 1860; he was enumerated at 54 Company Street, Christiansted, St Croix, 1890 Census, aged 40, born St Croix, of the Episcopal Church, a Shoemaker, with his wife Mathilde (aged 40) & their 7 children; Mathilde was a Lutheran, born St Croix; at 6B Fisher Street, Christiansted, 1890, aged 36, Shoemaker, with roina & 5 children; they were both at 4 Hospital Street, Christiansted, 1901 Census, he aged 50, Shoemaker, she aged 50, with 9 children; they had issue:
     a. Emily C. PHAIRE, born St Croix, ca 1873; aged 16, with parents, 1890; as Emily C. SCHOU, aged 28, Married, a Seamstress, with parents, 1901.
     b. Sarah E. PHAIRE, born St Croix, ca 1875; aged 14, with parents, 1890; aged 25, with parents, 1901.
     c. Beatrice A. PHAIRE, born St Croix, ca 1877; aged 12, with parents, 1890.
     d. John A. PHAIRE, born St Croix, ca 1880; aged 9, with parents, 1890; aged 20, Cigar Maker, with parents, 1901.
     e. Franklin M. PHAIRE, born St Croix, ca 1882; aged 7, with parents, 1890; aged 17, Clerk, with parents, 1901.
     f. Helena M. PHAIRE, born St Croix, ca 1886; aged 3, with parents, 1890; aged 13, with parents, 1901.
     g. Malvina J. PHAIRE, born St Croix, ca 1888; aged 1, with parents, 1890; aged 11, with parents, 1901.
     h. Elsa PHAIRE, born St Croix, ca 1891; aged 9, with parents, 1901.
     j. (Frederick) Andreas PHAIRE, born at Christiansted, St Croix, 25 Jan 1893; aged 7, with parents, 1901; registered for service in W.W.2, aged 49, (birth details recorded), of 530 Manhattan Ave, New York, an employee of the Pullman Coy, Sunnyside, Queen's County, N.Y..
     k. Milia (?) PHAIRE, born St Croix, ca 1900; aged 7 months, with parents, 1901.

[Y] James PHAIRE, born St Croix, ca 1854; aged 7, with mother & 3 brothers, 1860; aged 17, Carpenter, with mother, 1870; at Christansted, 1880 Census, aged 26, Episcopal Church, a Shoemaker; aged 26, with 1st wife Rosina (aged 26) & their 3 children; he was there in the 1911 Census, aged 58, Episcopal, a Shoemaker, with another wife Medora (aged 43), her son Gottfried DANIELSEN (10) and their daughter Pearl PHAIRE (6); he married at the Anglican Church, Christiansted, on 5 May 1876, Rosalind (Rosina) HODGE; they had issue:
     a. Dorisco or Doriska Albert PHAIRE, born St Croix, 23 Jun 1876; aged 4, with parents, 1880.
     b. James Emanuel PHAIRE, born St Croix, 18 Apr 1878; aged 2, with parents, 1880.
     c. Eugenia Eliza PHAIRE, born St Croix, 18 Jul 1880; an infant, with parents, 1880.
     d. Valborg Margerita PHAIRE, born 4 Sep 1882.
     e. Weymouth Merton PHAIRE, born St Croix, 25 Apr 1887; married Everesa Jemima (possibly CATIA), with issue:
          i. Aquita PHAIRE, born ca 1909.
     f. Edney Wilhelmina PHAIRE, born 22 Dec 1889; died 7 Feb 1890, an infant.
     g. George PHAIRE, born 17 Jul 1891; died 19 Jul 1891, an infant.
James married 2ndly, Moedere; with further issue:

     g. Pearl PHAIRE, born St Croix, ca 1904; aged 6, with parents, 1911.

[Z] William PHAIR, born St Croix, 1858; said to have been a son of James PHAIR of Killashandra, County Cavan; at ; aged 4, with mother & 3 brothers, 1860; aged 15, at School, with mother, 1870; aged 24, Shoemaker, with mother & brother, 1880; at Hospital Street, St Croix, 1911 Census, aged 53, Shoemaker, with 6 children (Wallace, Cecil, Vida, Isa, Edna & Lillian, aged from 13 down to infancy); he "married" 1stly, Mary Eliza WILLIAMS, with issue:
     a. Mariel PHAIR.
     b. August PHAIR, born ca 1889; aged 1, with his probable mother, Eliza WILLIAMS, aged 33, Washer, at 6A Fisher Street, Christiansted.
William "married" 2ndly, Alice O'REILLY, with further issue:
     c. Ernest Casma PHAIRE, born ca 1888; aged 12, with Roselia O'REILLY (aged 60) & his mother Alice O'REILY (38), at Household 2, 4 Hospital Street, Christiansted, 1901; Minister of the Reformed Methodist Church in Dominica; married at St Croix, 1917, Carolina Malvina WILLIAMS (born 14 Jun 1887); she died 21 Nov 1965, & was buried at St John's Episcopal Churchyard, Christiansted [M.I.], with issue:
          iv. Ernest M. PHAIR, born 16 Nov 1924; died 26 Feb 1989, & was buried with his mother [M.I.]:

[Image courtesy of the web-site.] 

          i. Marjorie E. PHAIR; born 2 May 1930; died 17 Oct 2007, & was buried with her mother [M.I.]; married RICHARDS.
          ii. Elaine PHAIR.
          iii. Esther PHAIR.
          v. John W. PHAIR.
          vi. another son, living in Kentucky in 2007.
     d. Eulalie PHAIRE.
     e. Lucind PHAIRE.
William married at Christiansted Lutheran Church, in 1894, Elizerie BOUGH (born at Christiansted, 22 Mar 1869, daughter of David BOUGH & Elizabeth PRINCE; she died at Christiansted, 31 Dec 1949, aged 80, & was buried at Christiansted Cemetery [M.I.]:

[Image courtesy of the web-site.]
By Elizerie, William had further issue (with the details recorded on their mother's memorial posted on the web-site:
     f. William PHAIRE, born 1894; died 1894.
    g. Lillian Alberta PHAIRE, born ca 1898; aged 13, with parents, 1911.
     g. Edna Elaine PHAIRE; born 1899; aged 11, with parents, 1911.
     h. Isa VidaPHAIRE, born 1900; aged 10, with parents, 1911; died 1984, & buried at Christiansted Cemetery [M.I.]; married ARMSTRONG.
     j. Vida Eleisa PHAIRE, born 1902; aged 8, with parents, 1911; died 1992.
     k. Cecil Alexander PHAIRE, born 1905; aged 5, with parents, 1911; died 1992.
     m. Wallace Aston PHAIRE, born 1910; with parents, 1911, age n.s.; died 1985.

Of possible significance to the origins of the head of this family, the above-mentioned James PHAIR, born ca 1830, is the fact that before his time, there were other natives of Killashandra who went to St Croix - these were members of the ARMSTRONG family, sons of Rev William ARMSTRONG (ca 1720-1808), Clergyman in Killashandra, by his 1st wife Jane IRWIN.
They may have "joined" other possible relations of the name already there, including the family of Thomas ARMSTRONG (dead before 1766), who was in St Croix by 1750, & of his son Thomas ARMSTRONG Junior (with issue, by his wife Elizabeth MARKOE, of 11 children born between 1770 & 1787).
Further, a Frances ARMSTRONG, born at St Croix, ca 1803, had issue by Nicholas Charles CHABERT, who had a house at 3b Watergut, Christiansted, in 1850.
It is not impossible, indeed perhaps even likely, that Nicholas was a relation of Sarah CHABERT (see above), who 7 years later was living in 2b Watergut with her 4 PHAIR sons she had by the said James PHAIR. And there is a further possibilty that Sarah CHABERT was his eldest daughter by Frances ARMSTRONG (rather than by Catherine CANTON, as some researchers believe).